Good Intentions

     I had really good intentions for posting one more time in May, but it’s not going to happen.  We were blessed to have two families from church over for dinner on Friday evening, and enjoyed wonderful fellowship with them until late in the evening.  My grandbabies came Friday evening, too, and have been with […]

Thelma’s Berry (Or Any Fruit) Cobbler Recipe

I have a small cookbook. There are only a couple of dozen recipes in it, but they were all written out by my mom. I’m sure her intention was to fill this little recipe book with all of her wonderful recipes, some of which she was famous for; but she never finished the task. I […]

Berry Busy

     Pardon the bad play on words, but I have been berry busy!  A lot of time was spent outdoors today, running hoses and changing irrigation lines.  The pasture where we run our small flock of sheep is not going to last them the summer.  I walked the line of flood irrigation (which we no […]

A Day Well Spent

     The weather here today was glorious, almost perfect.  As the early afternoon sun rose high in the sky it began to get almost too warm; but no sooner than that thought crossed my mind, some clouds rolled in and the breeze, cool and fresh from the delta, cooled things down again.  Now, at nearly […]

A List

Chasing a gopher in the garden (this little dude is super sly) Picking sugar snap peas Trapping ear wigs in the garden Picking black berries from our own berry vines Making blackberry jam Planning a fresh berry pie for tonight with loads of freshly whipped, sweetened cream on top Pulling weeds in the garden Touring the orchards and […]

Please Consider

     Please prayerfully consider how you might participate in this year’s Riverbend Ranch Charity Carnival.  All proceeds from this year’s carnival will go directly to the Davis Family Education Fund.  


     The easiest and most beneficial way for those at a distance to participate is found here.




Jammin’ On a Blustery Day


     Yesterday’s wonderful, cool southwesterly breeze changed to a strong, hot, dry north wind today.  My front yard is littered with small, young tree branches that have broken out of the trees.  We really can’t open up much of the house today because the wind blows things around too much inside.


All Day Long

      The entire day.  All of it.  The full 24 hours.  I was HOME!!!  Oh, it was delightful beyond measure!  It has been about ten days since I’ve been home for an entire day.  I was busy preparing for our vacation, and then we were gone.  We were home Friday, but enjoyed some wonderful time with […]

Fancy Almonds For Your Salads – Two Recipes!

I’ve been eyeing those fancy flavored salad almonds at the store. They look wonderful, but they are quite pricey and they are loaded with corn syrup and preservatives. I knew I could do better. Yesterday I picked up some raw sliced almonds and some raw slivered almonds from the bulk foods section of my market. […]

I Just Found Out

     The girls and I enjoy keeping our photo blog.  My girls take great pictures, but they let me play along, too.  It is our practice that each of us post our pictures in a private format when we have them ready at the end of the week.  The last of us to post then makes all three […]