The Next Several Days

     I have several things on my plate right now that will take a good deal of my time.  Finding the time, in my blessedly full days, to get these things accomplished will be difficult.  In the next several days I need to get a few of these projects completed, and the rest well on the way towards completion.

     Projects that need to be started and/or completed:

  • Rewriting our daily home school schedule  (more of a flow chart than an actual schedule)
  • Checking my book lists and choosing books to refill Aaron’s basket for school reading
  • Checking my book lists and choosing books to refill William’s basket for school reading
  • Pulling the chosen books from the shelves and filling both boys’ school book baskets
  • Updating our school reading data base 
  • Making a list and ordering books for our spring homeschool term
  • Rearranging books in our Heritage Library to try to free up some more shelf space (This is becoming increasingly difficult.  What we really need are more book shelves!)
  • Checking through some of my kids’ arts and crafts books for appropriate, wintery projects for William and to share with my grandchildren on Thursdays
  • Making lists of any supplies needed for those wintery craft projects
  • Finishing the “tweaking” of my personal daily & weekly schedules
  • Making lists of projects that I’d like to accomplish in my home this year

     Projects that need to be begun and worked into the schedule for completion:

  • Cataloging the books in our Heritage Library (I’ll be using Readerware.  I’ve had this program for a year, and I’ve played with it a little bit.  However, I MUST figure out an orderly method for getting the library catalogued, and a plan to bring this project to completion in the near future.)
  • Several sewing projects.  (Cutting out patterns and fabric is very painful for me in both my back and hands.  I need to get all of my current sewing projects cut out so that I can work on the actual sewing when the time is available to do so.)
  • Planning and preparing for this year’s garden, and adding the work to be done into my planner
  • Planning and pricing a raised bed kitchen garden closer to the house than our main garden; and if it’s financially feasible, adding the work to be done into my planner
  • Begin calendaring the year round outside landscape/gardening jobs into my planner

     Some of these entries will take half an hour or so.  Others, will take several hours, and will need to be worked on over the course of several days.  In order to accomplish these things, and still maintain the priorities I have listed in my side bar, I will have to cut back on posting here for just a bit.  I am not giving up my blog, and I do still plan to post.  My posts will, however, be much shorter, not contain photographs (or at least not as many), and will probably not be daily.  I do still have much on my heart to share with you here on the blog, and finishing the homemaking section of the website is still a priority.  I must, however, look well to the ways of my own household first, so that my ability to share with you here is not compromised.

     Lord willing, and the time being available to accomplish all that I must, I hope to return to normal posting sometime in about a week or so. 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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11 comments to The Next Several Days

  • You amaze me!!  May God give you patience and give your household peace so that you are able to accomplish your goals.  Blessings on your next several days!  ~Tea

  • You amaze me!!  May God give you patience and give your household peace so that you are able to accomplish your goals.  Blessings on your next several days!  ~Tea

  • Good luck, I know how big a job it is to organize the book shelves.

  • You have an ambitious list there! I believe the Deputy Head Mistress at the Common Room is using the same program to catalog her books.

    I admit that I look for Copper’s Wife first in my Reader daily. I savor your posts as a daily treat, but I will still be delighted to read your posts, just less often. It will be like a CW diet! 🙂

    I’ve been sewing more and making some changes in my household schedule since I started reading your blog. I love how calm you seem to be in the midst of a busy household.

  • Dear Mrs. Linebarger,

    Thanks for showing me and I am sure the other ladies appreciate it too, how to be a good wife, and how to put the right things in the right order. I am sad you won’t be on as much, but for such a great reason. God Bless You as you try to get all those items figured out. One thing I wasn’t sure if you knew of or not was called Freecycle, and what it is is if you have something that you don’t want anymore, a CD, some leftover lumber, an old bike, whatever you can go to and for free join up in your state and area, your first post has to be giving something away. But then you can give away anything you want to give away that someone else wants, and you can ask for things that other people are offering such a bookshelves, or you can ask if anyone has a particular item that they want to give away. And there is never any money to be exchanged hands on Freecycle. Hopefully you could find some bookshelves. God Bless.

  • Ahhhh, priorities. They are important and you have them well in line. I am glad you will be back though and I look forward to your short posts in lieu of you regular posting.

    Blessings to you!! Bren

  • Your’s is the one blog that I visit faithfully everyday and so you can be sure that you will be missed when you are not posting. But… the one thing that I am learning from you is to prioritize and to look well to my household! So, I cannot fault you for doing what you teach us to do! Homeschooling is a big job and it does take time. Enjoy your planning!:wave:


  • I am always amazed at how much you accomplish in a day.  I hope the next few days are productive one for you! 🙂


    Mrs. C

  • I hope you accomplish all you are trying to. Although, I am sure you will!!

    Good luck.

  • Hope things get done and you can check everything off your list. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  • you are a supper mom. thanks for stopping by my blog. I can only pray that i will become the Godly wife mother and friend that keeps the home an the kids as they did back in the old days when people lived by the bible.