Busy – A Photo Journal

      A few photos of what we’ve been up to, and this isn’t even the half of it!!!  Blessedly full days here!






 Dani has done some sewing.










     We “raised our hands up” and sang along with the Newsboys in the car.














     Yep, me too!!!  (Don’t worry, I remained in complete control of my vehicle at all times.)











     Will was heavy into indoor fort building.









     My handsome baby!











     Mower blades were sharpened while my barefoot country girl looked on.  And, yes, I was able to get that horrible grass stain out of Copper’s shirt.










      I’m done painting the pantry.  It’s beautiful!  I’ll be posting some pictures of the completed project once I’m done froo-frooing it up.  Who says function can’t be beautiful?!?!?!













      Clipping branches from wild plum trees and flowers from my front yard Hawthorne made for a lovely, long-lasting flower arrangement.











     Grandbabies!!!  I cannot believe our little Pixie Girl is almost a year old!













      “Gwamma, put an apron on me!”.  There are plenty of aprons to go around for all of our little helpers.













     Corin sewed, too.  Dani is introducing her to her sewing machine.  (My machine, which hates Corin, sits quiet and alone in the backgrond.)









     Keeping close tabs on his mama while she sews.  You just never know when Aunt Dani’s machine might turn against her, too.

     Is Niki the only one that noticed my new profile pic with this little guy?  She and Bren both use pictures cuddling newborn grandbabies.  Since my newest grandbaby is 10 1/2 months old, I decided to use a more recent picture with my oldest grandchild.  Oh, he’s a handsome boy, too!





     I love this picture.  They’ve been married for 7 1/2 years and he still gazes at my daughter with adoring eyes. 





God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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15 comments to Busy – A Photo Journal

  • Where ever you go, that’s where the party is!

  • I love your new profile picture! And I love your pantry! I would have never thought to paint it red but it looks so good! Your new apron is beautiful!! I love your sewing area too ~ it looks like such a cheerful place to work. Thanks again for sharing your day with us!

  • High, throw your hands up, throw your hands up high!  High, throw your hands up, throw your hands up high!

  • “We don’t claim any know how, we’re giving God all that”  😆

  • It’s good to see what Copper’s family has been up to! Spring brings busy days. 🙂

  • Love the pantry!  It’s nearly the same color as my master bathroom.  (Nobody will EVER be able to paint over that.  If they don’t like red, they’re sunk!)

  • Wonderful picture update, Cheryl! Your new pantry looks amazing and I think the picture of Rob and Corin is so sweet!

  • Wow~ What a fun and productive time! Love everything! Your pantry, your apron and your blossoms in milk glass. I really love your new profile pic. and the photos of your fun family. Love, Rebecca

  • Hi
    Love the colour of your pantry walls. You grandchildren are Gorgeous. I like your new profile picture too

    Hereford UK

  • Beautiful pictures today! I love your new profile picture-you look stunning!

  • Beautiful pictures today! I love your new profile picture-you look stunning!

  • The New Updated picture is lovely. Thank you for sharing all the lovely pictures with us.
    God Bless,

  • I LOVE your new profile pic! In a few months I too can say I am cuddling my “oldest” Grandson, instead of my “only” grandchild.

    What wonderful pictures of your busy days. I love the pic of the girls sewing. I love even more that your machine “hates” Corin. My own machine has a slight distain for me, so I understand it.

    Will is looking like he has some sun color. Very healthy looking young man. Speaking of young man, did Aaron have fun on his trike trip?

    Your pantry is gorgeous. It doesn’t even look like the same area. Can’t wait to see how you will froo froo it up!!!


  • Yeah!  Pantry pictures!  I have been checking in everyday to see those.  I’m trying to get the nerve up (and find the time) to paint in my kitchen.

    Got to love the News Boys!!  What fun, praising in the car together!


  • Will looks like he had grown so much over the past couple of months. He looked so happy and contented in that fort pic.

    Your pantry looks MAHVELOUS, Dahling! I can’t wait to see it all froo-frooed up and Cherylized (OHHH I coined a new word ).