Sure Sign of Spring


     It’s surely a sign of spring!  The knitted wool hat and shawl that have hung on the hall tree in the back hall way for months are now gone.  In their place, an assortment of straw hats and cloth visors.  I love my big brimmed straw hat!  It’s comfortable on my head and shields my aging skin and eyes from the sun.  I was so pleased to pull it out of the closet today and wear it once again. 









     That hat was on and off my head a dozen times today as I went about my tasks.  Watering and irrigating are now in full swing.  It’s a lot of work and takes a good chunk of time every day, but the results are certainly worth the effort.  I’m making notes of leaks in the watering lines, large and small, for my husband to take care of on his days off. 

     The garden area was tilled weeks ago, but the weather was still too cold to plant.  Danger of frost should have past with this last week (though we had a light frost Monday).  I’m hoping Copper can retill the garden, spread the compost, and then lightly till again this week.  I’m anxious to get the garden in.  It feels late, somehow. 

     I had a wonderful day Thursday.  I met one of my new neighbors, and she is just delightful.  She is the mother of the couple who have bought the house whose property runs behind ours.  It’s been vacant and in terrible disrepair for more than a year.  She and her husband will be building a small granny flat next to the main house to live in.  We chatted over the back fence for almost an hour.  Now doesn’t that sound lovely?  In reality, we chatted over a wire fence, with a strand or two of barbed wire stretched across the top.  I, of course, reached across that barbed wire to shake her hand and have a 4″ scratch on my forearm to prove it!!  I am so thrilled that the house is now occupied and will be loved and cared for by a multi-generational family.  We talked goats and sheep and chickens and since I run my sheep in the pasture right next to their house, I was pleased to hear that they enjoy watching our sheep as much as I do.  We are blessed with good neighbors on all sides now!


      I do love watching our sheep, even more so now that we have new lambs to enjoy.  All four of the new lambs are doing great.  They are healthy, feisty and cute as can be.  There was a bit of an identity crises going on today, though.  Now, if one of your children accidentally wandered over to me when I was fixing lunch, I’d just make him a sandwich and feed him. 






     I would certainly not push him rudely and roughly away from me while you were looking the other way.  Things are a bit different, I guess, in the ewes’ world.







     They did, eventually, get the boys straightened out and fed.  It’s amazing, to me, to know that these wee lambs are already able to run, full speed, to keep up with the herd.  God’s creation continues to amaze me!  Now, if those lambs could just figure out which ewe was their mama, we’d be all set!






     Corin and my grandchildren came out for our Thursday Library Day at Grandma’s house.










      The kids had so much fun playing together outside, but they still wanted Grandma to read.  The problem was, they could never agree on when they wanted her to read at the same time.  First one would ask me to read, while the others wanted to play more.  Then that first one would be engrossed in play while another thought it must be time to read. 









     We did, at last, bring the books that my oldest grandson chose outside and read.  I didn’t even know that Corin had taken these pictures until I downloaded the others on the card! 





     This little slugger!  Let me tell you what she did!  First, she picked up that big, wooden bat, and, somehow, managed to get it up over her right shoulder.  Then she picked up a golf ball with her left hand.  Corin and I watched and laughed.  She thought she was going to throw that ball up with her left hand and hit it with the bat.  Oh, how Corin and I giggled ……………….until SHE DID IT!!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  Of course, she tried and tried after that first attempt and could never do it again. 








    I love our Thursdays!!






    The warm weather and nice breeze today was perfect clothesline weather.  I’ve not been using my clothesline much this spring.  Some days have been too windy and others too cool.  Each spring it takes me awhile to get back into the habit of hanging the laundry on the line again.  I use my clothesline because I love doing it.  I enjoy lowering our electric bill and thus easing my husband’s bill paying burden, so I use it for that reason, too.  I love seeing the clothes on the line, especially on breezy days like today when they flutter in the breeze.  I love the smell of the clean, line-dried laundry, too. 

