I’ve Got My Apron On

I have my apron on for the first time in days.  I’ve been humming about today, just a bit, tending to things around my home.  The chorus of coughing and sneezing continues here, but I think that all of us, save Dani, are well on the mend today.  My husband has been outside today taking care of some needed things around our homestead.  A gate has been repaired.  Roses have been pruned.  Still, he is taking it easy and trying not to overdo.

I cleaned up my kitchen this morning, taking care to thoroughly clean all the countertops well.  I have some ground beef thawing for Stroganoff Meatballs for dinner tonight.  Comfort food that the whole family will readily eat.  No one has had much of an appetite for quite some time, so I’m hoping to tempt them this evening with a family favorite.  I’ll serve the meatballs with some hearty noodles and steamed broccoli.

Laundry today centered around getting all of the bath towels washed in hot water, and then rewashing all of the afghans and throws that we’ve been using in the living room to snuggle up with.  It felt good washing these up again for my family.  Some are beginning to show a bit of wear, but they are all still hanging in there!  And they are all clean!

I hooked up the vacuum this afternoon (we have a central vacuum system) and started vacuuming the whole house.  Whew!  After just one bedroom and a short hallway my arms were tired!  I just didn’t realize how sick I’d been, I guess.  I slowed down a bit and got the job done.  That’s been my pace today….work a little, rest a little, work a little, rest a little.  My heart is yearning to keep going, but my ailing body is still on the mend.  I do not want any relapses, so I really am taking it slow.

My boys felt much better today.  They played a game this morning, but the laughter and the competition got to Will and he needed to use his inhaler.  He’s been kept to more quiet play today – the board game, working on an Erector set project, and enjoying his favorite computer game.  Aaron. on the other hand, was raring to go.  He has a job for a neighbor planting 30 redwood trees along the side of her property.  He managed to plant 12 last week before he got sick.  He headed over there for about an hour this afternoon to plant a few more.  After that, though, I made sure that he took it easy for the rest of the day.

The rest of my day was spent us picking up a little and straightening a little.  Nothing much, just little bits here and there.  I opened up my house a bit and the fresh, cool air coming in all day felt wonderful.   Towards evening, as the sun set and the temperature dropped, a fire was started again in the woodstove and a few candles were lit to make the atmosphere a bit more cheery.

I didn’t get my lesson plans written up over the weekend, so I worked on those late this afternoon to that we’d be ready for school again tomorrow morning.  I’ve had several questions about the forms I use for lesson planning.  I use two different forms from this book.  One is intended to be used to keep a lesson diary for a week, and the other is a two page weekly assignment sheet spread.  I have customized the diary form to help me keep track of our morning joint study time as well as my one on one times with each of my boys.  By taking the time to fill in the basics, neatly, just once, I can photocopy one of these each and week.  Since the framework is already there, it only takes me a few minutes to jot down specifics such as page and lesson numbers, etc..




The weekly assignment sheets are where I jot down what I want the boys working on in each subject area for the week.  Again, I took some time to write down each of the boys’ various subjects down the side bar of the forms, as well as some other recurring information.  I can photocopy a set of these for each boy at the beginning of the week and just fill in the details.  Quick and easy.

It’s good to be getting back into the swing of things.  I’ve missed it!  I’m sure we’ll be most of the week getting back to full speed, but at least we’re getting there!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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17 comments to I’ve Got My Apron On

  • Yay!  So glad you’re feeling better!  Don’t over-do though!  I love seeing those 2 boys smiling again! :love:

    Be sure to give Dani a HUGE hug and tell her that I’m SO sorry she’s still feeling sick! 😆 (although really I am!)

