The Princess and The Pea

Our princess, Dani, is by no means as picky about her bed as the fabled princess and the pea.  However, she has been sleeping on a very bad mattress for about a year too long, and her bed?  Let’s just say it has served her well for 15 years, but it was time to be retired.  Her old daybed was bought when she was 9 or 10.  It moved with us.  It bunked both girls, with Corin in a trundle underneath, for a few years.  My mother-in-love slept in that bed for several months before a hospital bed was required.  It really did last quite well for a cheaply made, inexpensive bed. 

This morning that tired, rickety old bed was dismantled and hauled out of the house.  Buying a new bed was the order of business for the day.

My husband told Dani a few weeks ago to decide on what she wanted because he wanted to buy her a new bed.  She had seen a lovely, dark bed at IKEA awhile back that she instantly loved, so her only decision was whether to stick with a twin size or move up to a full.  She made the wise choice, I think, in choosing a full size bed.  We loaded up and headed to IKEA around noon, enjoyed lunch in their restaurant, and we then toured about through the store.  We didn’t waste a lot of time browsing, but we did browse some.  New sheets, quilt and quilt covers were selected, and then we headed to the warehouse to load up the bed.

Dani tried out several mattresses in the store.  So did William.  IKEA is having a wonderful mattress sale.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the sale is so wonderful that they were sold out of full size mattresses.  We ended up stopping on the way home to purchase a mattress elsewhere.  Dani will have to sleep on the couch tonight, but her new mattress will be delivered tomorrow.

Dani’s old bed, being so rickety, had damaged the wall behind her bed.  My husband patched the gouges this morning before we left, and Dani put the first coat of touch up paint on this afternoon.  A couple more coats, feathered in to the existing paint, should do the trick.  It’s always a good idea to hang onto those last little bits of paint so that you can handle touch ups easily.

As soon as we got home, the guys hauled the boxes in from the trailer.















Copper and Will got the new bed put together fairly quickly.





Will enjoys assembling things!!!  It’s really a shame that IKEA was sold out of mattresses, or Dani would have had all of her pretty new bedding on by now.  I’m anxious to see how her new things look all put together and whether she leaves the bed with the head in the window or moves it to a different spot.



Dani blessed me greatly by sitting down in the school room and putting together our great new step stool, also from IKEA.  The new bookcases in the schoolroom are TALL, and I cannot reach the top shelves unassisted.






This great little stool is just the thing to keep out and handy to use in the schoolroom.  It’s light enough that it can be easily moved from place to place, yet it’s sturdy enough that I feel comfortable climbing and using it.  This was $14.99 well spent!

Monday is one of Dani’s nights to cook dinner, but she put everything in the crock pot this morning for our Slow Cooked Chili Supper.  The corn muffins were brought in from the freezer this morning, as well.  It’s nice to come home after a day away and have dinner already prepared!!  To serve dinner the only thing Dani needed to do was to warm the muffins, ladle up the chili into bowls and top each with a sprinkling of shredded cheese and dollop of sour cream.  Oh, it was good.

I’m glad so many of you have been enjoying some of the recipes I’ve posted (see the bottom of the side bar on the left for the drop down menu boxes containing recipes).  I do plan on setting up a separate drop down box for Freezer Stash recipes, and I will be sure to let you know when other recipes I post are appropriate for the freezer and instructions on how to make them that way.  (The Slow Cooked Chili, for example, can be frozen immediately after assembling the ingredients.  You can then put the frozen chili into your crockpot on low and let it cook 8 – 10 hours.)

I’ve been really excited about this project in my own home and about sharing it with you, and guess what has happened?  It’s so fun!  A girlfriend at church is, in all honesty, the freezer cooking queen.  She hostesses get-togethers for friends and they spend a day putting freezer meals together.  How fun is that?  Here’s the best part…..she has just begun a blog where she will be sharing her tips, techniques and yummy recipes for freezer meals.  I can’t wait!!  Howiesgal is a bubbly, fun gal in real life, and all that fun spills over into her writing.  Her blog is called Filling My Freezer.  Head on over and read her introductory post, leave her some encouragement to get things rolling, and then either bookmark the site or subscribe with a blog service (like bloglines) so that you don’t miss any of her future “how to” posts.

Late last week I finally felt up to doing a bit of sewing.  I’ve had a pair of aprons cut out for Corin and my two year old granddaughter, and promised to them, for way too long.  In one afternoon, I had them about 2/3 completed.  I plan to do my best to finish them up in the next day or two.  Corin called William today just to tell him that as far as she knew now, they would be here this Thursday!  It’s been way too long!  I would love to have the aprons finished to give them when they come.

Thank you all so very much for all of your kind comments, messages and e-mail these last few weeks.  Your kind words were sweet to read while we were so sick.  I am very thankful that we are now all relatively healthy and life is returning to normal.  Those of us with lingering coughs are better every day.  I have much to be thankful for!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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24 comments to The Princess and The Pea

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I am cooking your Cheeseburger Chowder tomorrow for supper.:) I made Chocolate Muffins for my freezer today. I posted the recipe. I thought of you when I made them. I know how much you and Dani love chocolate. I also made a pot of Chicken Sausage Soup for the freezer today. I do lots of freezer cooking, I love Dani’s new bed.

    Have a blessed week.


  • Dani has excellent taste ~ lovely new bed!

  • Beautiful bedframe! So happy Dani is getting a new bed, I know I LOVE my full bed!!!


