What Does It Look Like There?

      What does the coming week look like on your end?  It’s looking full, but wonderful, here.  My Dani will be gone all week.  She’s helping out at some dear friends’ home while they have a get-away vacation.  She’s working as a Grandma’s Helper Monday – Friday, assisting the children’s grandmother as she cares for them in their parents’ absence.  She will be quite busy there and I would appreciate your prayers for Dani while she is away from home.  Thanks!! 

     I’m looking over our combined chore lists (Dani’s and my own) and seeing how best to work her chores onto my list.  She will be missed, but we will get by just fine.  Folks tend to forget that those of us with such capable assistants still at home really do know how to cook and clean and such.  Who do you think taught Dani?

     Last week is done.  It’s behind us.  It doesn’t matter if last week was a glorious, productive week in your home, or whether things just never quite came together the way you hoped.  It doesn’t matter if you crossed everything off of your to do list, or whether the list of things to do just grew as the week progressed. 

     If it was a good week – rejoice!  Thank the Lord for the grace and mercy He sent your way to bring your plans to fruition.  If it wasn’t such a great week, thank the Lord for His provision.  Look for the ways that He was working in your life and thank Him for His great love for you.  Now ask the Lord for guidance as you contemplate this fresh, new week ahead.  As you make your plans – and do make those plans! – be sure to guard yourself against holding your own plans too tightly.  What do I always say?  Hold your plans loosely!! 

     My plans for the week are, more or less, set; but I’m holding them loosely.  Holding them loosely to allow for special help one of my sons might need, or to do something for my husband.  Holding them loosely to allow for things the Lord might bring into my days – a phone call from a lonely neighbor, delivering a meal to a new mom, answering an e-mail from a friend who is hurting – whatever He has in store for me that I cannot see or know yet.   My plans are good, but they are not perfect.  Much as I’d like to see all of my plans for the week come to fruition, I’m holding ’em loosely!  You do the same.

     It’s Monday, ladies!  Let’s get busy!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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6 comments to What Does It Look Like There?

  • Wow I have a very busy week here in our home. I also need to involve our Darling Daughter more in the work and upkeep of our home. Thank you for the encouragement.
    My Family and I are praying for you and for your family.
    God Bless,

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I have been up since real early tackling my worst frogs for the day.:sunny: I have 3 major projects I wanted to get finished. Then I was inspired by your pantry that I spruced mine up a little.

    Have a blessed week.


  • I have so many ideas… on paper! Often my ideas far surpass my actually energy and my big belly impedes my ability to clean the upholstery of the van or reach into a cupboard. But oh! The spreadsheet I have created! IT is beautiful 😆

    Seriously, though, I plan to tackle one project a day until baby comes, and I am already looking around for delegates to accomplish some of these very necessary nesting items.

    Love you, friend! Have a wonderful week, and I hope to see you at Grace’s blessing.


  • I know you will miss Dani, but she will be off blessing another family. They might want to keep her if they eat some of her cupcakes and cookies, though

  • ..this hurting friend was very thankful for your kind words and prayers….Thank you!

  • What a blessing to be able to share your daughter & know that she will be able to bless someone else!

    I, too, am holding my plans loosely, as I don’t know what to expect when we bring my mil home from the hospital tomorrow. She has spent the last two days in the hospital after having a TIA.
    I don’t know how much our schedule will have to change to accommodate any changes in her abilities, so we’re hoping for “normal”, but preparing for change.

    You’re a blessing, Cheryl!