Tablecloths, Candlelight and Table Saws

  tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 017   

     Awhile back we talked about setting a lovely table for our families on an every day basis.  Remember that?  I still do this, you know, every day.  Which is why I had to laugh today.  There’s my favorite red and cream checked cloth on the table.  The candle holder, which I’ll tell you about in a minute, is there, too.  Along with the table saw that Copper is using to cut the planks for our new laminate floor!!!




tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 016

      Ladies, I don’t mind, not one little bit!  He’s even using the table as a saw horse!  Whatever works!








tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 015

     My kitchen beverage center is doing double duty as a beverage center/battery charging station.  The smell of coffee and ozone in the morning is a weird combination, let me tell you! 






 tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 009

     In the meantime, the new flooring is beautiful, and I think it’s coming along quickly.  My husband doesn’t seem as pleased with the progress that’s been made as I do, but I’m impressed at how much he’s accomplished in just a day and a half.  Today, Wednesday, was really the only full day he’s had to work on it. 





tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 028

 tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 029










tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 032  

     He’s had to do all sorts of special cuts in the kitchen, and that all takes a lot of time.  He even had to whittle out sections of molding around the doors so that the flooring could slide in underneath.  Lots of close, exacting work.






tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 012



     Will raced through school today so that he could help.  Even while he was working on his homeschool reading he stayed close to the action.   






tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 027


    He loves doing anything construction related. 







tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 023



     And yes, he’s barefoot.  He’s almost always barefoot.  That’s just William!  He’s a very willing helper and will do anything that’s asked of him.  My husband has been very patient with his youngest child these last few days.  Taking the extra time that’s required when you have an apprentice on the job.




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     Projects have a way of taking over a house.  Man, that used to bug me, but now I realize that it’s just part of the process.  My husband needs room to work, and to leave things where they will be handy for a few days.  I will not hinder him!  I can put up with the dust, noise and weird placement of tools for a few days in order to enjoy the beauty of new floors for years and years and years.  Besides, my husband’s air compressor’s red exterior goes quite well with the color scheme of the master bedroom.






tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 041

     While I do use cloth tablecloths and napkins every single day, I don’t always get a nice center piece on the table.  However, just last week, I ordered a beautiful candle holder for the middle of my table.  Tony, the UPS guy, brought it Monday.  We first saw these last fall at a craft show we visited.  I fell in love with them then, but we were there to Christmas shop and not to buy stuff for the house.  I held on to their flyer and the last bit of my birthday money to buy it.  The candle holder is made from the wood stave of an old wine barrel, and is drilled to hold tea light candles.  The underside, is even stained dark red from the wine that it once contained.  I love it!  It’s quite simple and yet so lovely on my table, both lit……..


tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 038



……and unlit.  I may save up and order a smaller one, too.  It would likely travel around from coffee table to mantle to bedroom mantle to……wherever. 








 tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 019

      I’ve been taking care of as much of the daily and weekly tasks as I can during this flooring project.  There really is no point in dusting until tomorrow when my husband returns to work.  The fine sawdust from cutting the planks is everywhere.  It’s all worth it to get the new floor, of course; and there’s plenty to keep me busy otherwise. 





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     With the new flooring going down, I washed up my kitchen rugs and hung them on the line to dry this afternoon.  They had gotten quite dingy from the tracking of the yucky dirty gluey surface of the torn up floor we’ve been walking on for the last week.  They looked so pretty and bright and colorful on the line. 






tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 034



      I’ve loved these since I bought them a year or so ago, and I think they look nicer than ever on the laminate flooring.  The dark colors look rich against the wood.

     I’ve had to start the outdoor watering and irrigating.  I’m not on the full, summer schedule yet, but things have really dried out and are needing water again.  Our small citrus grove was irrigated today, and the orchard needed it.  However, someone mowed over the hose that runs from the well to the irrigation lines!  I’ll have to pick up new hose on Friday during the mega shop.  Tomorrow I’ll water the vineyard and the berries, as well as some of the flower beds.  Being out in the beautiful spring weather has stirred up my allergies, too.  Achoo. 

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     Will cleaned up our picnic tables for me on Saturday, but they really needed a good, thorough scrubbing.  Dani gave them just that this morning.  The grandbabies will be here for a visit tomorrow, and then they’ll all be here again for Sunday.  This weekend’s weather is promising to be absolutely gorgeous and I know we’ll be spending some time outdoors on Sunday afternoon.   

