A Little Bit of Everything Sort of Day

      This was a day that held just a little bit of everything.  It meant for a different sort of “busy” for us, but it felt good.  Lots of things that have needed tending were accomplished during the course of the day. 

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     My husband had to return to work today, but he is almost finished with the laminate flooring.  He has about three short planks to lay at one end of our pantry, but that is it, at least as far as the floor itself goes.  He was able to re-seat the toilet in the back bathroom and move my washer and dryer back to the laundry room late last night.  Next week, on his days off, he will work on installing the baseboards and the trim where the new flooring meets the existing flooring in our home.  Oh, the new floor is just so pretty!  He did a wonderful job, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

     Having the laundry out of commission for a couple of days meant that I had quite a bit to do today.  My boys do not have vast amounts of clothing. They have enough, but not a lot of extra; so I sorted laundry and got started running it first thing this morning.  A total of 7 loads were washed, dried, folded/hung, and put away today. 

     Doing that much laundry was never overwhelming because I unloaded the dryer as soon as it was done, recycling the next load through, and folding or hanging things as they came out of the dryer.  Every 40 minutes or so I was back there, but the rest of the time I was able to tend to other things.  I timed myself today just so I could say with a certainty that doing that folding with every load, and not heaping it all in the basket or piling it on a bed or couch to be folded later, really was a time saver.  

     Most loads of laundry, such as clothing and towels, took three or four minutes to fold, and that includes turning t-shirts, pants legs and socks right side out as I go.   Keep in mind, that I do have the extra huge capacity front loading machines, too.  My boys’ things are folded and then placed neatly into baskets for them to put away after dinner.  The other items,  my husband’s and my own clothing, towels, tablecloths, etc. are folded and stacked on top of the machines and then put away immediately.  Putting those things away took another whopping minute and a half.  So in five minutes or less, including walking time from the laundry room to wherever it is that things belonged, an entire load of laundry was put away.  

     It really doesn’t take much time at all to take care of things as they come out of the dryer.  You would have to spend that same amout of time later to fold and put away your things if you pile them up, plus the time you spent in piling them in the first place.  Add to that time the extra care required because you’ve allowed things to get wrinkled, and you have now made quite a bit more work by piling things because you didn’t “have the time” to do the job right the first time.  Not to mention the fact that there are no horrid piles greeting visitors to your home or your husband when he comes home in the evening.

     While I’m in the laundry room folding clothes, my children know where I am if they have a question.  I’m still available to them.  And asking a child with a not-so-easily-answered question to wait patiently, when necessary, is not asking too much when it will be just a very few minutes.  Most of the questions my boys had today while I was folding were easily answered on the spot.  Yes, that is spelled correctly.  No you may not have a snack.  Will needed a bit of extra help in working on some fractions, but he sat on the couch and waited for me for a couple of minutes. 

     I do acknowledge that folding some loads of laundry take longer…..my huge load of whites, with all those socks to match, and all those briefs to sort out, took closer to ten minutes to fold.  I will still hold to my original statement, though, that I still saved time in the long run by folding them straight from the dryer. 

     I also spent quite a bit of time today transferring my files and documents from my old laptop to the new one.  It took a couple of hours, but it’s done now.  I have all of my favorite shortcuts already up on the desk top on the new machine, too.  I’m glad to have that all done. 

     I am happy to have my new laptop just about fully functional.  Most of you know that it serves as my calendar and planner and everything – menu planning, homeschooling, homemaking schedules, garden records and plans, future home improvement plans, reading records, order tracking, our Heritage library records – everything, is kept on my laptop. 

     I know many women don’t have a need for keeping such extensive records and schedules at their fingertips.  Perhaps they do not, or no longer, homeschool.  Perhaps they are empty-nesters and/or retired.  Perhaps they are even single women.  However, I know that in order for me to keep on top of things in my very busy home, I must have routines and schedules, all of my thoughts recorded, and all of my notes and records in one place.  

     While I worked on my laptop, the piano tuner was here working on our piano.  Such a nice man, and a homeschooling dad as well.  We had two broken keys that he repaired for us, too; and for a very reasonable sum.  I had saved up almost twice the amount necessary for tuning and repairing the piano!  What a blessing that is!       

     My husband will work on installing two or three programs for me tonight and, hopefully, getting all of my calendar/planner information transferred as well.  The thought of re-entering all of my planner/calendar info onto the new computer is a bit daunting, so I’m praying (literally!) that his one last idea to make it happen will work!  

     I’m also hoping he can reinstall the photo editing program I have on the old laptop.  The one that came with the new computer does not have a feature that allows me to “watermark” my photos before I upload them.  In fact, that is why there aren’t many photos with this post, and why they aren’t labeled! 

     Several of you have asked me how I watermark my on line photos, and it really is quite simple if your photo program allows you to add text to your photos.  If your program does allow you to add text, then you can simply use that feature to type whatever you want onto your photos, move the text to the location you want it, and that’s it.  Captioning is not the feature you want, you want to be able to actually add text to your photos.

