Jealous Of My Time – Zealous For My Family

     I have finished, or just about, all of the projects I mentioned last week.  I spent hours, and literally the entire day Saturday, working on planning out the next few months of our homeschool year.  As I’ve mentioned before, we don’t use a packaged or pre-written curriculum, and we use living books, for the most part, to educate our children.  I love this method of educating my children, and it works wonderfully for us.  However, I do need to stay on top of things or before I know it, the boys have worked through all of my pre-planning and I’m caught with nothing prepared.  I quickly pulled together a few things to finish up January last week and then used Saturday to plan for February – May. 

     All of our schedules (flow charts in reality) have been redone where they needed some work, and everything has been re-entered into my planner.  I’m now keeping three calendars on my laptop – my own, one for the kids’ chores, and one for school.  Each evening I combine the three calendars and then print up the combined format for our to do list for the next day.  The events on the three different calendars print up in three different colors, so it’s quite easy for me to see school assignments in the midst of my own daily plan.

     My husband and I planned out several projects in our home for the coming months.  In trying to prioritize them, it seemed that for each one, something else needed to happen first.  That backtracking sort of planning led us to our schoolroom and our ever growing Heritage Library.  If you’ll remember, one of the things I had planned to do on my list, was to shuffle books around on the shelves to open up some more shelf space.  Apparently, I’ve used that trick too many times before, because there just is no more wiggle room.  I have 18′ of bookcases on the south wall of my schoolroom and they are, for all intents and purposes, full.  The 4′ wide bookcase near Aaron’s desk is likewise full, as is the 4′ wide, half tall bookcase under Will’s aquarium.  Before any of our other projects can be done, we will need more bookshelves! 

     My husband and I priced bookcases that would match all of our existing book cases and ran into sticker shock.  However, we came home, browsed through our IKEA catalogue and found a way to put in 18′ of bookcases, a whole shelf taller than the cases we already own, for just a bit over the cost of a new 4′ wide one to match what we have now .  I don’t mind a bit that they won’t match the others exactly.  We will be shuffling books and book cases around this week and next to move some of our existing bookcases to another wall to open up the long wall for the new shelves.  Big job.  Heavy work.  I can’t wait!  Expanding our Heritage Library is exciting stuff.

     I must tell you, though, that this time of planning has given me some time to think and reflect a bit on how I spend my days, my hours.  Even my minutes.  I have become jealous of my time, and that’s a good thing.  I have become even more zealous for my family and my home, and that’s a good thing, too.  A very good thing.  That jealousy and zeal causes me to want to devote even more time and energy into the things that bring me such joy – my family and my home.  Even rising an hour or more early, I still have only 24 hours in my day.  There’s just so much time to go around.  In order for me to devote more of my time to my family and my home, and before them to my Lord, I need to remove other, lesser priority items from my day.

     One obvious choice, that can occupy a great deal of my time each day, is keeping my blog.  I am mindful of the fact that some of you have no older women in you life in the spirit of Titus 2.  I am blessed that the Lord has allowed this blog to provide that missing element to some of you.  However, this particular “older woman” still has children at home.  I am homeschooling a high school boy, and I am homeschooling a third grader.  I still have a sweet grown daughter at home.  My days are filled with needful work and they are blessedly full.

     I have thought about this a great deal.  I’ve prayed about it.  I’ve sought my husband’s opinion.  I do not want to give up my blog, but I will have to scale back.  If time were not at such a premium, nothing would delight me more than to continue with daily posts, sharing bits and pieces of each and every day, having the time to respond to your comments, and to answer every e-mail and private message sent my way.  However, time is very much the deciding factor here.  My priorities remain, in order, my relationship with my Lord, my husband, my children (and their education), my home, my church/ministry, and then everything else.  

     I cannot say, for now, how often I will be posting.  My days, though I do plan them, need to remain open to the Lord’s leading, too.  I’ve learned, by now, to hold my own plans loosely.  Days might pass without a post, or I might post several days in a row.  As I said before, *my* desire would be to continue as I have these last months, but at this point in time, I just cannot.

      For now, though, I’m off to finish up the corn muffins and start the tomato soup for our evening meal, William’s birthday dinner!  My baby is nine!  Nine!  We are expecting part of the extended family later this evening for cake and ice cream to help us celebrate.  What fun!  Until next time……

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27



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20 comments to Jealous Of My Time – Zealous For My Family

  • As much as I enjoy your posts, I think you are making the perfect choice! I read your posts as a daily “treat”, but will continue to enjoy your posts when you have time to fit them into your schedule.

  • Congrats on your bookshelves. πŸ™‚

    I am glad you won’t be leaving your blog friends completely. I understand that you need to care for other things first. This is a great example to the younger wives. Its so easy to get caught up in our own interests and hobbies and let other things (hubbies, families, house) slide. I do enjoy your posts and look forward to reading what you and the family have been up to. πŸ™‚

    Many blessings

  • Sounds like you’re making the perfect decision for your family during this season of your lives.  We’ll all look forward to reading your “bits and pieces” whenever you have a chance to share. πŸ™‚


    Mrs. C

  • I’m glad you’ll still be posting; you’ve been such a blessing to so many through this blog.  I personally have learned so much from reading here, and although I do have many women in my life who can provide counsel, that still has not diminished the joy I find in reading and learning here.

