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  I Forgot 006   

     I did.  I forgot how blessedly FULL my Saturdays normally are!  They are huge days!  No homeschooling, but lots of other jobs around our home.  With the weather we’ve been having, Aaron had to mow today, and our neighbor lady had some more trees for him to plant, too.  Oh, that boy!!!  I sent Dani out to take his picture.  He was supposed to be wearing a hat (to protect him from the sun) and ear protectors to protect his hearing.  Looks like we’re in for a bit of re-training in this area.  His sister took him the needed items before taking his picture, so you can’t see how bad he was being!


I Forgot 033



     I absolutely LOVE this picture of Aaron!

I Forgot 032


     Who says a boy can’t have fun mowing the lawn???






I Forgot 027

     I do laundry almost every day, but Saturdays are a big laundry day.  Everyone’s sheets (Dani does her own with her laundry on Thursday), towels, all of the dirty clothes (we have empty hampers for 3.45 seconds at some point in time on Saturday), and I usually have a last load of all of my cleaning towels.  All that laundry results in some ironing, too.   

     We do lots of advance preparation for the Lord’s Day, too.  Our church has a fellowship meal together, pot luck/pot providence, so Dani and I are busy with cooking for that.  She always makes a big tray of cookies (**), and I make a main dish and a side to take.  All of these are baked and/or cooked, carefully wrapped and anything perishable goes into the fridge (including the crock pot with my main dish in it).  Sunday morning, as I’m washing up the breakfast dishes, the crock pot and side dish are put out on the kitchen counter, near Dani’s tray of cookies, and my husband knows to grab everything to pack into the car on Sunday morning.  We could, of course, pack up a bit on Saturday, but we feel more confident that we’re not leaving anything behind if we do it all on Sunday morning.  There’s really nothing to think about because it’s all been prepared in advance, and our routine has been established. 

 I Forgot 031

(**)  Here’s a funny story about Dani’s cookies.  Dani always makes dozens and dozens of cookies for Sunday.  Lots of folks like to watch for that big, Americana tray to walk in the back door on Sunday morning to see if she’s brought their favorites, or their second favorites, or something new.  One gentleman really does not care for cookies, unless they are oatmeal.  She took oatmeal last week, but didn’t make her normal gigantic batch, just a huge batch.  Instead of using our huge tray, she put them in a covered container.  Towards the end of lunch, she noticed that there were tons of cookies left over.  That’s rare, but it happens.  She was thinking that there really were too many just to bring home and put in the cookie jar on the kitchen counter, and she was thinking she’d have to package some up for the freezer.  The lady that was hostessing in the kitchen last week was cleaning up.  She grabbed the almost full container of cookies and said for everyone to hear, “People.  These are Dani’s cookies!”.  She only brought home a handful!

I Forgot 028


     Before too late in the day I make sure that both boys have church clothes picked out, ironed and hung in the doorway of their bedroom.  Shirts and pants are hung, and we even pick out the ties on Saturday. 

I Forgot 029

     Our church basket is packed and ready by the back door.  All of our Bibles, notebooks, pens & pencils, and our clipboards for our study time after worship, along with anything that belongs to someone else that we need to return, all are in the basket.  My husband places the basket next to his chair in church (he sits on the outside aisle) so everything is handy to grab as we need it.  Afterwards, everything goes back in the basket, which means everyone else’s hands are free to carry bowls, crockpots and trays of cookies. 

     Aaron is responsible to pack his own bag of after church play clothes and get them by the church basket, and I take care of packing Will’s. 

     Preparing for the Lord’s Day is a big part of what we do on Saturday, but it does make for a restful, peaceful Sunday morning!


I Forgot 030

     My normal chores for Saturday include not only changing our bed linens, but doing the weekly cleaning in the master bedroom as well as giving the master bath a thorough cleaning.  I try to do our menu plan for the next week on Saturday, too, and get it printed up ready for posting on the fridge.  I also do homeschool lesson plans for the next week. 

I Forgot 014

     My houseplants were all very neglected during our lengthy illness, so I took some extra time with them today.  I pulled off spent blossoms from the African violets and pinched off damaged leaves from all of my plants.  All of them were dusted, fed and watered.  One of my Christmas cactus put out just a few blooms in December.  Both of them, however, are loaded with flower buds now! 