  • Yay, Dani! It’s lovely! You’d feel right at home in our red dining room that Mr. Heyne painted for me 🙂

  • My coffee tasted much better this morning while reading your words!! I for one have missed you GREATLY as you and your family healed of this virus. May God continue to bless you and yours!

    I love that bed Dani picked out! We had considered something similar, but my husband chose a different one when we bed shopped a few years ago.

  • The new bed is lovely!!! I can’t wait to see it with all of the bedding on it-please take a picture for us Cheryl.

    Ikea has it’s own restaurant?!? I am so sheltered-I’ve never had a Starbucks coffee AND I’ve never set foot in an Ikea store! Life here in “Walnut Grove” is very sheltered!!!!:giggle:

  • I have never been in an Ikea either, Amy!!! I love Dani’s bed. It is a beautiful piece of furniture. Your aprons are so cute! So glad everyone is doing better!

  • That is a beautiful bed! May she have many sweet dreams upon it!

    Thank you for the blog link. I will definitely bookmark it!

    Have a blessed day.


  • Great choice on the bed!!  We bought the same bed a few months ago for my oldest son.   He has really liked it!  Glad you are all feeling better!

  • We are so glad to have you back, Mama Cheryl!

    Sleep well, Princess Dani!

    Does reading other folks blogs make any of ya’ll hungry? Elizabeth needed to leave a basket of those chocolate muffins for all of us to enjoy this morning!

    Have a blessed day,

  • So glad to hear you are feeling better. Dani’s bed is pretty. I can’t wait to see it all made up. 🙂

    I wanted to thank you for sharing your recipes with us. I love to try new dishes, especially family friendly ones! It seems like the recipes I get from friends are the ones my family likes best. I enjoy cookbooks, but the handed down and shared recipes just seem to go over better here.

    Thanks for the link to Elizabeth’s site. I can’t wait to see her recipes. I am hoping to find some “cooking buddies” after we move. I would really enjoy doing OAMC-type sessions and having a freezer full of yummy food on hand.

    The apron fabric is so pretty. Is that Mary Englebright? (sp?)I am so glad that Will is going to get to have his visit from Corin and crew this week. Poor guy. He seems to have such a loving heart, it made me cry to see how upset he was in the picture when they couldn’t come by. What a tender hearted fellow. Hugs

    Much love, blessings and prayers

  • So glad that you are all on the mend!! I have missed you being around! I love Dani’s new bed! Can’t wait to see how it looks all put together! I am looking forward to trying some more of your recipes too. I made the Carmamel Corn this weekend and it was a big hit!!


  • It’s nice for a Swedish girl to see that you enjoy Mr Ingvar Kamprad’s warehouse 😉 (Yes, his name is the two first letters in IKEA, the second two letters are the two small villages where he started his furniture factories decades ago..)

    I like the step stool too. The kids got one each to reach up to the dinner table when they had grown out of their baby chairs, and now when the 6yo thinks that he’s big enough to sit on a regular chair, I use his to sit at the end of the table when we “do school” almost every day.

    We plan to homeschool him and his younger brother, but in Sweden school doesn’t start before the age of seven, so nobody knows yet! It is very,very rare to homeschool in Sweden and all kids (I guess more than 97% of the kids at least) are in daycare from the age of 18 or 24 months until they start school. Most people think I’m crazy because I’ve made the choice to be a SAHM. If I try to explain that I’m looking forward to homeschool them, they think I’m a complete idiot 😉 And that I’m going to ruin my children for ever!!

    To me it means a lot to read about”grown up” homeschoolers. To learn, and to be re-assured that it can be done with great sucess. That’s why I enjoy your blog!!

    Many thanks

    Malgomaj, Sweden

  • Wow, thanks, Cheryl for the nice compliments!  And thanks to all your readers who have already come over to my blog and left comments.

    I love Dani’s new bed!  I can’t wait to see it wiht the new digs on it. 

    Glad you are all feeling better.


  • That bed is gorgeous…I can’t wait to see it all done up too!  I hope you’ll take a picture of it, or maybe Dani could post one on her blog!  LOVE the red too!

  • Yeah! That’s great that Dani got a new bed! She’s such an amazing young woman and I know you are super proud of her. I can’t wait to see the bedding she choose and how it looks on the bed 🙂

    I love to freezer cook as well, so I will be sure to check out Howiesgal.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better!

  • I love your blog for many reasons but today I learned some history about IKEA from someone in SWEDEN!  The bed is beautiful but I’m not surprised that Dani would pick something so cute and retro and classy 🙂  Glad to know you were all well enough to make a trip out!  I’ve been missing you!!!!

  • Well, I typed out a nice message and I think it got lost in space. So, let me just say that I’m very happy to see that you all are feeling better,  I love Dani’s new bed, and the apron is really cute! I popped in to howiesgal’s new blog and can’t wait to see more of what she has to share. 🙂

    Many blessings,


  • I thought I would Delurk to say welcome back and glad you are all feeling a little better now. Dani you have great taste! We have that stepstool too and I love it, so sturdy. My Little Fish sits on it now for all her meals and feels really grown up!


  • I love Dani’s new bed and can’t wait to see how she puts all her new stuff together! Glad you’re all on the mend!

  • Dani’s bed looks lovely! I can’t wait to see the finished product with the new bedding. 🙂


    Mrs. C

  • So lovely for Dani to have a new bed.