Life Happens

     I’ve had a very unusual day.  Life happens!  What is it I always say????  Hold your plans loosely?  It certainly does pay to do so.  *MY* plans for today included the following:  doing all of my daily chores, taking care of the weekly chores in my parlor, working a day ahead to take care of all of the weekly chores in my living room, making a batch of cookies to share with my grandbabies tomorrow, homeschooling my children, and finally placing that book order I’ve been talking about. 

     How much of *MY* plans were accomplished?  By day’s end the dailies should be done, but that’s about it.  You know what?  I’m more than good with that!  I’m happy with that, truly.  Years ago this would have stressed me out and sent me into some sort of frenzy, but not anymore.  I’ve learned that holding my own plans loosely, and yielding my plans to whatever the Lord sends my way, is the way to live my life. 

     So what did I do today?  I need to back up to last night to answer that.

     Last night, when they were SUPPOSED to be sleeping, my boys were playing.  We could hear them laughing and talking from time to time and then we heard that awful sound….the sound of a pained cry, then Aaron’s shouting, “Mom!  Dad!  Oh, come quick, come quick!”  We jumped up and ran toward the boys’ room, and Will, crying frantcially, met us in the hall.  Aaron had reached down from the top bunk to tickle William and poked him in the eye instead.  But it wasn’t just any ol’ run of the mill poke in the eye……..(if you’re at all squeamish you might want to skip to the next paragraph)………..Aaron’s finger actually went up under Will’s eyelid!  Will kept saying “His finger was inside my eye”, but we, of course, thought he’d just gotten poked in the eye.  Aaron set us straight, because he was really unnerved by what had happened.  I’ve heard way too many descriptions since of how it felt from Aaron’s perspective. 

      Are all the squeamish folks ready to rejoin us?  Okay, moving on………we looked at his eye and really couldn’t see any damage.  The lid was swelling and his eye was red, but nothing really looked too awful.  I put a cold cloth on it and loved all over him to help him calm down.  He ended up bringing his pillow and blanket out and lying on the couch in the living room with  Copper and I.  It really hurt!!!  I’ve had an eye injury in the past and it is really terrible pain.  We spent the next hour sort of trying to decide if we should take a trip to the ER or just wait until morning.  We decided to take a wait and see approach.  Will fell asleep on the couch and my husband carried that big boy to bed.

      Since the boys were up very late with all of this, I didn’t wake them this morning.  Will slept until 9:30!!!  His upper eye area, under the eyebrow, was swollen and showing just a hint of bruising.  His eye was red, but not horribly so.  His eye hurt, but not as bad as last night.  However, as the morning progressed, it started getting a bit more red and I caught him rubbing it gently from time to time, and the pain was increasing. 

     The medical facility we use has a wonderful advice nurse service that I just love!!!  Whenever I’m unsure of whether or not to call to make an appointment, I call them.  They have various questions to ask for all sorts of injuries and illnesses to determine what should be done.  At 11:30 I called.  I was hoping for an “apply a cold compress and some soothing eye drops” bit of advice, which was what I’d already planned to do.  I always love calling the advice nurse and having them tell me to do what I’d already planned on doing!  However, this time around the advice nurse said that his injury warranted a visit to an opthalmologist.  She made us an appointment for 1:30. 

     His eye was numbed and he was given a thorough exam.  His eye is scratched in a couple of places, but not deeply.  The inside of his upper eyelid also has a couple of minor scratches.  The doctor did not feel an antibiotic was even warranted.  I am one thankful Mom!!

      Okay, now about those numbing eyedrops.  I don’t know what color they are going into the eye, but the resultant tears are a very bright, almost neon yellow.  The nurse gave him a tissue to wipe the tears spilling out on his cheeks, and Will and I cracked up at how YELLOW they were.  When we got to the car Aaron asked Will what was under his nose.  Okay, we all know that everything in the eye, ear, nose and throat area is interconnected through the sinuses and all, right?  Those silly drops had made their way into Will’s sinuses and were dripping out of his nose!!!  It looked like Mountain Dew!