I Forgot 012


     I think they have decided that they want to be Easter cactus. 

     You know, I’ve been reading your comments to my “Wee Warning” post.  Ladies!  Please do not let incidents like this frighten you unduly.  The recent news stories about people finding pictures of their children on line did not center around pictures stolen from blogs. 

     Those pictures were taken by someone with a zoom lens at public events.  Will you, therefore, never take your children to a parade or to the fair?  Certainly you will, you will just keep a watchful eye over them.  That’s all I was advising you to do with your blog.  Keep a watchful eye.  My wee warning was meant only to remind you to blog safely.  If I’d cautioned you to drive safely, I’m sure you would all still continue to drive your cars.      

      If you are concerned, you can run a google search for “right click disable” to find a code that will work on your blog so that folks cannot just easily copy anything from your blog for their own use.  For Xanga users, you can find even more help on the help pages.  That won’t really completely protect you, of course, because folks intent on evil can always find ways around that.  Blocking particular folks from your blog is only partially helpful.  All they need to do, of course, is to change their user name and they can be right back on.  My favorite heckler (whom, by the way, I have NEVER blocked) has three or four names she uses.   You can, of course, make your blog completely private and available to only approved readers; but I, for one, do not intend to take that approach.  If you are led to this, then by all means do so.  Just remember that private blogs cannot be followed with services such as Bloglines, and you may, inadvertently, lose some of your loyal readers.  My caution to you was just to keep an eye on who is commenting, who might be subscribing through Xanga, and who you accept within Xanga as a “friend”.  I never intended to throw everyone into a panic!  

     This was all discovered quite late Friday night.  After a bit more research, I think this person is really just trying to drum up business for folks to use his/her free stock photos.  I don’t think he is looking for photos to take.  (My photos are certainly far from anything anyone would want to use for profit, but Dani takes some beautiful ones that I post.)  I didn’t mention his/her Xanga user name for two reasons.  One, I didn’t want to be guilty of any sort of slander or gossip.  The fact of the matter is, I don’t know this person’s intentions so it would be wrong to use his/her name as I speculate.  I merely wanted to use this as an example for you to blog carefully.  Most importantly, I didn’t want to list their user name because even though his/her Xanga blog is free of anything objectionable, the only thing on the blog is a link to their website  and that does have a lot of very inappropriate content.  I’m just not going to send you there!  If you have a Xanga blog, and if you have had any new subscribers that you don’t recognize, simply click on over and see who they are. 

     I have reported this site to Xanga for violations of the “terms of use” agreement in that they are using their site for commercial use and because they are, essentially, spamming everyone with subscriptions and friends invitations.  Let’s let Xanga do their job and just shut this site down and not panic!  I will continue to post as I always have.  As you can see, I will continue to post pictures of my family.  This blog will remain public.   

     I Forgot 010

     My Aaron was a work horse today.  He finished all of his Saturday chores so that he could do the work the neighbor needed done.  Then he came home and built my raised bed planter for me.  






I Forgot 008









I Forgot 007


I Forgot 022

     After admiring his job well done, I mentioned that the next step would be to break up the dirt at the bottom of the box so that when we put the good compost and garden soil in, it would be able to drain properly.  That statement was met with this reaction!  Goof ball!





I Forgot 025

     Of course, he was only teasing, but it was pretty late in the day, and he had worked hard.  However, he did get the pick and break up and work that dirt in the bottom for me. 






I Forgot 018

     Dani blessed me by filling the wine barrel with soil, after Aaron drilled a whole bunch of drain holes, and then set my three, lonely herb plants in it.  I’ll be visiting the nursery again next week and I’m hoping they’ll have more herbs in stock by then.  I know I could order, but I’ll just wait it out.  I think this tub of culinary herbs next to my wee, kitchen garden is going to be beautiful



I Forgot 026

     Dani also planted pots and pots of tulip bulbs.  They are late, I know, but we’re still playing catch up from weeks of illness. 









