No Photographic Evidence

     There is no photographic evidence to support my claims to having done a lot today.  Generally, I take little breaks throughout my day and take a few photos.  Not today!

     Once breakfast was over this morning, I put on my pretty new apron and went to work.  I started the laundry and headed outside to start the watering and irrigating for the day.  With the laundry running and the outdoor watering going, I settled into my dailies and quickly had those behind me.

     My non-shopping Friday has no weekly chores scheduled.  Yesterday’s chores, however, went undone due to my helping Aaron get ready to go, running him to town, etc.  I dove in and tackled the weekly cleaning in the living room, which is my normal Thursday work.  Then I moved ahead and did most of my Saturday chores, doing all the weekly cleaning in the master bedroom and master bath.  I’ll still change the beds tomorrow and wash those sheets, but the rest of the laundry done on Saturday was done today. 

     My motivation, you see, is in the fact that I want to be able to slop some of that beautiful red paint onto my pantry walls tomorrow!  Once the semi-gloss dried on the shelves last night, I could tell that one coat would be plenty.  Oh, they look so pretty and clean and bright!  My husband suggested letting the shelves dry for 24 hours before taping them off to be sure that the tape didn’t mar the surface of the paint any.  I’m hoping to start taping off the shelves and ceiling this evening so that I can put on the first coat of red paint early tomorrow.  If I can roll that first coat on early enough, I’ll definitely be able to apply a second coat, and, perhaps, even a third.  I’d really like to get all of the pantry stuff off of my dining table before Sunday morning, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.  I will, however, be just that much closer if I can get an early start tomorrow.

     I’ve done the full regimen of watering and irrigating today.  I have two schedules to keep things green and growing here – A Mon-Wed-Fri schedule and a Tues-Thurs-Sat schedule.  There is also some deep watering of mature trees worked into that later on, but for now I’m just keeping with the weekly schedule.  With only four outdoor water spigots available to use, I really need a written schedule to make the most efficient use of those four spigots! 

     I’m pleased and grateful that our well pump has worked perfectly all day today.  It looks like whatever the well man/pump fixer guy did that second time worked.  Yee haw!!  I made several notes as I worked outside today for my husband.  Leaks in spigots and broken drip irrigation lines were found and noted so that he can fix them on his next days off.  

     Dani spent the afternoon sewing resulting in a new pair of jammie pants to wear tonight.  They are from that wonderful Alexander Henry Apple-Pear print she’s had for awhile.  She used some of it to make a twirly skirt for my granddaughter’s third birthday which you can see here.

     It’s been a wonderful day, all in all; and it felt very good to look at the clock when all of my work is done and see that it said just 4:00.  I had a bit of time to sit and relax before thinking about getting dinner started.  I love being able to look around my home, seeing everything neat, clean and in order (except for all of the pantry contents on the dining table, that is).  I’m tired, but I’m excited to see how far the pantry project moves along tomorrow.

     To make up for the lack of photos today, I will, instead give you a link to some absolutely lovely photos of some wonderful, handmade purses and totes.  These are exquisite!!  The crafter is a young woman I have known for ……..oh, my word……..about fourteen years.  She was a young teen when I met her family.  Sarah and my girls were buddies for several years and though she lives quite a distance from us these days, they try to keep in touch with e-mails and such.  Sarah was one of Corin’s bridesmaids and Dani served as Sarah’s Maid of Honor, almost seven years ago!  My how times flies.  I told you about Sarah’s mom and Sarah, too, in this post.

     Sarah has always been a gifted seamstress and a very creative lady.  She has a gift for fabric combinations, and it’s so fun for me to see her still using that gift in these bags!  Head on over to her shop Hands Full Creations and enjoy yourself looking at her beautiful bags and totes.  If something tickles your fancy, buy with confidence!  Me?  I’m hoping to save my pennies to buy this bag before someone beats me to it!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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4 comments to No Photographic Evidence

  • Cheryl,wow you were busy in your home today.
    What a joy to serve God and your family in your home.
    Thank you for the encouragement.
    My Family and I are praying for you and for your family.
    God Bless,

  • Those purses are wonderful!!! That reminds me, I should swithch to my Spring purse.

    I can’t wait to see your pretty red pantry!

  • And I should not comment on blogs until my 2nd cup of coffee….I developed a lisp!

  • I admire how much you are able to get done in your home each day. You make me want to give 110% in what I do in my home. I’m looking forward to seeing how your pantry turns out.

    I love the cute purses!