Time Warp

     It cannot be Tuesday evening already!  I remember, quite clearly, the last several days, but they have whooshed by me awfully fast.  To say we’ve been busy, would be true.  When I looked at our calendar for the week Sunday evening and saw that there were NO appointments at all for the entire week, I took a deep breath and sort of spoke a mental, “aaahhhh”.  So what happened?? 

Time Warp 016

     Late last summer, or maybe early fall, our dishwasher developed a slow leak.  Slow leaks aren’t good.  They go undetected for too long.  We found out about ours after the vinyl floor in the kitchen developed a really big bubble in front of the dishwasher.  The dishwasher was done for.  My husband worked some overtime and replaced it.  He did what he could to repair the floor and it lasted for a few months, but it did eventually start to lift again and tear.  Before Christmas I had to put throw rugs over those areas so that we wouldn’t trip over the lifted parts.

     This week, Costco finally ran their coupon special for laminate flooring.  After much research, we decided to put the same laminate in the kitchen that we have in the living room.  We love this stuff!  The coupon was good for $5.00 a box, so multiplied over 19 boxes, it was worth waiting for the coupon deal!  My husband took me to Costco yesterday to pick up the flooring, and we swung by the gun dealer’s on the way home to pick up my Christmas/birthday present, too. 

Time Warp 026      Today, after he and the boys picked up a load of hay at the broker’s, Copper and Aaron tore out all of the vinyl flooring in my kitchen, dining area, back hall, laundry room and back bathroom.  It’s one big area, with no real line between areas, so I am especially blessed that my husband is going to replace it all to match.  Ooooo, it will be so pretty.  We’ll be sweeping the rough floors for the next several days, as my husband’s last day off was today.  Lord willing, he’ll be able to start laying the laminate next Monday. 

Time Warp 012

     Will followed along behind the removal of the baseboards and hammered the nails into the wall.  He was a good go-fer guy and helped haul the baseboards out.  





Time Warp 028      In the meantime, my parlor has been redecorated in the manner of “Early American Floor Covering Store”.  The boxes of laminate, which are to be housed for at least 48 hours in the area where it will be laid, are stacked here, with all of my baseboard stacked on top.  My husband carefully labeled each piece as he took it off so he would know where to put it back!  Smart guy!  Though these are smack dab in the middle of the parlor, I can still use my favorite chair and ottoman for my Bible reading and other reading (if there’s time), and the materials my husband will need are adjacent to the area where they will be installed. 

Time Warp 027

     Dani has been sewing a lot.  She picked out some beautiful fabrics for a new skirt and top for Easter.  She is so creative by nature, that she came up with a cute idea for adding a contrasting border to her skirt.  We spent quite a bit of time yesterday working on that idea….trying it this way and that….and finally having to modify it from her original design to something a bit different.  The end result will be the same, I think.  She has so many cute ideas for projects of all sorts these days.  I’m very proud of the way that she utilizes her free time.




Time Warp 003

     Saturday I spent some time picking all of the dried grass and hard clumps out of the raised bed that Aaron built me.  I picked up a few bags of garden soil which I added to the bed, and Aaron brought around two wheel barrow loads of compost from our “finished” compost pile. 



Time Warp 010

     He mixed it all in really well for me, and we used the metal rake to smooth it all out nice and level and ready to plant.





Time Warp 001

     My husband tilled us one long row near our berry patch, and Dani planted dozens of tulip and Ranunculus bulbs in the row.  Yes, they’re late, but we’re hoping that we have some lovely flowers to cut for the house anyway.  We’ll see.







   Time Warp 020

     I picked up three more herbs, a couple of plants and some seeds yesterday; and today they were planted.  Dani set the three new herbs into the barrel between the three planted a couple of weeks ago.  I’m not sure you can tell from the picture, but the herbs are quite happy here!  The old ones have almost doubled in size in just two weeks!!


Time Warp 022

     I am planting my little raised bed kitchen garden using the Square Foot gardening method.  I’ve loved this method for years, and we had great success with it at our old house in raised beds.  We will still have a big garden that my husband will plant and tend, but I wanted to start an early garden here that I can also keep longer into the fall.  Today I set out my one lone Grape Tomato plant, and one green bell pepper plant.  I planted some sugar snap peas along the back (so that I can put up a structure for them to climb), and I put out about a dozen and a half sweet white onions. 

Time Warp 024       Here’s the fun part.  In one square foot, I planted about a dozen radishes.  Two other squares have romaine lettuce and two others a mix of lettuces, all from seed.  I will wait one week, and then I will plant a couple more squares of lettuce, and then do it again a week later until all of my squares are planted.  I will do the same with the radishes, too.  I’ve made a little chart of what squares are planted, what’s planted in them, and the date planted.  This will help me keep track of when to expect the first little sprouts to peek out of the soil, and when I can expect my first yummy salad.  We should have several weeks of lettuce from our little kitchen garden before it gets hot and the lettuce begins to bolt. 

Time Warp 023

     It doesn’t look like much now, but I’ll take pictures as things begin to sprout and grow.  I can’t wait!

     I’ve done a bit of sewing, too, but I haven’t done enough to finish Dani’s pink apron yet.  It’s coming along, though.  I’ve worked on a couple of springy cotton dish cloths, too.  You might be watching for these to be offered as part of a drawing soon.  ssshhh….

     The laundry is beginning to be hung out on the line more often.  A few more things each day.  Soon, the days will be long enough and warm enough that I can hang it all out again.  I love the smell of the laundry coming in from the line!  It’s so long during the winter months, when we have so much fog and damp air, that I forget that lovely, fresh clean smell. 

