Not Impossible

      ….but not really successful either.  Tonight’s Impossible Ham & Cheese Pie, that is.  I was hoping to adapt one of my mom’s old recipes, but the cooking time was off.  The pie was still good, but I’ll wait to share the recipe with you once I’ve worked out the cooking time and temperature.


Recipe – Chinese Burger Patties

As promised, here is the recipe for Chinese Burger Patties. Grocery prices in our part of the country have risen significantly in the last three weeks or so. Now, more than ever, finding new ways to dress up plain ol’ hamburger is a blessing. These are quick and easy to make, and are juicy and […]

I Would Ask That Your Read….

     I would ask that you read the words of Pastor James McDonald on the passing of our friend Eric Davis.

     I would ask you now, dear sisters in the Lord, to lift up Heather and the six Davis children, not just today, but in the coming days and weeks, too.  Thank you.

Edited to […]

A Time For Praise and A Time For Prayer

So many of you have been so diligent to pray! My friend Lisa, who was on bed rest for the better part of 2 1/2 months to delay the early arrival of her baby, has given birth to a beautiful baby girl!! For those of you keeping score, the count in their family is […]

Slow Cooked Chili – Fast, Easy and Delicious!

While this may not be the recipe for chili connoisseurs, it’s definitely the chili recipe for a busy family! My husband particularly likes this recipe, too, so all the better. It’s got enough kick to be called chili, yet isn’t too spicy for my little guy. Or for me. I’m such a lightweight these days […]

Menu For A Busy Household

My home has been a bee hive of activity for the last week or two. It will continue for another week, at least, before settling back to normalcy. I think. I hope! My schoolroom is in sheer chaos. Before any bookcases could be moved, all of the books had to be taken off the […]

Looking Well….

     I’ve been incredibly busy about my home and homeschool this week, looking well to the ways of my household.  I’ve been so busy, in fact, that I don’t think I’ve taken a single picture, which is why I wasn’t able to join my daughters as they were quiet this week.

     Please do continue […]

Urgent Prayer Requested

      Many of you remember that I asked that you pray for our friend, Eric, a few weeks ago.  Eric is once again in very critical condition, and his condition/illness continues to baffle the doctors.  Please pray that the Lord would spare Eric’s life, that He would continue to strengthen Eric’s wife, Heather, and that […]

Jealous Of My Time – Zealous For My Family

     I have finished, or just about, all of the projects I mentioned last week.  I spent hours, and literally the entire day Saturday, working on planning out the next few months of our homeschool year.  As I’ve mentioned before, we don’t use a packaged or pre-written curriculum, and we use living books, for the most […]

Book Review: Creating a SenseSational Home

I’ve read this book, I think, about six times now, and it always inspires me. In her book, Creating a SenseSational Home, Terry Willits encourages homemakers to decorate and care for their homes remembering that God has given us five senses. Too many times we tend to think of decorating our homes to be visually […]