At A Loss For Words

I’m at a loss for words.  Okay, okay…..the words are still all there, in my brain, I just can’t vocalize them.  It seems I have laryngitis, a bit of a sore throat and a pretty good earache.  Corin and the kids came over today anyway.  I’m so glad.  We’ve missed a couple of our Thursdays lately, and I’m afraid another cancellation would have broken William’s heart!  I loved having them here!  When Grandma whispers my grandbabies listen intently, even walking over and putting their sweet little ears us close to my mouth, and then they answer back in a whisper!  Precious, precious, precious!

Since I was not quite up to snuff this morning, Dani bustled around and got things all ready for our afternoon guests.  She baked some lovely cupcakes from scratch, and then piped on some buttercream frosting and then COATED them in multi-color sprinkles.





She made them from scratch because Corin has, in the past, had a strange allergic reaction to cake mixes.  She made white cupcakes with white frosting because Aaron has mentioned a couple of times lately that that sounds good.  What a wonderful sister, huh? She made the gingerbread tea light holder (seen in the picture of her working)  last week, and I’ve enjoyed having it on the kitchen counter.  I like it a lot!



She’s planning on doing some more experimenting with these in the near future.  I think she should share the process and results on her blog.  hint hint hint

In the minutes before Corin arrived, Dani went to work lighting candles throughout the house.  We are expecting some heavy weather in the next several days, and the dark skies outside made it rather gloomy inside.  The candle light, and the fire in the wood stove, were just the thing to cheer things up a bit.

This storm has been promised to be quite a big one.  We are expecting several inches of rain here in our part of the valley, and several feet of snowfall are expected in the nearby mountains.  Hurricane force winds are also expected.  From experience we know that high winds knock the power out in our area; and since we live in the country, and not in the more highly populated city, the power company pushes us further down the priority list when it comes to restoring power.

With the promised storm on our minds, Dani and I spent some time this morning taking stock of our baking center and kitchen pantry.  With Aaron’s help, we refilled all of our baking center containers, and also brought in several canned goods from our outdoor storage area.  We have about a day’s supply of dry wood in the garage, which is really all we have room for out there.  I have a couple of good quality oil lamps filled and close at hand as well.  (If you ever see an authentic Aladdin lantern at a thrift store or garage sale, pick it up!  Even if it is missing its chimney or mantle, as those are easily replaced.  These are expensive to buy new, but they are well worth having.  They work a bit differently from a normal lantern, and put out light equivalent to a 60 watt bulb.  We wouldn’t be without ours!)  If push comes to shove, we can do some cooking on top of our wood stove.

When Corin arrived, William was glad to fill my spot on the school room couch reading to his nephews and niece.  The choices included a couple of Dr Seuss books and one of our favorite Paul Galdone books.  They were awfully cute out there, and there was a great deal of giggling to be heard, too.  Now that I think about it, I think two of these were brought to me to read aloud by my oldest grandson quite recently.  Hmmm… thinks the boy is developing some favorites of his own!






Uncle Will enjoyed the books every bit as much as the little ones did.









When you’re two, it’s all about the tiarra!






The girls and I enjoyed one another’s company, though I was not able to keep up my end of the conversation because of my lost voice,  and my ear kept me from hearing part of what they were saying.  Both of my girls worked on knitting projects, and I worked some more on Dani’s embroidered dish towels.  The children played around and through the house and had a delightful afternoon.




Corin finished this multi-colored hat for my wee little grandbaby to wear before they had to leave!  Poor sweet little thing was tuckered out from playing on the floor all afternoon.  The baby, that is, not Corin.





At one point in time, things grew strangely quiet in the schoolroom.  I went out to see what was up, and found that Will had constructed quite the tent behind the couch.






He and the little boys were playing happily inside with a train set.  One of the little boys’ gifts to “Uncle Will” for Christmas was an elastic band with a battery operated light on the front.  Will calls it his “head light”, which cracks me up!  He had his head light on in the tent and they had a grand old time in there.  The tent will remain up, I’m sure, for several days.



It began raining in earnest during the course of the afternoon, and Corin called on her way home to say that the wind was already picking up in town.  I’m so glad that I have no place to go and that my children and I can stay warm and cozy and dry right here in our home tomorrow when the storm will be at its worst.  Home is my favorite place to be.  I will confess, though, that I do love having a good storm.  I enjoy the sound of the rain outside, and I enjoy watching it through the windows.  That is something I remember my own mom enjoying, too; and I find it interesting that I have grown to love the site and sound of the rain.

