Heeding My Own Advice

     I am heeding my own advice and holding my plans loosely.  After spending hours upon hours revamping our homeschool a bit………..after spending an hour or two with my husband a couple of weeks ago making plans and setting a list of home projects we hope to accomplish this year………..and after promising to get back to “regular” posting here……..it seems that the Lord has something else in mind, at least for this week. 

     I thought I was over the worst of this virus last night, but I guess not.  I have slept for hours today, and I am so blessed to have Dani here taking care of things for us.  I made the marinade for tonight’s chicken dish late this morning, but she will finish it up and prepare dinner for us.  She’s been working like a crazy woman all day, and has even begun a HUGE project – cleaning out our schoolroom closet and, hopefully, making some room for some of our sewing supplies – which is the first step necessary in our next home project – installing a long work table in our little sewing nook.  As I’m typing this, she’s folding clothes in the laundry room, and I can hear her humming sweetly.  Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of this daughter!

     I’ll be fine.  It is, afterall, just a bug.  More than anything else, I’m just bugged to not feel well enough to do anything constructive!  What time is left in the day will be spent reading quietly. 

     I have so many things I’ve been planning to share with you!  I am mindful of the fact that William and I both owe thank you notes to some of you.  I was certain that by the first of February the next installment on the homemaking pages of the web site would be up, too.  My plans, however, are not the Lord’s; and I continue to rest and trust in Him.  I do appreciate your patience with me!!  For those of you who enjoy the Library Builders posts, I have one ready to go that I will try to put up late tonight.

     In the meantime,

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27


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