     My poor old Gateway laptop has been giving me some problems for a few weeks now.  The jack for the power cord is shorting out.  It has become increasingly difficult to put the power cord in a position where it stays connected.  My wonderful husband called Gateway on Monday to see what the repair would run, how long it would take, etc.  The Gateway is almost three years old.  It has served me well.  My husband purchased the low end lap top for me to see if I could use it for all of my planning, calendaring, homemaking, household, homeschooling uses.  It turns out that I have used it far more, and for far more, than I ever anticipated.  The repair, however, was going to run $250, which seemed like a lot of money to spend on an older, low end machine.  You all see where this is going, don’t you?  I’m spoiled by my husband, I really am.

     Monday afternoon, my husband bought me a wonderful new Toshiba lap top.  The funny thing is that my new, rather mid-high end machine, cost a dollar less than my low end machine did three years ago.  I’m very pleased with it, though I’m typing this on the old Gateway.  My husband has been working on transferring all of my calendars, files, planner, etc. to the Toshiba in between cutting boards and instead of sleeping the last couple of nights.  He is very good to me!  I should be up and running entirely on the new lap top in the next several days.  Yee haw!  No more fighting the power cord!

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     I used the bit of extra time I was granted (from having to let a lot of my scheduled homemaking tasks go today) to sew a bit.  In fact, I finally finished Dani’s pretty pink “Nora” apron this evening.  It’s made from the same fabric as the mother-daughter aprons I made for Corin and my two (almost three) year old granddaughter a few weeks ago.  Our “Nora” apron pattern is a homemade pattern that I drew from one of Copper’s Grandma Nora’s aprons.  We lost her about a year ago now, at well over 100 years old.  I’ve been asked if I’ll ever share the Nora apron pattern.  For now, I’d like to keep this very simple, very utilitarian apron pattern just for us.  In all honestly, with all the bias tape edging it’s really a TON of work to make.  In any event, Dani’s is done and ready to be put away in her hope chest. 

     I have several more sewing projects that I’m just chomping at the bit to get to.  I’m hoping to get started on something new very soon. 

     tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 014

      Speaking of sewing, Dani finished her new outfit today.  Oh, it’s so cute.  It’s sunny and springy and very “Dani”.  She altered her favorite peasant top pattern to a bit longer sleeve, hemmed instead of finished with elastic; and she altered her skirt pattern to add a contrasting border at the hem line to match the top.  I think it turned out very well! 








tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 037



     Just before dinner time this evening my husband called it a day and started packing away his tools and supplies.  He got all of the dining room and kitchen done and even started down the back hall!  Wow!!  This is how it will remain until next Monday when he is home again. 







tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 036  

     Dani got the vacuum out and went to work on all that sawdust.  She used the vacuum attachments and did a thorough job of dusting the kitchen and dining room.  Everything was nice and clean by dinner time! 

     We are looking forward to our Thursday Library Day at Grandma’s house tomorrow.  The kids all started an Easter cross craft last week that we’ll finish up tomorrow.  My youngest granddaughter has a doctor’s appointment late in the afternoon, so Corin will leave the three older children here to take her in.  She’ll head back out, and her husband will join us for dinner.  What fun for me!

tablecloths, candlelight and table saws 042

     I’ll post the name of the winner for the Spring Thank You Give Away sometime during the day tomorrow.  The grandbabies usually arrive around 12:30 or so (PST), so expect it before then.  

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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16 comments to Tablecloths, Candlelight and Table Saws

  • Really gorgeous flooring!   I have a boy who is constantly bare-foot too.  Even when we are at the ranch!   Whaddaya do?  :fun:

  • Oh! Cheryl! Copper did a wonderful job on the floor-it’s beautiful. I have to agree too-the rugs do look nicer against the wood.

    I loved your sentence about Will-he’s a “will”ing helper and “will” do anything you ask-you named him the right name-that’s for sure!

    Dani’s skirt and top look wonderful-she’s a wonderful seamstress. It was so nice of her to vaccum up the sawdust for you so all was neat and tidy before dinner-of which, that candleholder is very neat! I’ve never seen one before!

    Have a wonderful day.

  • Oh! Cheryl! Copper did a wonderful job on the floor-it’s beautiful. I have to agree too-the rugs do look nicer against the wood.

    I loved your sentence about Will-he’s a “will”ing helper and “will” do anything you ask-you named him the right name-that’s for sure!