     It’s fun to have a good laugh with your kids, and we did laugh!!  They’re boys, okay, so I’ll spare you the details of all of the neon snot comments made.  You mothers of only girls really do lead a sheltered life.  I had Corin and Dani years before Aaron and Will so I know what I’m talkin’ about.   

     Since we were at the medical facility anyway, I drove across the street to the main medical building and Aaron waited a really long time to receive his second, and final, MMR vaccine.  (I’m not looking for a discussion on the pros and cons of immunizations and vaccines here.  If you’ve read here long you know our story.  It was Aaron’s decision, as a maturing young man, to have this particular vaccine now to protect himself and his future wife and children from any risk of complications from these diseases.  End of story.)  Poor kid.  He’s fourteen, but no one likes getting a shot.  The wait was worse than the injection!

     Since breakfast was served at 9:45, we did not have lunch until 2:30.  I treated the boys to Chinese food.  While we were eating, Aaron jumped up rather suddenly.  It startled me, but then my heart just melted.  He saw an elderly gentleman using a walker headed for the door to leave.  He was jumping up to open the door for this man.  I was so pleased, and felt so blessed. 

     As soon as he returned to the table, I offered up a heartfelt, “Good job, Bud.”  Any more would have embarassed him, and yet his actions needed acknowledgment.  You see, ladies, he’s fourteen.  He still struggles daily with self-control, and sin, and childishness…..uh-oh, he sounds like me!……..and as a parent it’s so easy to fall into the trap of always correcting, always training, always watching for our children to mess up so that we can do what we do best.  Please, please, please don’t miss the opportunity to catch your kids doing good!  These little glimpses that the Lord gives me of the man that my son is quickly becoming are such a tender mercy to me, and they encourage me to not grow weary in doing good in my efforts as a parent. 

      As we were finishing our meal,  I asked them if they would be so kind as to wander through the nearby Target with me, and they said, “sure”.  I told them, “Good answer!”. 

     I LOVE wandering through Target when I don’t have a dime to spend.  There are no decisions to be made, and no pressure to look for the best deals or wonder if what I’m looking at will go on sale soon.  I just browsed and admired and looked at all sorts of things.  Patio furniture.  Bedding.  Towels.  Rugs.  Picture frames.  Furniture.  Containers, baskets and bins of all sorts.  Lamps.  Framed art.    No coveting or dreaming, just looking and enjoying all of the lovely things displayed in a leisurely manner.  My boys, on the other hand, browsed through the toy area and split the cost of a couple of new games. 

     We left Target and I bought the boys smoothies on the way home.  We hit the freeway just ahead of the heavy commute traffic and headed back home.    

     We were in the door by 5:00.  My boys sat down, with what was left of their smoothies, and started playing one of their new games.  I sat down, too, to reflect a bit on my day.  I’m thankful that Will’s eye injury is very, very minor.  No damage done.  I’m thankful for my husband’s job that pays for our medical care and allows us to seek and receive treatment when we need it.  We had a lovely, relaxing late afternoon (after the doctor stuff), and it really was nice. But you know what?  I’m tired!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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14 comments to Life Happens

  • I love how you, by example, remind us to thank God for the provision He extends through our husbands. It touches my heart. :o)

  • Life with boys is certainly an adventure! (Speaking from experience here!) So glad that Will’s injury was a minor one!

  • I am so glad your Will is okay!  Oh that sounds so awful and poor Aaron must have felt so badly!

    As for boy humor, I grew up in a family of girls with a quiet dad.  So imagine my shock when I got married and my first 2 children are boys and I heard all of those “boy” jokes!  It has taken alot of…err…getting used to!!  πŸ˜†

    Have a wonderful day!  Karen T. from Maine 

  • I LOVE snot jokes!! Of ourse I am surrounded by boys, and Charlotte…she can dish out a snot joke with the best of them! So glad Will is ok and Aaron too…sounds like it was pretty traumatic for him.