My William has been the happiest little guy for the past few weeks.  We wondered for a bit what had caused the change.  What had brought about the return of my happy, affectionate, always smiling boy?  I was so glad to have him back, of course; but I wondered.  Dani came up with a theory and once she told me about it, I knew at once that she’d hit the nail on the head.  Because of the various events leading up to Christmas, Will had been having more foods that he shouldn’t have.  He was still eating well, for the most part, but he was being allowed special treats that were a part of special events.  What had happened is that he was taking in just enough of the “bad” stuff that he was no longer able to stifle his tics.

Keep in mind, William has Tourette’s Syndrome, which is a tic disorder.  However, he has learned to hold back the vast majority of his tics.  He started doing this more than a year ago, and as soon as he started holding the tics back, he became unhappy, prone to angry outbursts and lost his natural bent toward affection.  It was so sad.  I can remember telling him that his tics didn’t bother us, that we even thought some of them were cute, but to no avail. 

Once the tics reappeared, though, so did my Will!  What is gone is the self-imposed stress of repressing  the tics.  I can’t even imagine what that must feel like to him.  Now that we understand this, we’ll keep a watchful eye on his diet.  We’ll be sure that he maintains his regimen of vitamins and supplements.  But we’ll also know that allowing him a few treats here and there will also be beneficial to him.  It’s quite a fine balance we’re trying to keep, but you know what?  The extra effort in keeping this balance will be more than worth the effort involved.  The little boy who is sitting beside me now – popping his jaw repeatedly (one of his tics) and bouncing his heels on the floor continuously – that little boy is happy.  He smiles a lot.  He’s not had a single angry outburst all day (in comparison to the dozens he was having), and voluntary hugs are in abundance.  I took this picture today for Amy who was disappointed that there wasn’t one of Will upside down on the couch reading yesterday.  You’ll notice that he’s dressed appropriately for the weather, and even has slippers on his feet.  Amazing the difference from just a few short weeks ago!

I am hoping to shake this ear ache by tomorrow, and to be ready for a full day of homeschooling and homemaking inside while a storm rages outside.  You’ll forgive me for keeping it short today, I hope.  I think I’ll curl up soon and finish reading a book I’ve almost completed, and then start a new one.  I plan on administering a few of my Dove dark chocolate bites that my husband put in my Christmas stocking.  Strictly for medicinal purposes, of course.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27



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17 comments to At A Loss For Words

  • Oh just a few things today….

    #1 How in the WORLD does Dani keep that kitchen so tidy when she is baking??

    You should have seen me making the buttermilk baking mix! haha!

    #2 Enjoy your rain, I pray you will not have a power loss.

    #3 I will pray for your quick recovery!

    #4 God Bless little Will, he is just tooooooo adorable!

  • The founder of the college I went to had a motto.  In everything keep balance.  It made me think of your Wil.  If we deny ourself every treat we can’t handle it.  But if we get occasional treats somehow life looks a bit better.    Glad you got your happy child back. 

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I hope you feel better soon. I will say a prayer for you.. Please pray for my husband Dave. We got some not good news today on his MRI. I posted about it on my blog.

    Hope the storm blows right over you. Keep warm and safe my friend.



  • Oooh I love a good rain storm too! Just reading your blog brought back so many wonderful memories of those cozy times all curled up listening to the rain. It’s good to hear that you got your sweet boy back, and I hope you will feel better again soon!!

  • I hope you are feeling better soon.  (I’m sure that the chocolate will do the trick!) I am glad that Will is doing better.  I’m glad you all were able to put your finger on what the source was and that it is fixable! (My daughter has an anxiety disorder and has panic attacks.  We constantly try to figure out her triggers to help for the next time. ) Enjoy the storms.  🙂

  • Mmmmm…I’ve tried Tylenol Cold & Flu and Ibuprofen, but I’ve never tried Dove chocolate for what ails me-I BET that is the trick!!!!!:giggle:

    As soon as I saw a picture of Will on the beanbag(dogbed?!), I knew it was for me even before I read down further! Thanks-and I am shocked Will is dressed for winter! That is a very unusual picture!:wink:

    I also LOVE storms-from the inside of course looking out! I love the winds and the anticipation of the whole thing. It makes me almost giddy.:lol: Don’t you feel all snug and cozy inside? I used to get that same feeling when I would build tents when I was a kid and play in them-like Will and your grandbabies-“snug as a bug in a rug!”