I Forgot 017

     Will.  Well, Will had a tough day.  Self-imposed tough, but tough nonetheless.  My children are not perfect, by any stretch.  They are sinners, saved by grace, just like you and I.  Yep, it’s true!  It took Will almost the entire day to get his Saturday chores done.  He was unhappy most of the day.  He missed out on helping build the raised bed planter.  It was a shame, really, because he really does enjoy putting things together.  Hard lesson learned.  Just before dinner, though, he was able to take our dog, Dixie, out to the front yard for a good romp, run and play.  It did them both some good!  

         By the way, my girls and I were quiet today.

      Our day was blessedly full.  My energy level is almost back to normal, I guess, because I was able to take care of all of my regular Saturday stuff.  It took me all day, and well into the evening, but I got it all done!  Almost.  The lesson plans for next week are not done.  Oh, but I am tired!  It was a wonderful, productive day.  We’re all tired from the day’s work, and that’s a good thing.  We are glad to know that this is my husband’s last day of the work week and that we will have him home for the next three, and possibly four, days.  We like Dad’s days off!!  We are all looking forward to a joyful time of worship tomorrow.  This will be the first time that our entire family has been to church together since January 13!  Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27



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19 comments to I Forgot

  • I feel the same way about pictures on blogs, I post all kinds of pictures of my children, my house my grandchildren, etc… I love going to blogs and seeing pictures, loved the ones of your Sat. we had lots of sunshine here (Modesto) but also lots of wind, almost cold this evening…Have a real nice day at Church tomorrow and WOW tell Dani to send me some choc. chip cookies, they look sooooooooooooooooooooooo Good!!!

    Blessings, Joann


  • Hi Cheryl, I come by and read your post now and then. But I wanted to comment on this one. what a wonderful example of a wife and mother you are. I don’t know how you get all that you have to do done in one day. Great Job! You have encouraged me to do more prep work for Sun. Thank you for your post.  God bless you and yours, Sharon

  • Your Saturday sounds wonderful. What a blessing to wake up on Sunday morning organized and ready to go. I can imagine that does wonders for one’s spirit.

    Have a blessed Sabbath Day.


  • Hi Cheryl,  I have been reading your blog for a couple of month now I think and thought I would come out from the wallflowers and say “hi” :wave: .  Recently you linked your blog article about your why cleaning ones house honors ones husband.  That really gave me extra motivation to “keep on keepin’ on.”  We had a day once when my inlaws called and said “I am calling you on my cell phone.  We are on your road and coming for a visit!”  ๐Ÿ˜ฎ  Um, yeah, we moved pretty fast.  One thing that really helps me these days is opening my home regularly to others.  This isn’t why I had people over but it sure helps me to keep short accounts with my home.

    So, nice to meet you…I am a homeschooling sahm wife and mother.  I love Jesus my Savior and am visiting you from the snowy state of Maine. 

    Have a nice Sunday.  I am reading blogs right now as I am staying home from church with my dear daughter because she is sick.  Karen T.

  • Good morning Cheryl! What a blessed Saturday you had. I am always inspired by your attitudes and love that you show the good and the bad…:p

    I was pleased to see Karen comment here…I visit her and she is a “knitting dish cloth queen”! She has some amazing clothes.:eek: She is a quilter, too.:goodjob:

    So thrilled to know you are all able to go to church together…that you are all well and back to normal!


  • You had a wonderful, productive day. I loved reading how you prepare for the Lord’s Day. I’m glad you are all feeling much better now. Enjoy these next few days with your husband home.

  • Mama Cheryl,

    Aaron did such a wonderful job and got so much accomplished yesterday. He needs to come visit me! He has turned into a fine carpenter like his Dad. My poor DH never had anyone to teach him such skills, although he is a great auto mechanic. That is his talent. But I need a handicapped ramp and some raised beds here at our new home also. I built lots of raised beds at my other home back when I was physically able to.

    I miss my gardening so much, and want some higher raised beds so that I can garden from a chair or my wheelchair if need be. There is a great book for folks that have physical challenges. It is called “The Able Gardener.” I thought I would mention it in case you have other readers such as myself that love to garden but have physical challenges that keep them from enjoying it fully.

    I so loved reading you post about William’s conception, gestation and birth. That sweet little thing has wormed his way into my heart, and one of those pics from when he was sick just broke my heart. I will say special prayers for him that his days will be better. I’m glad that he did get to go out and play with Dixie for a bit.

