Thursday! Treasures!

It has been far, far too many Thursdays since Corin and my grandbabies have been here for a Thursday Library Day at Grandma’s. Holidays. Transportation problems. Illness. Lots of illness. These have all kept us from having our Thursday afternoons. Oh, how I’ve missed them!

The morning was busy, but we all pulled […]

Wacky Wednesday

This morning I realized I had a dilemma on my hands. My children are all, for the most part, healthy and well. A bit of residual coughing, but everyone seems to be feeling fine otherwise. We should be buckling down and hitting the books. We should be working hard at catching up […]

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday

Guns. Guns are a fact of life in my home. If you are offended by gun talk, scroll down a bit until I’m done. However, if you’re not so offended then read on!

Even if I hadn’t been raised by a father who was an avid hunter, fire arms would be a […]

Cranberry Glazed Meat Loaf

Now that I have all of my cookbooks in my back hallway, which is just a step from my kitchen, I’ve been enjoying pulling out some of my old and/or inherited cookbooks and looking for some new ideas. Tonight’s Cranberry Glazed Meat Loaf was inspired by a recipe I found in an old cookbook from […]

Make Your Own Poultry Seasoning

One day, years and years ago, I ran out of poultry seasoning and needed it for a recipe. In desperation, I found a make your own recipe, whipped some up and used it. I haven’t bought store-bought Poultry Seasoning again. This is a far superior product, and it’s much cheaper to make than it is […]

The Princess and The Pea

Our princess, Dani, is by no means as picky about her bed as the fabled princess and the pea. However, she has been sleeping on a very bad mattress for about a year too long, and her bed? Let’s just say it has served her well for 15 years, but it was time to […]

It’s Great To Be Cooking Again

Oh, yes it is! After three weeks of feeling crummy, it’s great to be thinking about cooking and to be cooking again! In fact, as I was working on this week’s menu, I ran across so many yummy sounding recipes from my recipe box, or thought of things that just sounded good, […]

I’ve Got My Apron On

I have my apron on for the first time in days. I’ve been humming about today, just a bit, tending to things around my home. The chorus of coughing and sneezing continues here, but I think that all of us, save Dani, are well on the mend today. My husband has been […]

The Best We Can Do

     It’s official.  We are now ALL sick!  Dani woke up not feeling well this morning.  Drats!  I’d hoped she wouldn’t catch any of this, but I suppose it was inevitable.  I cannot remember a time that we have ever had anything like this in our home.  Ever.  William has been sick, almost constantly, for a […]

New or Used? Hardback or Paperback? – Library Builders

As I’ve been building our Heritage Library these last few years, I’ve struggled with the best way to stretch our very sparse book buying dollars. Experience might tell us that buying paperback books would stretch our dollars further. Carried to the next level, buying used paperbacks would probably be the least expensive way to […]