Sites & Sounds Of A Busy Day at Copper’s House

It’s been a whirlwind!  We’ve been on the move and on the go all day.  My header claims that I share bits and pieces of my days, but today is heavy on the “bits” and there are only tiny “pieces”.  I understand that the comments feature here has not been working right today.  I do apologize!  I do have comments “open”, so apparently xanga was having some problems.  Hopefully that has all been taken care of now.

I don’t have a recording to share with you, but I do want to share a sound just the same.  Our bedroom is located just off the kitchen.  As I was making up the bed this morning, I heard the most beautiful whistling.  My husband rarely whistles, so I stopped to listen.  The strains of a whistled “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” were ringing clear and true.  It was then that I realized that it wasn’t my husband whistling.  It was William!  I had no clue that my young son could whistle so beautifully!  He whistled away, “What a fellowship, what a joy is mine…” as he bent to take the clean dishes out of the dishwasher; and then he whistled beautifully through the chorus, “Leaning, leaning, safe and secure from all alarms….” as he put the clean dishes into the cabinets.  Oh!  My!  My heart was singing right along with his sweet whistle.

The fog was back with us today, and we saw only the faintest hint of sunshine while we were in town.  We never saw the sun, but we did see some very vague shadows from time to time, giving evidence that it was still up there.  This was what my clothesline looked at 11:00 this morning.  There was to be no hanging of anything on the line today!


Though I’ve been embroidering Dani’s dish towels in the van as we drive to church, knitting is a better project for short jaunts about town.  We did a lot of “jaunting” today, and I worked up about a third of a basket weave dish cloth while we did so.




We stopped by the new dry cleaners to pick up my husband’s suit.  They are brand new and are on the very, tippy edge of the city we live near.  I’m telling you that because they are trying to keep a small town feeling in their shop.  Not only did they give us a nifty bag, with all of our information already hanging on the tag to use for our next dry cleaning order, they also put the price of cleaning the suit on our “tab”.  Apparently they were ready to open for business ahead of their approval for ATM/Credit card transactions.  I’d forgotten to grab some cash out of the “clothing” envelope before we left to pay for it.  We will definitely be return customers to this shop!






Most of our running around today had to do with the procurring of merchandise for a certain young man’s upcoming 9th birthday.  Instead of hiding everything away, I piled it on our bed and just pulled the throw over everything until later this evening.




The day was so busy that the pot roast on the menu was put back into the freezer this morning (still frozen, of course), and we had hamburgers and fried potatoes instead.  By candlelight, of course.






I picked up a copy of Math Blaster today, too.  The boys were smitten!  This game is right up Will’s alley, with the variable difficulty settings.  It’s obviously not meant for Aaron, but the lure of a new game to conquer may have him reviewing some basic math facts as well.








Who knew math could be so much fun?








Yep, that’s my strapping 14 year old, with a 60 pound sack of feed for the goats and sheep slung over his shoulder.  He ended up carrying the thing back and forth and back again.  Here he is, returning from the goat yard with the feed……oooops, no rubber boots!  (Notice the sheepish grin!)






The hens were out of feed, too.  I’m not sure what Aaron was telling me here.  We’d been gone all day and he had a lot to say.









After they finished their school stuff today, the guys played a game of Risk.  In fact, they were hard at it when we came in the door.






Dani sat in the parlor and chatted a bit with me while I was cooking dinner.  She was trying to find some fabric for me on line.  While she was at it, she found some other fun stuff!  It seems the fabric that she absolutely fell in love with at JoAnn’s the other day is a designer label fabric.  The JoAnn’s price doesn’t look so bad now!  In fact, she has a 50% off a cut of fabric coupon.  I gave her cash from the clothing envelope, and she’ll be off first thing in the morning with the hope that there is still four yards of the stuff left.  Oh, I do hope so!





