I Won, I Won!


     Recently, I won a drawing at Clarice’s lovely blog, Storybook Woods.  There are lots of lovely things to see there!  The prize, which is a wonderful summer cookbook, came today.  Dani and I have already thumbed through it a bit, and I can’t wait to sit down and really look through it to mark some new recipes to try soon.  What fun!  Thank you, Clarice, for such a generous drawing.  






     I finished up William’s cowboy pajama pants this morning.  His big, beautiful smile was so encouraging, and accompanied by his sweet “thank you”, it was a wonderful gift for me.  These pants are just so quick and easy to make, I’ll not be buying any more jammie pants for that boy.  In fact, I think Aaron would enjoy some too, though he’s a bit too “mature” to come right out and say so.  Dani says he even pointed out some camouflage fabric to her one day when he was with her at JoAnn’s.  I’ve already made a “note to self” to check the yardage for pj pants his size so I can buy a couple of pieces of fabric next mega-shop day to make some up for him.  The pattern, which I’m making without the patch pockets, makes all sizes from a small boy’s size through all of the men’s sizes, and even includes a pattern for a robe and slippers.  I bought it at a dollar pattern sale.  With my pattern making fabric, I’ll certainly be able to make great use of this multi-size pattern!

     I’ve heard that some of you are having problems finding the pattern tracing/making fabric at your local stores.  If your JoAnn’s stores, or similar big box fabric stores, are anything like ours, the employees don’t necessarily have a broad knowledge base of all of the store’s merchandise.  In fact, the woman who cut mine yesterday wondered why I was buying my interfacing in bulk.  I had to tell her what it was that she was measuring and cutting.

     You will find the patttern making fabric with the Pellon and interfacings.  It looks and feels very similar to a light to medium weight interfacing, which makes the mistake of the lady who helped me yesterday easy to understand.  Read the ends of the bolts, and it will say either “pattern tracing” or “pattern making” on it.  I bought several yards yesterday with a 40% off coupon and had it folded onto an empty bolt.  I pinned the edges to hold it nicely in place, which will keep it uncrumpled and ready to use.

     My poor little square foot garden!!!  My tomato plant is thriving, and even has a couple of flowers on it.  My bell pepper is doing okay.  The onions are growing, and the sweet, snap peas are sprouting.  All of the lettuces sprouted, too, only to be gobbled up by greedy birds!!!!   I actually caught a beautiful red-breasted robin in the act of snatching my last shoot of romaine lettuce!!!  I will have to ask my husband if he has something on hand in his shop that I might lay over my planted squares next week that will protect the young shoots from the hungry birds.  Our weather will be quite hot by mid-late May, so I need to get these lettuces going soon!

     It’s official.  My new laptop is fully functioning and working well for me.  I spent quite a bit of time with it today doing my menu plan for next week, recording pages of books my children have read in the last week or two, and working on next week’s homeschool lesson plans.  What a blessing it is to not be fighting my power cord to stay connected all the while I’m working!! 


     Our bed linens were all washed and changed today, and all of the laundry hampers were emptied.  Those loads of wash are folded/hung and put away ready for the week ahead.  School books have all been neatly shelved, ready for the week ahead, too.  The lawns are mowed.  The animal pens are raked clean.  The water buckets are scrubbed out and filled.  The barns have fresh straw bedding in place.  Saturday is a big outdoor chore day for my boys, but Will sometimes manages to make work fun, and tickle us in the process.  The menu plan for next week has been worked out and printed up in an attractive format for the front of the fridge.  I make two copies, one for the fridge and one for the clipboard that I keep close at hand through out my days.  


     Monday my husband and I will be spending the afternoon with our six year old grandson.  This is a family tradition, begun by Copper’s mom with our children, that he and I decided we wanted to continue.  As each of our grandchildren turn five, our gift to them is to arrange a day together.  On our special day we have lunch out, do something fun together, and take the child shopping for his/her gift.  This will be our second year with Prince Charming (Oh, I love his name, I wish I could share it with you, but Corin and her husband prefer that we not), and we are looking forward to our day on Monday very much.  I talked to Corin on the phone today and cleared our plans with her.  In August, grandson number two will turn five, and we will have the pleasure of starting this special tradition with him then.  Family traditions are a wonderful thing! 

     Tomorrow, of course, is the Lord’s Day, and a good portion of our day was spent preparing.  All of our food for the fellowship meal tomorrow is prepared and in the fridge.  We are attending a get-together at our elder’s home in the evening, and the items we are taking to that are also prepared and in the fridge.  Clothes for church are ironed and ready.  Play clothes are packed and by the back door, as is our church basket (with Bibles, notebooks, our kitchen aprons (it’s our family’s month to have k.p. duty), assorted items to take and/or return to others, and Will’s tangle to occupy his hands during the sermon).  The van was gassed up yesterday.  Boy, that half a tank of gas gave me sticker shock, too!!  I’ll grab my basket of embroidery to work on in the car as we leave in the morning.