    Us Southerners like to use first and middle names for folks, critters, etc. Several times, on your or the girls blogs, I have wanted to call her Dixie Belle LOL Some of her prior antics have told me that she does THINK that she is the Belle of the ball!

    Have a blessed day, and tell Dani to send me some of those yummy looking chocolate chip cookies!


  • What a lovely:sunny: Saturday you had-I bet everyone slept really well last night!!!!:sleepy:

  • What a lovely:sunny: Saturday you had-I bet everyone slept really well last night!!!!:sleepy:

  • Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for this post. I have been in prayer over my blog lately and I have felt lead to make a few changes on my blog. You gave me some food for thought. I admire the way you handle your heckler. It really was an encouragement to me. It made me relieze that anyone can have them. It also showed me that just because there are mean people in the world we don’t have to cut ourselves off from the world. I just have to use discernment.

    Your days sounds very busy. I like busy days.



  • I would love to one day be able to reach the same level of organization as it seems you and your family enjoy. I’m so sick of running around in a state of craziness because we are not well organized at all. In regards to what you posted about questionable people on your footprints: I have friends lock on my site, because I like knowing who can see my site. That’s why, when I find a new blog that I like to read and comment on, I always put in a friend request because I want people to be able to see my site if I see their’s, especially if I make a regular appearance. I don’t remember if you and I are friends right now, but that’s why I add friends… so that if I can see them, they can see me too, and know that I’m not some weirdo on the net. I LOVE your blog by the way!

  • I enjoyed seeing you Saturday. Taking a peek into your Chrildren’s chores is actually pretty inspiring. They always look so joyful.

    I was hoping you would post a picture of your herbs in your wine barrel. You will have to post a picture when the herbs in very full and you are using them!

    I also have a Christmas Cactus. They are so beautiful when they are in full bloom. Up until just a few months ago, I was able to keep my cactus in full bloom year around due to keeping it in a room with even tempatures. Unfortunatly when we moved, I moved my cactus with me. The cactus was so huge that he needed a car seat all of its own. I was hoping to enter it in the state fair again. I had transported it from hotel room to hotel room but then one day I had to leave it in the car for a few days. It got fried. So, now I am nursing it back to health. It might not ever be state fair worthy again.

    Blessings to you.

  • I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog!  You are a ways further on this journey of being a wife, mother and homemaker, and I feel like I learn so much from you.  My oldest is 19 and my youngest are 18 mos. twin boys.  I also homeschool and my dh is a Corrections Officer at a maximum security federal prison here in Canada.  So, I have a question about how you handle your dh’s days off.  Do you carry on with your schedule/routine?  Do you still do school?  My hubby’s days off change all the time, and so I just carry on with “our” routine regardless of what he’s doing. 

  • Those photos are cruel! Such nice green grass that, we are buried in snow here in the north!

  • Hi, Cheryl…So glad to hear that your family is getting back to health.

    I’m enjoying the outside activities photos you are posting. Our fingers are itching to get out into the garden too, but here in Vermont we have at least a solid month left of real winter to go. We need to be patient for awhile yet. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Love the pictures you shared, and I am glad that you havn’t stopped sharing them, despite the mess from the other day! Your wisdom continues to bless me more and more! If you have a lot of visitors from my xanga site, then it is because I linked you in a post! Just wanted to give ya a heads up on that!

  • Love the pictures you shared, and I am glad that you havn’t stopped sharing them, despite the mess from the other day! Your wisdom continues to bless me more and more! If you have a lot of visitors from my xanga site, then it is because I linked you in a post! Just wanted to give ya a heads up on that!

  • oh I read further and noticed the instructions for the right click disable!! I must have been thrown into panic!! lol thanks !!


  • I’m so glad to see someone else’s Christmas cactus blooming in the spring! LOL I repotted mine a couple of weeks ago, and within a couple of days, they had dozens of blooms on them. They bloomed beautifully at Christmas, so I was really surprised to see them blooming again. My dh said they are just saying thank you for the fresh new soil! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was wondering why they were so mixed up!

    Still loving your sharing your days with us! Thanks so much!