Thursday! Treasures!

It has been far, far too many Thursdays since Corin and my grandbabies have been here for a Thursday Library Day at Grandma’s.  Holidays.  Transportation problems.  Illness.  Lots of illness.  These have all kept us from having our Thursday afternoons.  Oh, how I’ve missed them!

The morning was busy, but we all pulled together and managed to not only get all of our daily and Thursday work done, but my boys chipped in and helped me catch up on the Tuesday and Wednesday chores that were missed earlier this week.  Not only were all of my treasures here with me today, but my housework was caught up, too!  Yee haw!

Corin and her children arrived just as we were finishing up lunch.  I busied myself with finishing up the lunch dishes, and Dani put the finishing touches on our goody for the day (more on that to follow), as the boys greeted the little ones as they came in through the door.

By and by, the four year old reminded me that the reason they were there was for me to read them some books, at which time he simply pulled a handful off the picture book shelf and handed them to me!  There were five picture books, and we settled in to read together.

It just so happens that he chose a couple of my very favorites in the mix, along with a couple of others that I also take great joy in.  (I’ll try to do a quick post tomorrow on the books we read aloud today.  I don’t always do this, but there were some worthy of mention.)

I tied my two year old granddaughter’s apron on her, and she was deeeelighted with it!  And she looked incredibly cute, too!  What a little sweetie pie!  Corin was busy feeding the baby her lunch, so Dani took Little Miss Feisty outside for a few pictures in her new apron.















Later on, we arranged for a mother/daughter photo shoot.  Apron bows were tied just so and the girls, treasures both of ’em, posed for Dani’s camera.
















The afternoon was full of sunshine, outside play, and lots of laughter.

















My little Pixie Girl had a bit of a runny nose.  Okay, okay, she’d been crying and was a big mess!  I went into the house and brought out one of my linen hankies with tatted edging for her to wipe her wee little nose on.  She played with that hankie all afternoon!






















Mmmmmm, Grandma used her Lavender Linen Spray when she ironed this hankie!












Dani brought out the goody she had made for us to enjoy.  Chocolate cupcakes frosted with her very own Raspberry Buttercream Frosting, with just a light sprinkling of black sugar on the tops.  Can I just tell you now how good these were?  Does this not look scrumptious?








And taste?  Oh, my my my my………….these little taste testers tell it all, don’t they?   The taste of the flavor of the raspberries was incredible, yet not overpowering.  And you know Dani, she’s such a sweety pie, that she’s sharing her original recipe for Raspberry Buttercream Frosting on her blog.



Well, the day ended much too soon.  It always does.  My son-in-law needed to be picked up from work, and it was, afterall, after 4:00.  We cleaned up the yard, I hugged and kissed the treasures that were leaving, and the treasures that were staying helped haul stuff back into the house.  With Corin and Miss Feisty’s aprons done, I spent an hour or so before fixing dinner to work on Dani’s.  Hers is of the same great fabric, but is made from our old, standby “Nora” apron pattern.






The mother/daughter aprons were made from Simplicity #4692, view A.  I’ve made this apron once before, stitching one up in a cute retro print for Dani.  The apron itself is absolutely beautiful.  The style, with the princess lines and scalloped hemline, is very feminine.







The detailing, like the little tuck that accentuates the pockets,








and the nicely finished waistband, make it a lovely finished garment.






However, the pattern calls for using Velcro to fasten the neckband.  Ugh!  Velcro!  Velcro has its uses, but fastening the neckline of an apron just doesn’t seem to be a good use.  I have, instead, finished mine with buttons, and I thinks this is a far better, and much nicer, alternative.





Oh, we had an incredibly wonderful day!  The weather was lovely, and today’s high was about 71°.  The front grass was still wet and muddy, but the children didn’t mind. Well, the four year old minded, but we were able to talk him out of minding too much.  Dani has a lovely recap of the day, told in her own wonderful style, that you might enjoy (and don’t forget the wonderful Raspberry Buttercream Frosting recipe!).  You can see the glorious sunset we had in the background, through our open front door!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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16 comments to Thursday! Treasures!

  • What a gorgeous day!  Those raspberry topped cupcakes are amazing… I am definitely going to check out the recipe!  And, as a newbie subscriber here, I have to comment on how much I love your bookshelves.  They’re absolutely the ticket, just what I’ve been aiming for with our library.  Now I have a picture to show my hubby!


  • What pretty aprons!!! And that frosting looks SOOOO good! I wish I wasn’t on a sugar-free diet!!! Arrrgh!!! LOL. Anyway, glad everyone is feeling better!


  • Cheryl, those aprons are just so cute and so nice to have mother and daughter match, I recently made a mother daughter set for a friends birthday and they look nothing as nice as the ones you made, of course I am just learning to sew…but now am feeling like a failure to see what an apron should really look like….Your children and grandchildren looked like they had a nice time and wasn’t this weather just great, I had all my windows and doors open…Tell Dani the cupcakes looked soooooooo good.. if you want a good laugh take a look at the aprons I made at my blog,

    Blessings to you and your family…Joann

  • What a lovely day!  The aprons are absolutely beautiful.   You are such a great mama and grandmama!   I already told Dani how awesome her cupcakes looked.

    Have a great day.


  • What a wonderful day you had!!! Those aprons were precious. I CANNOT believe Corin had flip-flops on!! We were only 15 degrees here today with more snow!!!! Flip-flops seem like something we may never be able to wear anytime soon!!!:rolleyes:

  • Yummy looking cupcakes! I am so glad that your grands got to come visit. I can so believe Corin was wearing flip flops LOL It was so nice seeing all your babies, running, playing and SMILING after them being sick for so such an extended amount of time.


  • I’m with Amy…I could not get past the green grass, short sleeves and flip flops! Though the pics of the mother/daughter aprons was wonderful. Dani’s apron is GORGEOUS!! I would never be able to make one that fancy! I use Simplicity 5154 and call it a day! I think it is by far the EASIEST pattern…NO ONE could mess it up.

    I am going to hop over to Dani’s now to read her version of your wonderful day! Enjoy today too!


  • Adorable aprons on your sweet treasures!!

  • I love the picture of Little Miss Feisty and Corin, bedecked in their aprons, smiling at each other and both with one hand in an apron pocket. Too – too precious! It sounds like you all had an absolutely wonderful day.

  • Is Corin wearing flip-flops?  I am so jealous!!!  But happy for you!


  • I am glad to read of your lovely family day.
    Esp since it is so long since you were able to enjoy being together.
    Good health is such a blessing

  • Don’t be too jealous of the weather (although it is beautiful )  I wear flip-flops in December too 😆

  • Those aprons are SO pretty! As are the models. I enjoyed reading all about your day, and glad that you are able to resume your library days.

  • Woohooo! Finally! I am soo happy you guys were able to have your Thursday day! I bet Mr. Will was smiling to beat the band. (how’s that for resurrecting an old phrase?) :spinning:

    The aprons are very pretty. Great job! :goodjob: I am glad you were able to finish in time for them to be presented. 🙂

    I’m just tickled that you guys had such a great day!

  • Beautiful pictures. I love the aprons too! very sweet!

  • Those aprons are so cute!  I have that pattern.  I need to get busy and do some sewing.  What about the checked apron you have on?  Did you make that one and what pattern is it?  I love that style.  Please share!

    I’m so glad you all finally got together!  The weather has been gorgeous here also and we have enjoyed several days in the sunshine.