     This is the week that I “should” be concentrating on the longer term jobs in my kitchen, dining area, back hall and laundry room.  However, with the floor torn out and things rather a big mess, I’ve decided to back track a bit and do some things in my entry way instead.  This area is in need of a good makeover.  It needs to be painted, and one set of blinds is broken and needs replacing.  It is, actually, next on the list to be worked on after the new flooring.  However, this is the area where folks enter my home, and I’m hoping to freshen it up a bit this week.  I’ve been gleaning ideas here and there, and I’ll be sure to share with you what I’m doing. 

Time Warp 030

     In the meantime, though, it’s important to not let the “construction zone” go untended.  Keeping up with the daily and weekly tasks in this area will be doubly important.  I don’t want my kitchen, or any of the other areas, to look like a disaster zone.  If I am careful to keep everything else clean and neat, then it will look like exactly what it is….an area getting a new floor.  The throw rugs are in place, keeping things looking homey and giving us a soft place to put our feet.  It’s not so bad.




Time Warp 031

     My husband’s days off are limited, and this is a really large area that he will be flooring, over 350 square feet; so it won’t be done in a day.  I can bless my husband, and honor his hard work, by keeping everything else tidy and making sure that the rest of our house is in good shape.  That way when he needs a break, he’ll have a tidy, clean place to do it away from the work area. 

     I will also be sure to be watchful over the areas he will need to work in.  I will want to be a step ahead with the laundry the day he will be working back there, and I’ll want to plan easy to fix meals on the days he’ll be working in the kitchen.  I won’t want the oven running all day when he’s down on the floor working in front of it, and the same goes with the dishwasher.  There’s no need for me to make his job any more unpleasant than it already is. 

     It’s also important to keep his time in perspective.  He may not be able to devote all of each day off to this project, so it might take a few weeks to complete.  He should also be able to just take a day off from working here, too!  He knows it needs to be done,  he doesn’t need me reminding him.  He needs my support, my offers of help, and my praise and gratitude for a job well done. 

     So, my time warp has ended and things are, Lord willing, falling back into a real time continuum.  I will be revamping my daily schedule just a bit, starting tomorrow, because I need to start watering and irrigating here.  No spring rains to help with that!  My husband will return to work tomorrow, too.  Drats.  I kinda liked the time warp thing.  I’d keep it around if it meant Copper would be home a few more days.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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11 comments to Time Warp

  • A post hot off the press! What busy beavers you all have been, and so productive!! What a blessing to have a family that works so hard together to make a good home.

    The Lord bless,


  • Cheryl~ I bet those spring dishcloths will be lovely…and your new floor sounds wonderful, you are so blessed with a husband who can do those kinds of things..mine is like that too and I know how I am blessed by it tremendously, I haven’t started reading the book that I won in your drawing yet as I am finishing up a Bible study with some friends first..I have skimmed through it though and it looks really good, I just love to read..I have a question about your “Nora” aprons will you be posting or have you already the pattern for those or is it a family secret???:)

    Blessings, Joann


  • Dear Cheryl,

    It really is wonderful how the whole family works so hard together.  Hooray for handy, hardworking husbands!  (Mine is definintely hardworking but not so handy but he tries!)  I love your godly optimistic view of keeping your house even though things are going to be “not perfect” for a little while.     I’m sure it will be beautiful when you are done.


  • I love your raised garden. My garden is really small and I have no knowledge about gardening, so I planted TWELVE roma tomatoe plants last year.:eek: WAY too many!! This year I will do things differently. My herbs where buried by the tomatoes. Maybe I will buy a barrel for them…

    The new flooring will be wonderful. I was looking at your favorite chair. I thought “Gosh that looks familiar.” I think because MINE is pretty much identical. I love how the back of it kinda wraps around you.:littlekiss: I am missing the ottoman though 🙁

    Copper is blessed to have a wife who thinks of him in such a detailed way. Most wives would not mean to make a job more difficult, but they certainly would not think of ways to make it easier. You are such a Ruby!!!:heartbeat:


  • My goodness-it’s nice to see Spring at your house!!!!:sunny:

    Laundry hanging out to dry, gardening, a new kitchen floor, spring dishcloth’s and a drawing in the future-my heart is pitter-pattering with happiness!

  • My goodness-it’s nice to see Spring at your house!!!!:sunny:

    Laundry hanging out to dry, gardening, a new kitchen floor, spring dishcloth’s and a drawing in the future-my heart is pitter-pattering with happiness!

  • A lovely herb barrel.  It is nice to your spring projects.  We will be planting in the next few weeks when the ground dries out more.

    I can’t wait to see Dani’s sewing project. I can only sew a little and would really like to work on getting better.

  • oooooo….laminate flooring! I would love to add this to my kitchen. I can’t wait to see the results in yours!

  • Your new flooring will be such a blessing!  Praise the Lord for husbands who willingly work on special projects on their days off.:)


    Mrs. C

  • We have hopes of putting in laminate flooring in our kitchen too someday. We have a huge split in the floor right now!

    I tried square foot gardening last year for the first time. It pretty much flopped. I was trying to do it organically and overnight it seemed, the bugs came and destroyed my cabbage and broccoli. My lettuce never did grow! Any suggestions for bugs?

    Not sure if I’ll get any done this year, as our 5th blessing is due about planting, preparing time!

    Have a blessed day!

  • Thank you for this post Cheryl! We also are in the midst of a remodeling project in our kitchen/dining area. I really needed to be reminded that that doesn’t mean that I can just let it go! I know that a messy house drives my husband crazy. Yesterday I took time to straighten up all the tools and paint cans on the one end of the counter and clear the rest of the counter off. I put the rugs back out on the floor and had supper ready when he came home. I must say he was in a much better mood! Thank you for the reminder to look well to the ways of our household! Even in the middle of messy projects!