    I imagine you would be tired after a day like that. Not what you planned, but look at the time you were able to spend with those boys!

  • Thank you for the encouragement once again to be content with what God has blessed us with as well as the job that the Good Lord has provided our Beloved Husbands with and the income that comes in as well.
    Glad to hear that Will is doing better.
    My Family and I will be praying for you and for your family.
    God Bless,

  • Oh Praise God all things turned out OK.. As the mom of 4 boys I know those moments! Thanks so much for having your friends and readers pray for my Joshua.. He is being sent to Germany for treatment and the military assure us he will be find eventually! Then he will be able to return to law enforcement hopefully my Christmas here in the states.

  • So glad that Will is o.k. My 8 yo ds got a piece of dirt in his eye a couple of years ago and scratched his cornea. Very painful!

    And thanks so much for the gentle reminder of how to deal with our young teens. My oldest son is 14 (almost 15) and I really needed this reminder. This is new area that we are entering as he enters manhood, and sometimes it is hard for both of us as our relationship evolves. I resolve to be more careful to not only correct and train, but also to look for areas where he *is* doing a good job and to recognize them. Thankfully, my husband is much better at this than I am.

    Blessings to you!

    Melanie in KS

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I am so happy Will is k. I raised a boy so I know how gross they can be. Mine liked to pull things when his sister had friends over. He loved to make the girls squim. LOL

    Have a blessed day.


  • Such is life with boys. Sigh… Another story to tell his children someday which will begin “Did I tell you the time Uncle…?”.

    We didn’t continue C.’s vaccines because he had such a horrible reaction as an infant. However, we did make certain he got everything he needed a couple of years ago.

    Our church had a measles epidemic because one of the homeschooled girls went on a missions trips with no vaccines and came back with… measles. It was horrible! Especially with so many little children and pregnant moms in our congregation at the time.

    It spread within other homeschool families in the community, too.

    Since he was in his teens, we didn’t have to be concerned with the side affects, anyway.

  • This reminds me of one night when MY children were supposed to be sleeping, and one (a girl…..!) was jumping on her bed and fell off and put her tooth through her lip.  Yup, a trip to ER was needed.  She got stitches too.  We still tease her about “no more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

    Anyway, not to debate, but I’m interested in how your son Aaron is handling his vaccines at his age.  I have 4 little boys that are as yet unvaccinated and we have also thought about having the MMR done when they were in their teens.  Is he finding it okay?  Sick? 

    Thanks for all your articles/blogs.  I really enjoy each one!

  • I’m so glad that Will is OK.

    Bravo for Aaron being such a wonderful young man with a spirit for helping others.

  • Glad the eye is not too bad.  Ah, boys, or should I say boyz, they are something else!  Poor Aaron – just playing around and then there’s an injury.  Sounds like you already found ways to look back on it and laugh.  πŸ™‚

  • We had 2 separate incidents of scratched corneas here at our home last year.  Fortunately it gave way to some anatomy of the eye lessons which we included with their portfolios.  πŸ™‚   Praise God for those little lessons!  And fortunately we didn’t have the neon snots and avoided that discussion altogether.  πŸ˜†  

    Hope your day is going well.



  • Oh ow! Poor Will! Poor Aaron too. I am sure he felt badly for his brother. Yes, boys and girls are definitely different. Boys seem to find so much more humor in bodily functions than girls do. Although, my dd will laugh right along with her brothers over um, flatulence and beans. Maybe her brothers are having an unladylike influence? Maybe its just that she’s 6yrs old and its funny. πŸ™‚

    Glad you got to enjoy lunch and browse Target. Give Aaron a “Way to go, Bud” from me too. I love to see young generations helping and thinking of others before themselves. Good job Mom and Dad too for raising him right.

    Many blessings