     But all that romanticism aside, it is work, quite a bit more work than using a dryer.  Also, while the pollen count is still high, having my clothing dried outside does aggravate my allergies and I need to be careful that that doesn’t cause my asthma to flare.  Oh, but I do love hanging the clothes on the line!  Allergies and extra work aside, it is a small pleasure that I enjoy.





      All of our daily tasks were done today – homeschooling, chores, and piano practice.  I’ll give you all one guess which one of my sons is practicing UNDER the blanket.






     Though I enjoy keeping a neat, orderly home, I also delight in knowing that children live here.  Even goofy children who practice the piano with a blanket over their head!  The signs that children live here are everywhere, inside and out.  Fingerprints, make that handprints, on the entryway window, discarded socks under the dining room table, and footballs in the flowers.  It will be a sad day when these evidences of children are no longer a daily occurrence.  Perhaps the Lord will bless my husband and I with oodles and oodles of grandchildren and our home will always be full of signs that children are about!





     I snipped some more flowers off the Hawthorne bushes today.  These clippings will last for a week or more if I remember to give them fresh water daily.  The cuttings from the wild plum trees have lasted for almost three weeks now!  I put new flowers with the plum tree greenery and returned the milk glass vase back to the mantel.




     I also fixed a mason jar of Hawthorne and curly leaf willow for Dani’s room.  I opened her windows to freshen up her room, too.  Oh, how I’ve missed my girl this week!!!!

     Dani pulled in the driveway about 4:30 this evening.  We were all so happy to see her that we spilled out the back door and went out to greet her.  It’s so good to have her back home! 

     She and I gabbed and talked and chatted and …..well, we went on and on so long that I didn’t get dinner on the table until almost 7:00.  Then she and the boys and I talked so much over dinner (there was just so much to catch up on after a week) that we were still at the table when Copper came home! 


     Tomorrow is Saturday, the busiest day of our week as we not only wind up the tasks of the current week but as we also prepare for the Lords’ Day and the new week ahead.  There are a few extra items on my plate tomorrow which will keep me away from the computer, but, Lord willing,  I hope to chat with you again next week.  Until then,

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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8 comments to Sure Sign of Spring

  • Oh Cheryl, I love the photo of you reading to your grandbabies. Just charming. Clarice

  • How’s Will doing? 

    I just love all your pictures, Cheryl.  I get such wonderful ideas and I can show my husband how I’d like the new entry to our home.  We’ve been planning to put a trellis over the new sidewalk much like the one you have.  What kind of flowering plant is that draping itself so beautifully over your trellis?  Is it a climbing rose?  We have one that is really taking off since we transplanted it in to the sun.  The lady we bought our house from had it planted in the shade.  We relocated the trellis and planted a trumpet vine by it.  The climbing rose needs a better home in a new location, but I have yet to find a good place for it.  All in good time.

    Have a wonderful weekend.



  • The pic of Will practicing the piano with a blanket on his head is wonderful!!:lol:

    What a great couple of days you had. I am glad your Dani is home, I know how much you missed her!!:love: Beautiful flowers!:goodjob:

  • Blanket Boy HAS to be Will How is his eye doing?

    The boys better watch out for Little Miss Feisty or she might out slug them!

  • I LOVE the picture of you reading to your grandbabies.  That is priceless.  And that has to be your goofy Will under the blanket.  Looks like something my Morgan would do!  Too cute…

  • I just love catching up with what’s going on at Copper’s and Cheryl’s house. šŸ™‚ Will, that boy cracks me up! What a keeper! :laugh:

    I am glad you have friendly neighbors in the house that was empty. There’s nothing sadder to my mind than a neglected and lonely house (as if houses could feel lonely- but you get the idea). I often wonder what stories the walls could tell of times gone by.

    Glad that library day was a hit. Literally. I couldn’t hit a baseball until I was 15, let alone a golf ball. šŸ™‚

    Thank you for sharing your family and your life with us.


  • Ha! Love Will’s practice technique! What an excellent way to memorizing a piece. šŸ™‚

  • Loved seeing all the pictures, especially the one with Will and the blanket LOL!