Health Update – OR – How Charles Dickens Almost Killed Me

Where to even begin?  I know, we’ll do it like this:

This one is sick.  He feels awful and he’s been running a steady fever of about 100.4 for three days now.  Mr. Steady, that’s my man!!



This one feels pretty good.  But who can blame the kid for hanging out on the top bunk of the bedroom to do his school work?  In fact, as soon as the day’s school work was behind him, he high tailed it out of here to work at the neighbor’s house planting trees.



This one had me worried just before lunch time.  She said she was okay, but that she felt tired.  Uh-oh………………





but by mid-afternoon she was up and about and feeling her normal self.  In fact, she got busy on her next sewing project (and her first attempt at doing some minor pattern alteration).  I wish this picture showed how pretty this fabric is…it’s a beautiful turquoise blue and orange plaid.




Which bring us to this one.  The face says it all, don’t you think?  He has started what, for him, is round three.  He’s running a temp of about 102.5.  He feels horrible.  He looks horrible.  I was looking for ailments like sore throat, head ache, upset tummy, that sort of thing, so I asked him, “What feels bad?”  His answer was, “All of me.”   Oh, baby!!!!



Early this afternoon the realization that it was Wednesday, and that we would once again miss our Thursday afernoon with Corin and the grandbabies brought about a round of sad, hot tears.  My poor guy!  Between Corin’s kids being sick, and our being sick, we’ve missed weeks of our Thursday library days now.  Uncle Will, only three years older than my oldest grandson, loves their visits.  Well, we all do, but they are especially dear to him.  His heart was broken at the realization that we’d miss yet another.  I guess spending last Thursday with them at the hospital wasn’t the same thing.


But that boy that can break my heart, can make me laugh, too!  Check out those toes!!!!!!  Yes, that’s one of the throws that I just got all washed up that he has his toes poking through!!  Cracks me up!  That’s also his untouched lunch on the arm of the loveseat.  And yes, I know, he’s not to be all bundled up with a fever.  He’s not…he just had that throw over his bare feet….with the toes exposed.



As for me, I think I’m doing better.  The cough, of course, lingers, but my asthma is bothering me less everyday.  Monday night, though, I had a fairly bad episode.  That’s when Charles Dickens tried to kill me.  All of my sickies were in bed.  Dani and I were up, reading quietly, before we headed to bed.  She was finishing up Mornings on Horseback and I was stretched out on the couch reading The Pickwick Papers.  Do you know this book?  It is absolutely laugh out loud funny.  This is NOT a book to take with you while you are waiting in the doctor’s office.  You will laugh right out loud.  You won’t be able to help yourself.

So, there I was.  Reading.  I read through an especially funny part and I laughed.  Out loud.  Dani smiled and asked what had just happened.  I started to try to tell her…..but the laughing made me cough.  And the more I coughed, the more I laughed.  Then I coughed more.  Then the asthma kicked in.  Oh, boy!  heeheehe, I’m still laughing about that part of the book, though.  Which makes me cough, which……..heeheehee

A lovely couple from church came out yesterday and brought us a wonderful Chicken Enchilada Casserole, green salad and a superb lemon cake.  Oh, my, what a treat.  We are blessed to be part of such a wonderful, caring church.  We enjoyed the casserole for dinner last night, and most of us had some reheated for lunch.  With so many under the weather, I believe there is enough for another lunch. 

I was up to keeping up with most of the daily stuff today.  Three loads of laundry were washed, dried, folded and put away.  I puttered about and got the kitchen cleaned up nicely after lunch, and I worked a bit on some supplementary reading for Aaron’s history course for the coming months.

Dani cleaned out the schoolroom closet for me one day last week.  We brought several of the puzzles out and put them on the bookshelves, and we also turned an available lidded basket into a toy box for the younger grandkids.  (The olders, boys, just play with Will’s toys.)  In cleaning the closet she emptied out a couple of Sterilite tubs.  I use these for housing my boys’ sets of toys.  They’re perfect!  The stack well.  They are clear so you can see what’s inside.  They’re sturdy.

Will received several sets of Legos for Christmas and his birthday, and they’ve not had a real home.   They’ve been left in the schoolroom on the train table, fairly neatly,  but they needed to be put away.





He is very particular, that little OCD boy of mine, about having his sets all put away with their pieces all in one place, and about having the instructions included.  I’ve found the best solution is to use large Ziplock bags to house each individual set.  I can write the name or number of the set on the bag.  The instructions fit in the bags, too.








If we’re careful to press all of the extra air out of the bags before sealing them, we can place several sets in each Sterilite tub and then they stack nicely in the closet.  With the newly emptied tub from the schoolroom closet, I worked on doing just that today for him, poor, sick, little boy.  My husband helped me bag up all of the sets, and we were sure to scour the boxes for those last, little bitty pieces, that make the difference between a complete set and a not complete set.







We tore down and flattened the boxes and they are all now deposited in the recycling bin.


Oh, not all of the dusting and such is caught up.  My bed has not been made for days because someone keeps crawling back into it!  I’ve been careful, though, to pull back the covers in between times so that the bed can air out, and I smooth the bottom sheet and fluff the pillows a bit.  Most days I’ve opened up the bedroom windows, too, but we have a blustery, cold north wind today so the house is closed up.

