Wednesday, Wells & Water

     My husband and I had a wonderful time out together last night.  I asked him, as we were pulling into the restaurant parking lot, what made him think of a dinner and movie night.  He said he’d just remembered that it had been months since we’d been out just the two of us.  Ah, well, it was wonderful whatever the reason!  We had a wonderful, leisurely Mexican dinner and arrived at the theater a full hour before our late movie.  We wandered through the multi-screen theater looking at the marquees and chatting before settling into our seats with a diet Coke between us.  Home and in bed by midnight!!!!  Poor Copper!  He was up, as usual, at 5:15 for his first day back to work.  After almost 30 years, I’m still delighted to spend an evening out with my handsome husband!


     Despite the visit from the well man/pump fixer guy last night and the $170.00 check we gave him, our well pump was still not working properly today.  You know, as many times as I’ve walked to the back corner of our property to manually refill the pressure tank today, and one of those times at a half run/half trot because we were OUT of water, I am putting in some serious mileage! 

     He returned late today, tore things apart and put them back together in record time and drove off with a “try that” and a wave of his hand.  I’m praying that he found the problem and that we’ll be back to normal tomorrow.


     Unfortunately, the problems with our well have really put me behind on my watering and irrigation schedule.  I have blueberries that have already set on my early variety bushes. 




     Oh, these berries are barely forming and they are already big.  We are just finishing up the blueberries we picked in our own patch last year.  They are so wonderful, freshly picked and warm from the sun, it’s a wonder many of them make it into the house let alone the freezer!



      The Young berries, the original canes dug from my parents yard,  are coming on strong, too.  I need to deep water my berry patch in the next day or two or the fruit will not be big, juicy and sweet when it matures. 









      I was pleased to hear dozens of bees humming around through the vines and working hard in the warm sunlight today. 

     Some of you have mentioned how lovely and green everything here is.  Well, my friends, that grass might be greener on our side of the fence now, but here in “the golden state” all of that lovely green will, very soon, be golden brown.  I had on on-line friend from Virginia visit us many years ago during the summer, and she couldn’t get over how brown everything here was!! 

     It’s so important for us to really learn to be content wherever it is the Lord has us.  Whether you live in an area that is still snow bound, or whether you live in an area that has never seen snow.  Whether you live in a large, spacious home, or whether you live in a small apartment.  I love that we have such beautiful green surrounding us now.  Though everything will turn dry and brown in the heat of the summer, I appreciate that the lack of summer rains keep our humidity levels low and make the 100+ summer temperatures bearable.  I am content.

     Keeping up with the dailies has been a bit touch and go with the water situation, but they’ve all been getting done.  I am all caught up on my weekly cleaning, too.  It was good today to be able to get all of my parlor thoroughly dusted, Webstered and straightened.  I’ve been working around the boxes of laminate flooring that were in the middle of the room for the last few weeks, and it was hard to get to everything for awhile.  It was nice today to have it all clean again.


     The second week of the month is the week that I focus on the longer term care of things in my kitchen, dining room, back hall and laundry room.  What better time, thought I, then to empty the pantry and paint!  Here’s the before picture I took the other day.   Dani helped me find the left over paint from my dining room wall, as well as the primer. 











     We emptied the pantry shelves, piled everything on the dining table, and Dani primed the walls of the pantry. 







     We wear aprons here to protect our clothing.  Yes, I will be wearing my pretty new apron to work in, but not to paint.  We tend to look for the most worn and/or faded aprons for tasks that might permanently stain them… painting.  While I do enjoy wearing pretty aprons, I don’t forget that the real function of the apron is to protect my clothing!




     Pepto-Bismol pink is NOT the color the pantry will be, but it is the color of the primer!  I will need to buy another gallon of Behr’s “California Poppy” to finish up the inside of the pantry, but I think there is enough in the can for a first coat. 





     And, yes, that is a cup you see on the shelf in that picture above.  I made my hard-working daughter, as well as myself, a homemade mocha to sip.  Simple pleasures!! 




     The shelves and trim will be painted in a lovely, creamy white semi-gloss.  I may just have enough of the semi-gloss to paint the shelves and trim.  Dani found the better part of a five gallon bucket of the creamy white in an eggshell finish, so when she was done priming with the pink, I went to work painting the ceiling of the pantry, as well as the inside front area (the inside of the wall with the door opening).  Since there is plenty of the eggshell finish, I decided to prime all of the shelves and supports with the eggshell finish to, hopefully, allow just one coat of the semi-gloss. 


     The well men showed up just as I was headed out to clean up the roller, brushes and pan.  Since they turned my water completely off, I played a round or two of two-square with Dani and Will.  I will have you know, I AM the two square champ!  Once the well men left, I got everything cleaned up, including myself!






     My dad was a professional house painter for many, many years.  Sometimes when I slop paint around paint, and end up with more paint on myself than the walls, I can almost picture my dad shaking his head at me, with the rather crooked grin he reserved for times when he wasn’t sure whether he should be amused or disgusted.  He usually ended up amused.  I do miss his skill and wish that it had, somehow, transferred to me genetically.  Ah, well……….  I’m hoping to work a bit more on the pantry painting tomorrow.

     It’s grown late.  My upper arms and shoulders are sore from the weird positions required to paint under the shelves and over my head in the pantry.  I’m tired.  So much was accomplished today, though, both tangible things that can be seen as well as accomplishments that are not so visible.  It’s all good work, though, and work that I am thankful for.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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13 comments to Wednesday, Wells & Water

  • Hi Cheryl,

     It looks like you have been very busy. I love your apron.

    Brandy had her baby today. I posted pictures on my blog. She is beautiful.

    Dave had his doctor’s visit this week. It wasn’t what we had hope for however it could have been worst. He did have a mini stroke recently. That is reason for broken blood vessel in his brain. He has 50 % blockage in the right side of his neck. Our goal right now is to get his cholsterole down and to keep the blockage from growing at 70% they will have to do surgery. He is also a risk for a major stroke. We have busy making diet and lifestyle changes. I am learning a whole new way to cook for him.Thank you for your prayers.



  • I must say I loved the color of the primer! If I wasn’t married and didn’t have to think about the colors my husband likes I would have pink all through my home. My brother in law is a painter, and my husband is going to be working for him once we sell our house and move just North of your state! Hope you all are doing well.

    God Bless.

  • Your shelves are going to look wonderful Cheryl! Are you going to paint the back walls the red that is in your dining room then? I’m assuming that “California Poppy” is red.

    I thought of you the other day-someone had a red Kitchenaid mixer in the paper for sale-ooohh-Cheryl would have flipped-who would want to get rid of a red mixer anyway!?!

    2-square queen-eh?! We are always learning new things about you-some surprising, some not. 😉

  • Your shelves are going to look wonderful Cheryl! Are you going to paint the back walls the red that is in your dining room then? I’m assuming that “California Poppy” is red.

    I thought of you the other day-someone had a red Kitchenaid mixer in the paper for sale-ooohh-Cheryl would have flipped-who would want to get rid of a red mixer anyway!?!

    2-square queen-eh?! We are always learning new things about you-some surprising, some not. 😉

  • Ooooh, I would challenge you in 2 square!!! You see I am the 4 square Queen here. I keep it tame when playing with the kids, but I can play!

    Your pantry looks lovely. I like the shape of it and would leave the doors off. I am going to put some paper in my pantry soon. Something easily wiped down. Right now it is bare wood that Sweetheart put in.

    Hopefully your well situation is taken care of.

  • I can imagine how much prettier your pantry is going to look.
    I hope you get your well issues resolved.
    Wow your Blueberry bushes look so yummy.
    God Bless,

  • 😆  You have a lot in common with my kids and slopping paint all over.  I just finished painting my DD’s room, but still have her closet to paint.  I’ll be doing that later this afternoon so that my DH can put the closet doors back on and finish carpeting her closet floor.  After I get all that done I can paint the mural on her wall.  I have a rough sketch done on graph paper of it and she can’t wait for it to be done.  I love doing things like this for my family.  The boys are now seeing what I’m doing in DD’s room and they want a change in their room now as well.  The only problem is combining their tastes in to something that they would both like.  :giggle:  That’s the fun of compromising and living together in love and peace.  🙂 

    I wanted to thank you for recommending bread making machines.  I’d been tossing it around for years, but decided against it for so long because it only made one loaf at a time.  I have a large mixer with a dough hook that does all the kneading for me that my DH blessed me with years ago.  I made 4 loaves at a time and I loved it.  However…the bread machine is so handy.  DS#1 and I were doing our Easter shopping and stopped off at the Good Will to browse.  We went in and started looking at bowls when I turned around and found my bread machine.  I looked it up online when we got home and I was shocked at how much it was selling for at amazon when I got it for such a low price at Good Will.  :sunny:   What a blessing it is! 

    Have a wonderful day!  :fun:


  • I LIKED the primer too. Your pantry is going to look SO lovely when finished. I like it better with the doors off too. If you decide to leave them off, the shelves would look so cute with lace edging the shelves.

    It’s like when you work hard canning, pickling and preserving…I love to show off those jars I worked so hard on, not hide them behind doors. You don’t want sun shining directly in the items to break them down prematurely, but it is so satisfying to pass by and see all those lovely jars there gleaming like gems!

    Have a blessed day,

  • You mean you won’t be leaving it that perty pink???  I can’t imagine why not!:laugh:

    We’ve still got some painting to do in our kitchen too.  You’ve inspired me!  Maybe we can slop some paint around this weekend too!!!  We’ll see what the Lord has in mind, anyway. 🙂

    Btw, your floors are just lovely.  I’m so proud for you!


  • When I finally get to redo our kitchen, I’m coming back to look over your blog for inspiration!
    May I kidnap Dani to help me paint? 😆
    I will be looking for blueberry bushes that can stand Zone 5 this year, along with a new strawberry bed and rhubarb bed. I have the room, I know how to garden and the high prices affect the farmers too. Thanks for the nice photos of the bushes.

    Kay in Neb

  • Hi Cheryl, Hope the well is back in order soon.  I’ve been catching up and enjoying reading about your days.  Have you been over to visit and meet our new Henry?  Come over soon, if not, he’s soooo cute!:love:


    PS  What is 2 square????

  • Your blueberries look wonderful! I played foursquare in school when I was a kid, but I can’t remember how to play.

    I was worried when I saw the “pepto” pink… glad its only primer 🙂 Can’t wait to see the finished project.

    I have been painting and cleaning and etc lately. Its amazing to me how sore painting can make a person.

    Hope the well is fixed now!


  • I wouldn’t know the first thing about playing 2-square so Will would win against me each and every time.:lol:

    I *love* dates with my hubby! They don’t happen very often, unless you consider time spent in the garden over hot coffee while he massages my aching feet. Yep. That’s a date in my book! hehe.

    Can’t wait to see your pantry all finished in cream and California Poppy, Cheryl. It’s be beautiful – a wonderful sight when you open the doors each day. I can imagine you’ll stand and gaze at the welcome view very soon. 😉

    Bless you dearly.