     The two dozen, beautiful blueberry muffins that Dani made today are in a covered container on the dining table, which is spread with a red and white checked cloth.  Before she headed to bed, she also set the table with luncheon sized plates for tomorrow morning’s breakfast.  The blueberries came from our own blueberry bushes last summer.  I was out there today and the early varieties are already loaded with flowers!

     Saturdays are very busy, but it is so wonderful to go to bed on Saturday night tired, knowing that a good night’s rest will not evade me.  Everything that’s needed for Sunday is already prepared and ready to go.  It’s also quite a peaceful feeling knowing that I’m leaving my home in fairly good order, and everything is ready for Monday morning, too.  It really and truly is worth the extra effort on Saturday.

     Have a blessed Lord’s Day!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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11 comments to I Won, I Won!

  • That peaceful feeling of leaving your home in good order is priceless. When leaving for TJ’s party yesterday, I took an extra 10 minutes after I had everything and everyone loaded in the van to pick up my kitchen….I was 10 minutes later than I planned, (I am always 15 minutes early, so it worked out) but my home was presentable incase my husband came home before me. I think often of your story of the attempted breakin….:laugh:

    I ordered the tangle for Zach and a textured one for TJ. Boys seem to have more sensory issues than girls. I wish I had known about it for Kyle.

    Have you shared (I am sure you have) what program you use in your laptop to do your school planning?

    I loved Dani’s post showing Will doing his chores. Have a blessed Lord’s Day!


  • I am so glad you enjoy the book. xoxoxoxo Clarice

  • Woohoo!  Congratulations! :coolman:

  • Oh I love his sweet little name too!  πŸ™‚  But he looks like such a little prince, so that fits too!  I love traditions like that.  I hope you have a great time with him.  I love coming up with traditions for my kids too.  It makes wonderful memories for them that will last a lifetime…

  • I love the look of your menu plans. Do you use a template for those?

  • Congratulations on winning!  πŸ™‚ 

    Sunday mornings:  We have clipboards & colored pencils in the backpack for the kids to “draw” what Pastor talks about.  It’s worked out really well  too.  There are toy and activity bags in the back for the other children, but with us sitting up front (due to my deafness), the kids make too much noise with the little toys.  We just bring the clipboards and they’re fine with those. 

    We still have some blueberries in the freezer from last year too.  I was hoping to make my wonderful DH a pie before they were used up for anything else.  He absolutely loves my blueberry pies.  πŸ™‚ 

    The pattern you are using is the same one I was going to buy last Fall for the very same reason.  I didn’t get to the jammie pants though because my sewing machine could barely finish my DH’s Christmas robe.  When I get my new machine, I’ll be tackling all kinds of things.  πŸ™‚  :coolman:  Thank you for the information about the pattern making fabric.  I’ve wondered how you did that. 



  • Mama Cheryl, regarding the birds in your garden…If you have or can get some aluminum pie pans, and attach them in some way so that they flutter in the breeze around your veggies, that will deter birds from the area around the pans. I have also used bottoms of soda bottles and milk jugs to make a terrarium of sort over little plants. Just cut the bottom enough so that the critters don’t get to your seedlings, but that they don’t ‘cook’ under there either. Another more expensive option, is to have Aaron build you a support frame around your garden, and put some of that bird netting over your garden. It is the same kind of netting that you use for fruit trees (especially cherry).

    Another tip, to prevent cutworms, use those old recycled dryer sheets (I rarely use them normally), cut a small ‘X’ in it and slip it over tiny seedlings to help prevent them from being munched to death.

  • What a Productive week and weekend you had.
    God Bless,

  • I just love reading about your daily activities. You are very encouraging. Thanks for sharing!


  • I found the pattern marking material today at our Joann’s. The staff didn’t know they had it (actually had never heard of it) but were willing to let me go through the pile of interfacing they had behind the counter. I was not able to find pattern weights but did find some online that I will purchase soon. I have searched for menu planning design pages but struck out on that one. Would you mind sharing where you found the pretty set up you shared? I put a small white board out so I can attach the menu too but all the free ones I could find were not set up like I wanted them to be. Thanks so much for sharing your days with me. I have learned much from you and appreciate it all.

  • I have a cookbook by that same lady. It is called (something like) The Country Mother’s Cookbook. If you like that one and want another, I can send it to you the next time I’m sending books. Which will probably be early May.