What We’re Cooking Up This Week

     With the busy holiday last week, I didn’t prepare a menu.  Boy, did I miss it!  The kids did, too.  They like knowing what to expect for their meals, and I certainly enjoy not needing to think about it all week.  It’s so freeing to have the plan all worked out in advance. 


I Won, I Won!


     Recently, I won a drawing at Clarice’s lovely blog, Storybook Woods.  There are lots of lovely things to see there!  The prize, which is a wonderful summer cookbook, came today.  Dani and I have already thumbed through it a bit, and I can’t wait to sit down and really look through it to mark […]

How A Real Aloud Favorite Is Born

     A read-aloud favorite has been born in my home.  It happens from time to time, but it’s rare for it to happen in just a week’s time.  Sometimes a book becomes a favorite because it’s repetitive text wiggles its way into a child’s heart.  Such was the case with my William and The Story About […]

A Little Bit of Everything Sort of Day

      This was a day that held just a little bit of everything.  It meant for a different sort of “busy” for us, but it felt good.  Lots of things that have needed tending were accomplished during the course of the day. 

     My husband had to return to work today, but […]

There’s Just No Time

     I’m waltzing around my kitchen and the back hall trying to stay out of my husband’s way as he works, hard, on installing the new laminate flooring.  My washer and dryer are in my living room, and the laundry is piling up in the hampers while they’re out of commission.  Our homeschool is in […]

Saturday Stuff

     What a lovely day it was today.  The weather was sunny and warm and just delightful.  We were able to open doors and windows and let all that wonderful spring air refresh the house as we worked.  What a blessing!

     The beds were all stripped, the sheets washed and clean linens put on […]

Random Thoughts

   I have several rambling thoughts running through my mind today, and quite a few questions from the comments, messages and e-mails that I’d like to answer, too.  Bear with me, as I stumble my way through this in what will certainly be rather haphazard fashion.

     Gardening, and Square Foot Gardening in particular.  We […]

And The Winner Is…..


     I carefully counted up the comments left in a timely manner, and subtracted the duplicate entries.  I used a  random number generator and plunked in the number of comments left and pushed the “submit” button.  When the random number was chosen (#52), Dani and I both counted comments to be sure the […]

Tablecloths, Candlelight and Table Saws


     Awhile back we talked about setting a lovely table for our families on an every day basis.  Remember that?  I still do this, you know, every day.  Which is why I had to laugh today.  There’s my favorite red and cream checked cloth on the table.  The candle holder, which I’ll tell you […]

Last Chance


















      One last reminder…..It’s still not too late to enter the Spring Thank You Give Away, but time is growing short.  To enter, simply leave a comment (just one)  HERE before 10:00 p.m. PST.  Today.  March […]