The Quiet of the Morning

While I’m waiting for the tea kettle to bring the cold, cold water from our well to a boil, I load the woodstove and start our fire.  The house is cold.  I can hear the ticking of both the grandfather clock and the lovely, very old, family clock.  The ticking of the clocks is really the only discernible noise in my home at that early hour, other than the occasional sleeping sigh of one of my treasures.

I sit quietly on the small couch, the one closest to the wood stove, so that I’ll catch the first waves of heat.  I visit one blog and then another as I sip my tea.  Blessed by Scriptures, encouraged by edifying words, tickled by a funny story, and inspired by a crafter’s new idea.  The first big cup of tea is gone before the wood stove is finally producing enough warmth that it reaches me.

As the clocks tick on, I know that my youngest will join me soon.  He’s my early bird, usually, listening for the grandfather clock to chime his “allowed” time to get up.  This morning, both boys shuffle in.  One is hoping for a few minutes before breakfast, chores and schooltime to investigate a new strategy game.  I give the okay.  My youngest, though, is working diligently on a craft.  He chose one too hard yesterday for a first try, and it has given him a lot of frustration.

He sits next to me, on the little couch, working.  His right elbow bumping me, hard, as he works.  He wiggles constantly, this boy who is almost nine; and his feet kick in rhythm as his hands work, weaving and tugging ends tight on his project.  The elbow jabs me again and again, in the arm and the ribs.  I love having him here, this wiggling, jabbing little man of mine.  The bumps and jabs do not bother or pester me.  This grandma of four little treasures knows that all too soon this littlest one of mine will be grown and have little ones with bumping, jabbing elbows of his own.  I treasure each bump and jab…even the ones that hurt, knowing he means no harm.  He is working so hard on this, hoping to bring it to completion.  I hope for him, too.

His sighs of frustration break my heart, so I offer some encouragement.  He works so hard at this, and it is not  going well, and then the tears begin to fall.  It’s tangled, and the strands are twisted.  I take his project and help him to unknot ends and untwist strands, and let him know that my projects sometimes go haywire, too, that’s it’s just a part of creating something good.  Something beautiful.  I tell him I frequently have to undo part of what I’ve done and then make it again.  His tears stop, and he continues with his work.

I sat with him and silently thanked the Lord for this treasure, this boy of mine, and for the lessons I learn, daily, from Him through watching my kids.  I silently thank Him for helping me to be a better, more loving parent by simply allowing me to observe the way the He tends His children.  Remembering the time, just yesterday, that I had to untangle some things with my older son, to unknot some hurts between us, and then begin remaking things.  It’s just a part of creating something good and beautiful.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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13 comments to The Quiet of the Morning

  • Your story today almost brought tears to my eyes.  Nice way to end…with the picture.  Thanks for sharing.


  • That really touched my heart.  So beautiful! 

  • Wonderful post, Cheryl!  It reminded me of how many times the Lord has to stop the project He’s working on – me – and untangle some knots and weave the pieces back together again.  You created a beautiful word picture – thank you!

  • A very beautiful and encouraging post!   Thank you so much for sharing Cheryl!


  • Oh and Cheryl,  Tell Will that I think his wrist band or bracelet is totally awesome!   He did a great job  :goodjob:   and I so admire that he didn’t give up even though the going got tough!   That is a great encouragement to me.



  • What a sweet story.  Since I went to bed last night with some “knots” tangled between my eldest child and myself, I think I’ll take a lesson from your post and try again, patiently.  Enjoy the day!

  • How cool Will! You did an awesome job!

    Cheryl, thank you for putting into my heart the desire to be a more patient mom to my little Seth. After not having a little one for 10 years, the Lord blessed me with a wonderful “surprise”-a son! Sometimes I am not as patient as I should be-thanks for reminding me that soon, this “little” stage he’s in will be gone and to appreciate all the “stages” along the way! What a wonderful post! I just “wuv” you!!!!!!:love:

  • Lovely post, Cheryl!  I’m so glad that God doesn’t get frustrated or fed up with me and the messes I make. 🙂

  • Thank you for this, Cheryl.


  • What a beautiful post Cheryl, I almost felt I was in the room with you.  Please tell Will he did make a beautiful thing!


  • I am right there with Amy. After raising my kids, God blessed me with another set. I am not as patient with my last 2 little blessings as I was with the first 2. I was reminded of how fast they will grow up and that these 2 need my patients. You are an awesome mom and role model. I will remember this post for a VERY long time. Thank you for taking atime from your busy schedule to post this. God is good!

    Tell Will his wrist band is awesome!!! Very well done!

  • Thankyou Cheryl

    You are such an encouragement to me.  When I am tempted to just pull those knots tighter I will think of Will and his beautiful wrist band.


  • Thank you for the reminder that they grow up to fast. Tell Will he did a great job on his project. 🙂

    Sending warm hugs