We’re not cat people.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before.  We have nothing against cats, of course; and we’ve all grown rather fond of our own Miss Meow.  She’s a great little mouser; but her nickname is psycho kitty.  She earned that nickname!  She’s mellowed a bit with age, and we’ve mellowed with her.  In fact, her advanced years have earned her a warm perch on a stack of barn towels in the garage at night.  My husband is even looking into building her a wee bit of a house to keep on the porch.  And somehow today we made it home with a catnip filled toy for her.  A toy for the cat!  We’re not cat people.  Repeat after me….we’re NOT cat people.







The boys did well while the three of us were gone today.  I like that they are able to keep themselves, more or less, on task in our absence.  Aaron made their lunch, and all of their completed school work was in the basket at command central when I got home.  Well done, boys!


It was a busy day.  Not my style, of course; but full of needful things.  I had to re-structure my ideas for the day two or three times this morning.  I will admit that I was trying very hard to hold onto MY plans.  I know, I know….I tell you, often, to hold your plans loosely.  It’s sometimes hard, even for me, and I KNOW that the Lord’s plans for my day are always going to be better than my own.  Lunch out with just Dani and Copper was a rare treat, and I very much enjoyed our leisurely chat over Mexican food (Dani’s fish taco notwithstanding).   The three of us had a wonderful time out together, shopping for William, and picking up a few odds and ends of other things while we were out (like toys for the CAT!).   My husband will be back to work tomorrow, and we will all miss him.  Lord willing, we will enjoy a full day of normal Wednesday stuff.  I’m looking forward to it!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27



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20 comments to Sites & Sounds Of A Busy Day at Copper’s House

  • I would have loved to hear Will’s whistling this morning!  What a blessing to you as a mom.  I love that he was whistling a hymn, too.  I have often thanked the Lord that the songs my children hum, whistle, and sing around the house are hymns and gospel songs – these are in their hearts and come out through their lips in song.

    And Miss Meow is quite the pampered kitty, considering she lives among NOT cat people! 😉

  • Boy, howdy was that a good fish taco.  Mmmmm,mmmm good!    You should have had one, maybe two!:wink:

      You shouldn’t have to tell your company as they are leaving your house to not mind the black beast that comes jumping out of the bushes at them.  If she starts attacking your feet and ankles just give her a swift kick and she should disappear again.  However, don’t stick around too long as she will psyche her self up quickly for another attack.

      Thankfully she grew out of that a few years ago.  Now we just have to tell them DON’T RUB HER BELLY!!!:eek:  I don’t care how cute she looks rolling around on her back, she is just waiting for your fingers to come within biting distance.:eek::eek::eek::rolleyes:

  • How beautiful a sound you were greeted with this morning Cheryl! Take joy in the simple things.:wink:

    It sounds like you had a busy, but wonderful day! Do they really make a fish taco?:eek:

     I can’t wait to see what is under the blanket for Will! I bet he can’t either!

    Good luck on your trip to JoAnn’s Dani-hope they still, have the fabric you are wanting!

  • Awe, I think your Miss Meow is very pretty!  Some cats can be like that though!  They all have a mind of their own….and not all dogs are the best.  Our dog had several mental issues. 

    Anyways, thanks for sharing Will’s singing with us.  I tend to feel sad when my babies grow up, but I suppose each stage has it’s ups and downs!  Good points and bad points!  You might be sorry to see him grow so quickly, but he couldn’t have whistled like that when he was a baby! 

    Be sure to show us this great fabric if you get it!  I hope you do!:laugh:



  • I love it when you find a new local place that has great service.

  • A great post to read this morning.  I am hopefully headed to the chiropractor today.  I have a pinched sciatic nerve on my left leg that is atrocious.

    I have an appt. next week with a Maternal Fetal Specialist to see if I need to be on daily injections of blood thinners to save this baby and to say the least my nighttime resting has been fraught with terrible dreams as my anxiety seeps into my subconscious!:p

  • Oh I hope Dani can get her fabric! What a sweet sound to hear your son whistling praises to His Savior while unloading the dishwasher!:love:

  • Dear Cheryl,

    What a beautiful melody to hear this morning.  I hope Dani can get her fabric! Would love to see it!  Dani’s picture are sooo good on your quiet blog.   She really has a great eye.

    Have a great day.