    I’m sure you don’t need to hear a chorus of approvals, but I to am glad that you have reached a decision that will be more beneficial to your family.

    Thanks again for sharing through this blog.  I will continue to read and enjoy your posts, as many or as few as they may be.


  • Cheryl,

    As a homeschooling mom of three, I understand totally the decision that you are making. My baby is nine too! My, they grow up so fast. Enjoy your family and keep your priorities in line. But… if you find a few minutes now and then… let us know how you are doing. ‘Kay? Many blessings to you and your family!

    Oh yeah, WooHoo :goodjob: on those shelves!! I love your school room and with that many more shelves it can only be better!

  • Oooooo…I can’t wait to hear about how you like the IKEA bookshelves.  I have been “eye-balling” them myself, as Doug and I have SO many books, and our “new” house is quite small, with no built-ins or anything similar.  I’ve been looking at the different shelving units IKEA offers, but have been wondering about the quality.  Books can get SO heavy.  If you can, let us know how you like them.

    As to posting, we’ll be happy whenever you have time to drop us a line or two!  No worries, as my surfer friend says!!!


  • Hi Cheryl,

    I had to rearrange books too recently. It is so much fun to have lots of books in the house. I understand your need to cut back. After being on my routine a couple weeks now I can see I am going to need to cut back on my computer time in order to get all my work done and rest properly. Dave is going to be out your way soon. πŸ™‚ He has to work out there for a week.



  • Hi Cheryl!  You wouldn’t be the Titus 2 woman we look up to if you don’t keep your disciplined prioities!   I will miss your posts but totally understand.   I find the computer can eat up too much of my time too and I don’t post as often as you do or as thoughtfully.

    So glad that you will post when time allows.    

    Happy Birthday to Will!


  • You are doing what you HAVE to do-sad for us, but happy for your family! I know I am unable to post everday with everything I  have on my plate-I thought you were SuperWoman:wink:being able to do it all!

    You are in my daily prayers. Look well to the ways of your household woman!!!!

  • You are doing what you HAVE to do-sad for us, but happy for your family! I know I am unable to post everday with everything I  have on my plate-I thought you were SuperWoman:wink:being able to do it all!

    You are in my daily prayers. Look well to the ways of your household woman!!!!

  • Thank you for the time you have given!  Indeed, your family responsibilities must come first– and that lesson is a valuable one for you to pass along. 

  • We all Love you!!!!! And we respect and can appreciate your decisions! We look forwrd to whatever you are willing to give.

    Warm Winter Blessings~


  • Alesha~  The IKEA bookshelves are great!  Ours still look completely straight after holding shelves of encyclopedias for a few years.  No sagging yet! 

  • I certainly understand.

    It has been “good news bad news” here with my computer still in the shop. It has forced me to post only a few days a week and I’m limited as to the amount I can read other blogs (with almost no commenting time at all), I find I’m reading only my favorites on most days… like yours! πŸ™‚

  • I agree with Jenn. You are being a great example of a Titus 2 woman in putting your priorities in line. I am soooo close to your age so to me you are not an older woman, but I have gleaned much from you, my friend. I enjoy both you and your daughters and love to hear about the boys.

    Tell Will Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! Big ol 9!!! His last year in the single digits!

    Hopefully you will have the time to post often, even if it is short!


  • It’s good that you have your priorities in the right place!  I have to work on my scheduling too.  I’m spending too much time at the blog and not enough time where it should be.  Thank you for inspiring to use my time in a Godly way.  Blessings… Polly

  • Happy Birthday to Will!

    I totally respecti your decision but I’m so glad you’re not totally quitting! I always find your posts so encouraging!


  • you’re a wise woman, cheryl. i’ll be making some changes too concerning my blog – don’t know what exactly but am praying about it. blogging sure can eat up time that should be spent elsewhere…

    happy birthday dear william, happy birthday to you!!!

    bless you sweetly…

  • I’m finding too, Cheryl that these are the times when our God given blessings are our priorities…not that I didn’t see it clearly before.  It’s such a calm and peaceful settled feeling within knowing that you know where you are right now is where God intends for you. 

    I so appreciate you and I count myself blessed to have the priviledge to sneak peaks at your days.  What a blessing you’ve been.



  • Cheryl ~ I am just now seeing this post. It kind of speaks to the whole issue you’re addressing … there’s just not enough time to do it all. I sometimes find myself wondering why I can’t get more done (with my eyes on blogging and crafting).

    Then I smack myself upside the noggin’ and remember I have five children. πŸ™‚ We also educate using primarily living books. It is probably more time consuming than other choices, but ever so worth it!

    I most definitely feel your pain when it comes to storage of all those books. That’s one of the *BIG* issues that’s playing into our whole decision of whether or not to flip-flop rooms and sofas.

    I will continue to enjoy (as my time permits) whatever your time permits you to post, dear friend. I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing our paths to cross; I see you as a kindred spirit (in both the underlying faith the drives life’s decisions and in our ?sometimes? quirky humor). I think your blog – as it stands today – is a wonderful encouragement to woman desiring to live for the Lord. Anything you add is dessert!! :sunny:

    Hugs to you!

    (Now I’m off to find out if you liked your sweet grits! My children keep asking me what your verdict was. By the way – my eldest son eats his grits with sugar. ‘Course he was born in Maine … :rolleyes: … I’m not sure if he’s southern enough for his opinion to count! πŸ˜† )