  • Glad to see that you are all on the way to feeling better, I just love your blog and when you are sick and don’t put up a new post I am just bummed about the whole thing..so please stay healthy:) Also please take it easy, I know how it is when you try to do things and it feels like you have run a marathon and need to sit down for a while…of course I feel like that on a daily basis and I am not even sick:lol: Anyway take care of yourself and your family..look forward to reading your blog daily as usual…

    Blessings, Joann  http://www.homesteadblogger.com/ajoyfulhomemaker

  • Dear Cheryl,  Hooray you and yours (except poor Dani) are feeling better.  An answer to prayer.  I will continue to pray for Dani.

    Enjoy getting your groove on again.


  • I am so glad that you are all feeling much better! Priase God! I know how tiresome just seeing our family be ill over and over again is, let alone when we throw ourselves in that mix.

  • So glad to have most everyone back to “normal” or close to it today!!! It get’s me inspired to get to work around my home when I see things “buzzing” around your your place again.

    I’m in a rut you see.:whocares: I just can’t seem to get back on track here at the house. Maybe if I do a little work and take a little break, it will all get done-like you’re doing.. We’ll see.

    I have a question: My crocheted dishcloths are starting to “smell” bad even after I wash them. I change them out daily and get them washed as soon as I can. How do I get that yucky smell out without damaging them? Please help me “Heloise”(a.k.a.Cheryl)!!!!::giggle:

  • Good to hear the Lord has blessed your family and the sickness is starting to leave.  I am looking forward to that feeling that it is all going to finally be gone.  It has been over a month now that I ahve been sick and while everyone else got sick as well, I seem to be the one hardest hit. It will be great to be back up to full speed once again!!!  Have a blessed week.

  • Cheryl, I’m glad you are feeling better! I recognize that aerochamber and inhaler. My youngest two need those from time to time. I hope everyone is on the mend soon!

  • So glad everyone is on the mend. Poor Dani. Hopefully she will rest in her new jammies!

  • Glad to see most of you are on the mend. Hope Dani’s better soon! Your approach of getting back up to speed s.l.o.w.l.y sounds like an excellent idea. Hugs to you all.

  • Cheryl,

    So glad you are all on the mend-it’s tough to be sick but worse when everyone is down at once. 🙁

    I know the temptation is there to get all those tasks that went undone while you were sick, but you are wise to return to activities very slowly so you don’t suffer any setbacks. Especially with the asthma that you are fighting against.

    Take care and know that somewhere in Florida you have a cyber friend who’s glad your feeling better. 🙂

    In Him,


  • Yep, being sick can take a lot outta ya. My mom has been sick for a couple of weeks now and is recovering I think, but still has no energy. Poor Mom. I hope Dani is well soon.


  • Glad to see that you and your family are starting to feel better…..We tried your German Pancake and the Buttermilk Syrup recipes last week…..Delicious!!!  It was a definite hit for our family…….God Bless~Karen

  • I have been missing you!  Not seeing you or the rest of the family at church left a hole in part of our worship and fellowship.  So glad to hear most are on the mend – wasn’t this year a doozey?  Oh, and I’ve only read David Copperfield but I find Dickens to be quite funny.  Just like you – laugh out loud funny…  Maybe we’ll see you Sat?  God bless you!

  • Glad to hear most everyone is feeling better.

    Hoping Dani feels much better tomorrow.

    We had a case of the sickies last week or so, and am now just getting back into the swing of things.

    Take it easy!

  • Sweet Cheryl,

    I am praying that you are just resting from Blogland and not having any type of relapse.  Your site is so encouraging and uplifting.  You have even persuaded me to start a blog for my family.  Best wishes and lots of prayers for a healthy, blessed weekend.

    Mary in Texas

  • I am glad to hear you are feeling much better.
    Don’t over do it though.
    You need to get your strength back completely so you don’t relapse.

    The meatballs look wonderful – I am going to have a go at making them myself.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe
    Take care.

  • :sunny::sunny: Sure hope you all are feeling better. That flu sure wiped you all out for a bit! It must feel so nice to be able to “get your apron back on!” Hope you’re taking it easy, too and not doing too much.  I love reading your daily posts and miss seeing them. Take care and God bless!:sunny: