With A Thankful Heart

     Our weather is taking a decidedly warm weather turn, and we are enjoying every moment of it.  The windows and doors are thrown open for the fresh, clean air.  Yes, the pollen comes in the windows and doors, too; but we are willing to deal with the physical discomfort from that in order to enjoy the refreshing of our indoor air.  I am hopeful that our well is now working properly.  I did not do much in the way of outdoor watering or irrigating today, but it worked properly for our household needs.  I’m so thankful!

      Speaking of gratitude and thanksgiving, I have a funny story about yesterday.  My good next-door-neighbor man was out working with this horses, mowing, etc. for most of the day.  He walked out to our common fence line once when I was out at the well and we chatted about this and that for a bit, and I told him about our well.  He laughed at/with me as I ran full throttle out to the well the one time that the tank had drained dry and I had the washer running in the house.  Later in the day, when I was beginning to grow a bit weary with the numerous trips out to manually reset the well and urge it to fill to full pressure, I realized that the difficulties with the well were robbing me of my joy.  So, I did what I usually do and that is to sing a hymn or song of praise. 

     Now, normally, I hum softly to myself in those circumstances, but I was out at the back corner of our property, alone, so I sang out.  “Wonderful grace of Jesus, deeper than all my sin……”  Afterall, I have water.  We have the God-given resources, through my husband’s job, to pay for repairs to the well when they are needed.  This momentary light affliction is nothing.  I sang on….”How shall my tongue describe it, where shall my praise begin”  (Okay, those might not even be the REAL written words of the song, but it’s how I remembered it and sang it yesterday afternoon!). 

     I heard a noise and realized that the hired man at the horse ranch around the corner, a property that meets mine at the back corner by the well, was looking all around.  I stopped singing to see what Javier might be looking at.  He went back to work, and I started singing again, waiting for the pressure tank to fill.  He stopped working and started looking around again.  Repeated a couple of times, I finally realized that he heard me singing and was looking to see where it was coming from!!!  I was embarassed.  I don’t sing well at all.  I stopped.

     Once I got the tank filled, I began walking back toward the house.  The good next-door-neighbor man was mowing in his front orchard far ahead of where I would be walking.  I started singing again……”God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He’s so good to me”.  The neighbor man, made his turn in the orchard, looked at me, turned off the mower blades and came flying up to me on his little tractor.  He thought I was talking to him!!!  heeheheehee……Okay, I’ve got to knock that off, I guess.  Nah, I’ll keep singing outside.  Why not?  Remembering to thank the Lord for the multitude of blessings in my life certainly does improve my outlook.  Ruthann was thinking along similar lines today, though she says it much more eloquently, posts fun pictures and shows us her new gratitude journal to boot! 

     A good portion of our day today was spent in helping Aaron pack for a trip he is taking with his Paw-Paw (Copper’s Dad) this weekend.  They will leave early tomorrow morning and will venture back Sunday afternoon.  Aaron went early this afternoon so that they could take care of some last minute details and be ready to go first thing tomorrow morning.  Packing is tricky because the mode of transportation is…..well……….


     Here’s what they’ll be travelling on.  Isn’t she a beauty!!!  This is Paw Paw’s second trike, after years and years of riding a motorcycle.  He is a retired police officer and worked a number of years on a motorcycle during his lengthy career in law enforcement.  Aaron was very excited, and just a tad bit nervous.   





     Hey, who let the little kid take the driver’s seat?!?!?!?!









      Will.  Oh, my precious treasure, Will.  You know, he is such a tender hearted boy.  We were only a couple of miles from dropping Aaron off when he began to miss his brother.  Even after the tears stopped running down his cheeks, he just looked so forlorn.  I am so moved on days like this by my son’s tender heart, giving nature and compassion. 






     We made a stop at Home Depot to have two cans of paint shook on the paint shakers and to have another gallon of semi-gloss trim paint (Behr’s Antique White) and another gallon of interior flat paint (Behr’s California Poppy) mixed up for us.  Will enjoyed watching the various pigments drop from the dispenser into the cans of paint and then he watched as they were mixed on the shaker. 

    Dani and I browsed a bit through all the hundreds of paint chips and color cards.  Why is that so much fun???  Oh, the beautiful combinations that can be made!  I picked a couple of colors out for some ideas I’ve had for my boys’ room while we were there, too.  I’m hoping to get to that project before too long.


     There is a wonderful smoothie place just a few doors down from Home Depot, so we put our paint into the van and walked down to the smoothie shop.  Will was pleased with his treat, and Dani and I enjoyed ours, too!

     I planned to start painting the shelves in the pantry when we got home, but by the time I changed into my painting clothes, Dani was already on the job!    She painted about half the shelves, and then I painted the rest.  Many hands make light work!

     Conventional painting wisdom says to paint the ceiling, then the walls and then the trim.  In the pantry, though, my husband thought it made more since to paint the shelves first.  Then, after letting them dry very thoroughly, to tape them off and then paint the walls.  I had already thought that seemed to make the most sense, so I was glad to have his concurring opinion.  


     Since I primed all of the shelves yesterday, I was hoping that just one coat of semi-gloss would be all that was needed.  I think, now, that we will have to put another coat, at least on the tops of the shelves.  I can’t wait to start rolling that beautiful red paint onto the walls of the pantry!!  It will probably take three coats of the red paint, so the sooner I can start, the better!

     I am just so blessed with this pantry!  It’s large, and it’s in the back hall of my home.  It’s just steps away from my kitchen, so it’s convenient.  It’s also just inside the back/garage door, so bringing groceries in from the car to the pantry is extremely easy.  Though I’ve been known to lament the fact that there are no windows in my kitchen, I have to say now that not having windows near my pantry is a blessing.  I can leave the doors off the pantry as planned, and I don’t have to worry about sunlight compromising the shelf life of any of the products I keep there.  I am, really and truly, looking forward to having the pantry done and seeing if I can’t do just a few things to make it even more beautiful to the eye. 

          I love staying busy in my home.  Even when there isn’t a project underway, like painting and revamping the pantry, I enjoy puttering around, moving things from one room to another, pulling things out of a cabinet to put on display somewhere and tucking something that’s been on display for awhile into a cupboard for a rest.  I love doing those little things to keep things fresh and different for my family.  We are made in the image of the Creator of all things; and, as such, we all have the ability to be creative.  Our strengths and weaknesses, creatively speaking, may be different; but we all have that desire to be creative in one form or another. 

     What do you have in your home that’s bugging you?  Can a quart of paint make a difference?  Can bringing an unused decorative item out of the back of a cabinet brighten things up?  Instead of letting it bug you, look for a way that you can make it function better and ways that you can make it look better, too!

     Keeping a thankful heart, learning to be content………are you tired of me telling you how important this is?  I hope not, because I’ll keep on doing so.  I need the reminders myself, from time to time.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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14 comments to With A Thankful Heart

  • Dear Cheryl,

    What a wonderful blog you have, you are just such a blessing to me. I read you nearly everyday and it always soothes my heart. My DH is in law enforcement too and I have two little ones under 2. I do not have any family and the Women I know are all in the workforce. However, my DH supports my staying home and I am so thankful to you because you help me not only improve my skills, but you are a great comfort to me and blessing. You remind me to be Thankful and that has been a huge change for me. I was so tired and trying to keep things neat and I was getting very angry that my DH and the kids were “keeping me” from keeping the house clean. Then I read your posts and you remind me that I should be thankful. Tonight I am going to be Thankful that my DH is alive and well and leaving his stuff all over, that my toddler is healthy and happy and wants to be like Mommy and that is why she follows behind me and undoes everything I do and that my little Baby is happily bonding to me and knows I am her only Mama and that is why I can’t put her down while she is teething without her screaming for me. And that this could all pass away at any moment and it is beautiful and I should take it in. Thanks so much for your wisdom and please pass on my intense gratitude to your Husband who shares you with us.

    Your children are so lucky, especially the girls, they have Titus 2 alive and in front of them. However, I hope to be that for my girls one day too. Thanks for the inpspiration.

    Many Blessings 🙂


  • I have to say, Cheryl that I am so encouraged by your blog entries about your family. 

  • Hi Cheryl,

    What a wonderful post. I love fixing up our home.Having a big larder is so nice.Dave put new shelves in mine a couple years ago.