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     I finished up a holiday apron for Dani yesterday to add to her hope chest.  I’ve had one from this same fabric for a couple of years, and I just love it. 










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     Not the traditional Christmas color scheme, but festive with all of the treats, candy canes and holly  in the border.

     One totally fun thing that I did was to try a new technique for applying the bias binding.  It worked very well, and the finished results are much more pleasing and finished looking than the traditional application.  The process took no longer than the traditional method, and I think, with a bit more practice, that it will be a bit faster.  In any event, the look is far nicer.  You can see the video tutorial, which is also a lot of fun, at the Angry Chicken’s blog.  (Amy Karol,of the Angry Chicken is also the author of Bend the Rules Sewing.)






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     I used my fabric tracing fabric and made a pattern for a pair of pajama pants for Will. I used this Simplicity pattern.  I’ve had a couple of fun fabrics to use for jammies for awhile now.  These are certainly quick and easy, and took just under three hours start to finish, including cutting the fabric, and overcasting all the raw edges.

     You all know about fabric tracing paper, right?  It’s a huge money saver for those of us with children, and grand children, and allows us to take advantage of those great multi-size patterns that the pattern companies are so fond of making.  Here’s a bit more information. about this great stuff.  (Price update – Full price is now $1.99/yard….use one of those great 40% off JoAnn coupons and the stuff is a great price!)





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   I knew the pirate fabric would be a hit with him.  I have some fun cowboy fabric that I’ll be stitching up soon for another pair of jammy pants for Will.

     It’s sure been great to be doing so much sewing again.  I’ve loved having the extra time that’s come my way with the new flooring going down, which has kept me from some of my normal, scheduled homemaking tasks.  I’ll be back at those in due time, but in the meantime I’ve filled that time with some fun sewing for my family!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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12 comments to A Little Bit of Everything Sort of Day

  • I bet the flooring does look wonderful and fresh!

    Dani’s apron and Will’s pj pants look so cute! What wonderful fabric for both! I have been wanting to read that “Bend the Rules Sewing” for quite some time now-have you read it?

  • I bet the flooring does look wonderful and fresh!

    Dani’s apron and Will’s pj pants look so cute! What wonderful fabric for both! I have been wanting to read that “Bend the Rules Sewing” for quite some time now-have you read it?

  • I love the apron! and Will’s jammie pants are wonderful. I am so glad you put the paragraph in about people who do not need a schedule. I am planning a post about why a schedule can be necessary. I have had many comments about how it seems silly to have to schedule when you vacuum your floors. I am feeling the need to “explain”…hmmmm :wha:

  • you can add text to any photo in any color print you want, using your Microsoft paint program that is found in your accessories.  Open the paint program, then open the picture you want to add your copyright or watermark to, then select the A (in the tool bar to the left side) and then pick whether you want to see your picture behind the printing or just a whited out box (most pick the transparent to see the picture) then type in your info and then save your picture with that information on it….as simple as that and no special software needed..


  • Thank you once again for the encouragement to get my household task in order and in priority.
    I too tend to just throw all of the clean clothes on the bed and fold them at one time.
    Thank you for the encouragement to no longer just throw all the clean clothes on the bed and fold them up but to fold them up and put them away as soon as they are done .
    God Bless,

  • I like the apron and pants alot. You did a wonderful job and the flooring is coming along nicely as well.

  • Love that pirate fabric! Too cool!

  • I have recently found your blog and website. As a relatively new mother, your tips and ideas are so helpful! I look forward to your blog for what tid-bits I can gleen off ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love the apron and the pirate fabric is great too. ALSO your floors are LOVELY.

  • Cheryl, your floors look gorgeous! Adorable apron – and who doesn’t like pirate jammies? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thought of you tonight … made *cheese* grits to go with dinner. Brian had to suffer without his sugar. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ :giggle: Y’all looked like you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday celebration. Blessings to you and your sweet family.

    P.S. Hoping you get all your software transferred to your new computer, but should you need it, Brian uses free online software to watermark his pics. The address is http://www.phixr.com

  • Cheryl~ Thanks for the info regarding the watermark:)  I love the apron and jammies too, my son would love some pirate jammies and he will be 18 next month:lol:  I was wanting to get some of the tracing fabric you talked about in a previous post so I went to my local Joann’s store and they had no idea what I was even talking about:eek: so I ended up ordering some online…strange that one store would have it and not another, anyway I wanted it because I have a granddaughter that is almost 2 and most of the patterns I have do have multiple sizes and I want to use the patterns as long as I can…Thanks again for all the info..

    Blessings, Joann

  • I love the pajama pants you made for Will. My son loves the pirate theme too. Dani’s apron is lovely too.
    Thanks for the encouragement you provide on your blog. You are such a blessing to me.

  • Your new floors will be just beautiful, Cheryl. Your husband is doing a wonderful job…but you already knew that. :o)

    Thank you for the homekeeping reminders and suggestions. It helps all of us attempt to do a better job in tending to the important things and getting them done in a timely manner. I’m using a timer and setting it to 15 minute increments to help as well. It’s working!

    Dani’s apron is lovely, as is she.