  • Will sounds a lot like my DD in that regard.  I’ll hear her in her bedroom in the morning singing “Shout to the Lord” or “Do, Re, Me” from the Sound of Music.  🙂  :love:   I love to hear their beautiful voices!  My boys just started singing out more in the van when we go places.  In this past year we’ve purchased them their own little portable CD players with praise music.  They hear the songs now and just start singing out, even the hymns!  :sunny:  It’s such a blessing to me. 



  • The scary thing about the black beast is that she’s deaf now, so hissing at the bush I hear rustling, won’t send her running anymore!  Cat’s are psychotic. 

    Looks like leaving the boys home was Risky.  A-HAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA!  HAHAHA!  OW!  OW!

    It looks like Aaron could get himself a decent job slingin’ hay and grain at the feed store!

  • Working at the feed store used to be his dream job!:lol: 

  •   There are currently some smart alicks working there now.  It would be nice to have someone working there who you could whack if he sassed you

  • Hi Cheryl,

    We are really enjoying MS Works. Dave and I did more things in it last night and I have been plugging things in it all day. Starting on Monday I will ready and organized for my new routine and schedule. I just have to make a list of my spring and fall cleaning chores.

    Have a wonderful day.


  • Elizabeth,

    I’m sure Cher would want you to know to be sure and backup your calendar file, “mswkscal.wcd”.  This file has all your information you’ve entered on your calendar(s).  If it disappears or gets corrupted you’ll have to rebuild your calendar(s) all over.:eek::eek:  To find it, in Windows Explorer, go to Tools, Folder Options, select the View tab, and select “Show hidden files and folders” under “Hidden files and folders” (which should be about the 9th thing down the list). Then run a search on your hard drive for “mswkscal.wcd” to find out where the file is located.  Then back it up on a disk/thumb drive/or external drive.

  • Elizabeth – Ya!  All that stuff my husband (McBarger) just said!:love:

  • Copper and Cheryl,

    Thank you so much. I will have Dave do that for me. If I lost all my hard work I would just have to sit and cry. LOL The only thing in MS Works I couldn’t find was an adress book so I used the one in my e mail. Is Windows the same as Vista? That is the program my new laptop came with.



  • Your days are full and satisfying, Cheryl. :o)

    As to the cat and toys. hehe A while back we made the mistake of planting catnip near our front door. Tiger rolled and lolled and licked and meowed and purred then rolled some more. It’s as if catnip is a *drug*. Kitty drugs. Just say no. 😮

  • Elizabeth,

    Windows makes the Vista operating system.  They also made XP, ME, 2000, 98…..  Vista is Windows’ newest operating system and comes with all the new PCs

  • Thanks Copper. Dave is the computer expert in the family.:) He said thanks too. He is going to back it up tonight. I will share with you a funny. Dec 06 he did a conversion on the computers in the safety dept that he is in at his work place to a new program. Some one at the help desk turned on the wrong switch and one day he turned on his computer and found 30,000 emails. LOL Whatever the switch was it just kept sending the same e mail over and over. LOL One guy got 1/2 million. What a mess. Now we set  and laugh about it. Ahhh computers gotta love them.

    Cheryl enjoy the next few days. I love breaks.



  • The thought that always strikes me when I see Aaron carrying things and doing things is how much he looks like a man, no longer a little boy.  I think this when I look at my own two oldest boys.  Becoming men and leaving behood behind.  They do so much for me that only daddy used to do for me.  They’ve gotten so big.  No longer do I have to wait for my darling to come home to tighten the bathroom faucet, they do it for me.  They carry things and fix things all the time now. Chop wood!  Hunt!  It’s amazing how quickly they change, almost overnight!  As a mom, you just want to cling to those days when they were just little boys, almost in desperation.  But we have to turn them loose.  That’s the hardest part of being a mom!  But look at what wonderful young men they are becoming.  Do you know how rare it is to go away and leave them and come back to them having completed all that you asked them to do?  My guys are that why also.  My brothers and I were never that way, we did what we liked when my parents were away.  They come home to our obvious disobedience and it was never pretty.  What a blessing our boys are!  Their hearts and their motives blow me away every day!