    Dani’s skirt and top look wonderful-she’s a wonderful seamstress. It was so nice of her to vaccum up the sawdust for you so all was neat and tidy before dinner-of which, that candleholder is very neat! I’ve never seen one before!

    Have a wonderful day.

  • What a wonderful post! Dani’s skirt and top are wonderful. I love the colors. Very “spring”!

    Your hubby’s flooring job is turning out beautifully. He could not miss with that sweet helper. My Zachary is bare foot ALL the time! It is a sensory thing for him I think. He also wears shorts in the winter. Maybe it is all just a guy thing!:p

    Your candle holder is very unique. It really sets a beautifully lit table. I think it is special of you to hold onto Gramdma Nora’s apron pattern. I would too…:love:


  • The floor looks beautiful! My hubby out in laminate flooring this past July in our kitchen, dining room and back hallway. I just LOVE it. He also just finished putting it in his parents house. Don’t you just love watching your hubby at work? I do. It is such a “manly’ thing to do to put in new flooring LOL. šŸ™‚

  • The flooring is gorgeous.  I love Dani’s outfit too…so pretty and springy!  With 10 foot snow banks out my window I am love all things “springy colored!”  :lol::sunny:

    I agree with keeping the tools out.  Taking them out and putting them back over and over does waste alot of precious time!

    We had the same power cord issue with our laptop.  If you still have it, we called around to computer repair shops and found one that would solder it (spelling?).  It was a much cheaper fix then sending ours to Hewlett Packard.  Then you could use it for a second computer or for homeschooling.  šŸ™‚  We also have bought used computers from , in case you ever are interested in the future.  :coolman:

    Have a wonderful day!  In Christ, Karen T.

  • The floor is fabulous!!!!  It really changed the look of your home.  Beautiful!  You’re a good sport about the cutting the flooring on your table.  I’m afraid I’m not as patient.  But then again, James tends to work, string his tools all over the house and then leaven them there for months on end til I finally, sweetly, as them to be cleaned up.  He’s an Electrical Engineer.  Not an organizer.  That’s my job. šŸ™‚

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your family today!


  • The floor is lovely. I am right in love with the tea light holder. It’s so unique and just right on the table.

    I love Dani’s new outfit. She’s a very talented seamstress. I think she looks so spring in that photo. Great job.

  • Your floor has turned out beautiful!!! It is the exact one that we installed in our downstairs last spring, after I purchased about 800 sf with the coupon.  I remember we thought it would take about a day and a half and ended up taking three full days.  Plus we didn’t find the trim for six months to finish it! 

    How do you dust and clean your floor?  Right now I use a dust mop, a homemade swiffer duster, and a microfiber mop with water.  Once in a while I spot clean the area where the dog gets her drink (and drips a long trail) with a rag and window cleaner.  I am always looking for new and betters ways though…

    I love your candle holder – beautiful!

    Dani’s outfit has me inspired to get some spring skirts sewn šŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Cheryl,

    Your floors are beautiful!!! And please tell Dani that her new outfit is gorgeous! She did a fabulous job!

    Love, heather

  • Your new floor is gorgeous!  We put in new flooring in our kitchen and dining area a year ago and I really love it.  Very easy to take care of.  I love seeing pictures of your home (to inspire me).


  • Hi, Cheryl…Love the new flooring!

    And, Dani, your outfit is very pretty. Great spring colors!


  • The new flooring looks wonderful!!! Way to go Copper for your hard work and your patience. Especially your patience with your apprentice. šŸ™‚ So many men would get frustrated with the extra “help” and send those little hands away. Mrs. Cheryl, your hubby is a gem.

    The apron is so pretty. Nice work. I know Dani will love using it someday.

    Your new candle holder is very unique and pretty! I love the thought of re-using something for another purpose. How cool is that? šŸ™‚

    Dani looks very pretty in her new skirt and blouse. Great job and such sunny, springlike colors! WTG Dani!

    I hope your library day and dinner are wonderful.

    Many blessings
    Melody L

  • Your floors are lovely! And so is Dani in her new skirt. What a blessing that your family is so good with their hands.

    Your tea lights look so pretty. What a wonderful idea!


  • The floor looks great…and I had to say it …I have a boy that’s constantly barefoot too!

  • DANI!!! I love your outfit you created, its beautiful, just like your spirit and you!

    God bless….