    Dave asked me today did I ever get tired of trying to balance his meals now that is having health problems. I told him no. I am just so thankful we have the resources to be able to afford for me to cook for him. I find it fun,I like adventure and believe me cooking right now is an adventure. LOL I have to read every label and watch so closely what he eats. My scales and measuring cups are my new best friends. LOL

    Thank you for your visit. Being a Nana is so much fun.:sunny:



  • I’m suppose to be getting Christopher up and ready for his day at work. Instead I saw (on Bloglines) that you have a new post so I HAD to come over and check out life at the Copperswife home. :coolman:

    He will be leaving work early today (Friday and Saturday are his usual workdays) to go to his high school retreat, the last time as a somewhat official high school student (being he is merging into college already). Every time they have gone, they had bad weather that weekend. There is actually SNOW in the forecast, not enough to stick on the ground but enough to be uncomfortable. 🙂

    Anyway… I’m working on the garage this week. Just a little at a time but each day’s work accumulates to where I will no longer be cringing when I see all the mess. My washer and dryer are in the garage so I walk past all of it quite often.

    Reminder to self: Do NOT keep stacking up boxes and “stuff” in the garage during the cold winter months.

    Love seeing your pictures. 🙂

  • The pics of Will were so wonderful…heartwarming. What a handsome guy! I loved watching him experience the tears and then the joy of the smoothie! I am sure you will all miss Aaron, but he will have so much fun on that trike! Lots to share when he returns.

    Your pantry sounds like it will look beautiful. I can’t wait to see the sinished project! “My heart is all a flutter!!”

  • “sinished”???? Now there is a new quoteable!!!! Of course I meant Finished!

  • Aaron is going to have such a wonderful trip full of memories with his Paw Paw. Poor Will though. He loves his big brother so much.

    I know that you are missing your boy-man too. I wish I had my own Aaron here because you and Copper have raised him to be such a fine upstanding man, capable of completing so many things on his own now.

  • Sweet Will. I hope that smoothie did wonders to perk him up a tich. I’m sure Aaron is having a wonderful time with his PawPaw on the red trike – wow! :fun: I do believe I’ve seen that trike in town.

    Love the poppy red and white together. It’ll be a great backdrop for your pantry items.

    Bless you dearly as you continue to keep on keeping on, Cheryl.


  • Your blog is such an inspiration for women who wish to be more to their families. Thank you for the practical wisdom you share here every time you post.

  • When your little man is having one of those “too-many-emotions-to-sort-through-so-I’ll-just-melt-down-instead” days, and you’re able to help him move through it and find joy on the other side of it, don’t you just feel like the greatest mom in the world?!?!?!?!

    Before Isaac had so many seizures, and he was more emotionally alert, he would have days like that.  When I was able to help him find his “happy” again, I felt like I was The Queen!  It was as if suddenly I knew exactly what God had made me for – to help this child work through this day.

    I’m so glad he found his way through today.  I’m sure he’ll have a few more times like that while Aaron is gone.  It’s good practice for the future, I guess, but oh, my, it’s hard on a mommy’s heart, too.

    May God give you an extra helping of empathy these next few days,


  • Thank you for sharing with us about having a Thankful Heart.
    I really need this reminder daily.
    God Bless,

  • What to comment on first? I had to smile about the singing. I used to sing Sunday school songs at the top of my lungs when I was swinging on the swing set in our backyard as a child. Thankfully, the neighbors didn’t mind. LOL.

    Ah, Will. He’s such a sweetheart. I am sure he will miss his brother, but I hope he can have some fun too with Mom, Dad, Dani, and hopefully his nephews and nieces too. Glad to see the smile for the smoothie. Yum!

    Do you have a light fixture in your pantry? The red paint might make it dark in there and hard to see. Just a thought. We have a mid-toned green in our living room and hallway and because of the lack of windows its very dark. I love the colors you have picked out. Very pretty!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Ha ha….that was a great story about your singing…….sing on, sister! :yes:

    Singing praises to our Lord is a wonderful mood-changer; how can we not rejoice when our focus is on Him? God is good……all the time. :sunny:

  • I loved your singing story ~ a good message served with a smile! I thought this post showed such family sweetness. My children hate separations, too. They just genuinely enjoy each other that much.