We are concentrating on getting better.  With Will’s new fever I think we have yet another virus that has worked its way into our home.  Everyone is drinking plenty of fluids and taking it easy and praying that those that are now well will stay that way.  I am, quite truthfully, happy to have my family all here, sick though they are.  I can feel fevered brows, and kiss hot little heads.  I’m happy to check in on Aaron and Dani, who are going about their normal activities, and see that they are well.

Dinner tonight will be turkey bacon and German Pancake.  I’m hoping that having a yummy favorite breakfast-for-dinner will help some of my sick ones to feel better.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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17 comments to Health Update – OR – How Charles Dickens Almost Killed Me

  • You are such a sweet looking Mama holding your Will close! Big Hugs to him!!

    And don’t you just hate when you get to laughing then your laughing turns to choking!!!! your face gets hot, your gagging …your face is red!!!! happened to me tons of times, a few of those have been during telelphone conversations then the peson you are talking to cannot tell if you are really ok or not!! haha!

    Will keep all of you on my prayer list!


  • Ah Cheryl,

    Now I know why God laid it on my heart to pray for your family tonight at church. I pray all are well soon. I so understand Will needing to have everything all together. I have been working on that in my home this week, I need order.



  • Aww, Cheryl, so sorry to hear that this is all hanging on at your place! Will’s face does say it all! Poor thing! Praying for you all as you weather this “storm”.


  • Poor you all!  :love:

    102.5 sounds familiar 🙁  Don’t let him get “too ti-ohd” to drink!

    I need you to do me a favor… take off that crying boy picture!  Otherwise I’m not sure I can come visit your blog until it scrolls off!  He makes me want to cry! 😥

  • I just love that picture of you comforting your son…I feel so bad for him not being able to play with his nieces and nephews. I will be praying for you all. (((hugs)))

  • Just love the picture with the toes poking through the holes in the blanket! And I will have to check out that book that made you laugh!

    Yvonne :o)

  • Sorry, ‘Rin, not gonna do it!  That boy’s heart has broken every week that we haven’t been able to get together.  He was actually GLAD he hurt his wrist last week since it meant he got to ride around all day in your “bus” with the boys!!!  He was just so sad today with being so sick.   He’s drinking plenty, though. 

  • Poor Will. The picture of you holding him broke my heart.

    It was good to hear from you-wish the news was better though!

    I’ll be praying for your family for sure.

  • Dear Cheryl,

    I am so sorry you have all been sick for such a length of time! We have had winters like that…it just seems to go on and on and on!!

    I have a question for you. In both this post and the last post you have photos of your homeschool planning forms. I was just curious as to where the forms came from. Did you make them yourself? Are they available online? I always enjoy seeing how others plan and execute their scheduling and record keeping and am always open for improvement in those areas!

    Thank you so much and I pray that you all recover quickly and fully!


  • I can feel your pain… literally. We’re getting over the second bout of flu this winter. My daughter’s family has all had it, too. So between the three families here, that covers a great part of the nation. :rolleyes:

    One of the things I did when I couldn’t move was to read your blog. I always learn something and feel there are indeed likeminded ladies (emphasis on LADY) out there.

    Feel well soon. Uh… perhaps your reading should change to something like War and Peace until you feel better?

  • Dear Cheryl,

    So sorry for Will!   I hope he, Copper and your asthma are all better very soon!

    I haven’t read a book that has made me laugh in a long time.   

    Hope you have a great day.


  • Oh I hope everyone feels well soon. xoxoxoxo Clarice

  • so many illnesses running through, including our princess going through the 3rd strain of this weird virus. this time it’s *just* a sore throat and general blah feeling…no temp whatsoever. so far my knight and i haven’t caught anything remarkable – sure hope it stays that way.

    the princess has a research paper for her World Religions class due by Friday. with her feeling somewhat punky i’m praying her though to finishing it and i must admit, i offered my ‘typing services.’

    i know what you mean about the asthma. sometimes i get to laughing and the breathing difficulties kick in big time. my family knows to grab my inhaler and sometimes my nebulizer. that reminds me, i need to request more albuterol for my nebulizer. thank you.

    poor Will. poor hubby. i will be certain to lift them up in prayer. i’m hoping it’s not a new virus in your home, rather, just a relapse of the old one then you all can be done with it. Will has cute toes. :o)

    how nice of your friends to bless you with such a lovely meal. such a tender mercy of lovingly prepared goodness.

    it’s not windy today so hopefully windows can be cracked by late morning and fresh air welcomed in to our homes, hm?

    bless you as you walk with Him. <><

  • Have you considered taking vitamin C for your sickies?

  • Oh, Cheryl ~ it sounds like it just keeps making the rounds at your house. Praying all are well … *soon*!

  • Your poor family has sure been going through the ringer lately!  I hope you all get some rest this weekend and that this dreadful sickness leaves your house once and for all. :sunny:


    Mrs. C

  • So sorry for all your sick children! I know whats its like to have the whole family sick for long periods of time! Icky!