    Please, please Dani share with us how you made the gingerbread tealight holder!!!:yes:

    Have a wonderful day taking care of your household Cheryl and enjoy the storm!

  • I hope you feel better soon! I lost my voice once that was so annoying!!! Thank you so much for the books and wash cloths!!! They are all so nice!!! (Did I say that already? That SHE book is good, I often sit down to do something, get sidetracked then I end up thinking I did what I was planning on doing when really I didn’t LOL, glad to see there is HOPE for me LOL)

  • Praying for a quick recovery for you Cheryl! May you feel better today!

  • Well I hope the storm is not as bad as predicted out there today.  At least you are prepared for what may come…..I used to love the really good storms living out in CA, we had a great view from our house and bedroom windows….there was an empty school across the street from us and beyond that a clear view of the foothillls..then, I move to SC….nothing is worse than an East Coast storm….I am not sure what makes the difference but the lightning is so much closer to the house the rain, comes down so much harder with these flash floods, everything is intensified here! It probably didn’t help having lightning take out the 80 foot tree in our yard while I was in the house with the little ones!

    May your day be blessed even in the midst of a storm.

  • I just love that picture of William reading to the little ones!! Frame it!!

    I’ll be praying for your safety in the midst of the storm and for a quick recovery for you, too.

    Mrs. C

  • What great pictures. I too hope Dani will post how she did that! I could smell it really I could. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • :sunny: I do hope that you are feeling better very soon!
    We are expecting some very heavy rain here late this afternoon… between 2-5 inches and I am close to the burn areas in southern California so we are on alert…
    I hope that the storm isn’t as bad for you all!
    Wishing you a blessed weekend!

  • UGH! I had the same lost voice, sore throat and earache. Here is what I learned the hard way. You NEED to take one full day and just rest. Hard to hear I know!:whocares:

    I too want to know how Dani made her tea light holder. Her cupcakes look yummy. All your kids think of the others before themselves! I LOVE the picure of Dani and Corin on the couch knitting. I would frame that one. Will…what a guy. I am glad he is being Will and not trying to stifle the things that make him unique. Processed foods and colorings are not good for my little kids either. Charlotte would have eaten Dani’s cupcakes, but she would have scraped EVERY little sprinkle off first, declaring dye to be her enemy. Zach would have devoured his before I could have scraped his off and then been like the tasmanian devil on looney toons for a couple of hours. Some sugar is acceptable here, but we reall stay away from the dye. No jello in our house:cry:

    Stay warm in the storm. Winds are my least favorite weather situation.


  • Oh my oh my it is a blustery day.      The trees act like they are about to topple I must say.    The children are all amuck as they wish to be outside to play.   But alas, if they were outside they certainly would blow away! 

    So I tell them to just sit quiet and read a book.  But they just keep sitting here giving me a funny look!  OK, Ok, I say, go  get your jackets from their hook.  The you can go outside and catch all the lawn chairs flying over the roof!            ______________________________________________

    Oh, I so do love Dr. Suess books.  The girlies and I could sit and read them all day!  And yes, today is a grand day to sit inside and read.  I told Emma that if we were to go outside I would have to hold her for surely she would blow away at only 33 pounds of weight. :o)   Stay warm and we shall see you on Sunday when I will finally be able to give you your gift that you won :o)


  • 🙂  Cheryl,

      Praying that you get to feeling better really soon.  I love the picture of your youngest reading to his nieces and nephews.  The look of delight in their eyes is sooooo precious!!!!:heartbeat:  I’m so glad you son is feeling better now and not having as many outbursts…I’ve been praying for him.



  • I am so happy that Will is happy:) again ~ when your children aren’t happy it about breaks your heart, doesn’t it? That picture of him reading to the little ones is so precious ~ you can tell him I said he was a mighty fine uncle!!  Take care with the storm, I have been hearing all about it on tv and it sounds really, really ferocious ~ batten down the hatches!!  Try some hot tea with honey for your throat, it feels so soothing as it goes down and it tastes good, too!

  • The gingerbread candle holder looks really cool – I would love to know how it is made.
    Hope the storm hasn’t been too bad for you.
    Sounds like you were well prepared.