Test Drive

     My husband and I took my Christmas/birthday present out for a test drive today. 

















     After shooting more than 200 rounds (me) and 100 rounds (him), we came home.  These were my last ten shots.  […]

What We’re Cooking Up This Week

     We’re on week two of pulling meals together from not too much.  Last time I shopped, there were quite a few non-food items, necessary to our home, that had to be purchased from the food money.  (I don’t separate out things like toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc., it’s all bought with our “food” money.).  […]

Sure Sign of Spring


     It’s surely a sign of spring!  The knitted wool hat and shawl that have hung on the hall tree in the back hall way for months are now gone.  In their place, an assortment of straw hats and cloth visors.  I love my big brimmed straw hat!  It’s comfortable on my […]

Life Happens

     I’ve had a very unusual day.  Life happens!  What is it I always say????  Hold your plans loosely?  It certainly does pay to do so.  *MY* plans for today included the following:  doing all of my daily chores, taking care of the weekly chores in my parlor, working a day ahead to take care […]

It Doesn’t Have To Be One Way Or The Other

     Yesterday I was lamenting the lack of rainfall we’ve had, and this afternoon it sprinkled!  The weatherman is promising light rainfall through the night and into tomorrow morning.  I am so grateful!  (To God, not the weatherman.)  What a blessing it will be to have the pasture our sheep graze green for just a couple more weeks.   


While You’re At It

   While you are praying for Lea’s son, Josh, please pray for my friend, Rebecca.  Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, Rebecca will be going in for her fourth c-section to deliver her fifth child.  Please pray today for peace for Rebecca, her husband and their four lovely daughters, and pray for a safe and complication-free surgery.  You all are the best!  […]

In My Kitchen


     The hot weather of a week ago has vanished and we had a light frost early this morning.  I didn’t even open up my house until after lunch time today.  It is, afterall, only April, and not quite time for consistently hot days.  Yet there are signs of spring, and signs of our lack […]

What Does It Look Like There?

      What does the coming week look like on your end?  It’s looking full, but wonderful, here.  My Dani will be gone all week.  She’s helping out at some dear friends’ home while they have a get-away vacation.  She’s working as a Grandma’s Helper Monday – Friday, assisting the children’s grandmother as she cares for […]

Giving As The Lord Blesses & Our Menu For The Week

     Nothing fancy on our table this week.  It’s all just family fare, and heavy on the inexpensive stuff to boot.  Grocery money was a bit tight this last shopping day, and we needed lots of non-food items.  The Lord provides, though, and we have plenty, plenty, plenty!

     In fact, with grocery prices on […]

The Pantry – Updated at Last! – The Less Than Perfect Kitchen

I just realized that it has been almost a year since I wrote “The Pantry” article for my Less Than Perfect Kitchen Series (scroll down a bit on the side bar to find the series). The most beautiful pantry I have ever seen is found here, at Warm Pie, Happy Home. Wow! This sort of […]