Blessedly Full

     I always say that my days are blessedly full, and that has never been more true than right now.  Blessedly full of gorgeous weather and days full of so much pollen that I’ve been known to sneeze a dozen times in succession.  But the pollen!  It’s such a good thing and we are blessed with an abundance of bees this year.  I watched one on my climbing rose earlier this week…..the pollen sacks on his legs were full to overflowing and yet he worked on, collecting more and more pollen to take back to the hive so that the rest of the hive, including the babies, could be fed.  We don’t keep our own bees, and that makes me doubly thankful for those in my area that do!

     My days are blessedly full of time with my children still at home, as well as an afternoon spent with my married daughter, Corin, and my grandbabies.  What a joy!!!  We laughed ourselves silly yesterday watching them!! 

     My days are blessedly full of God’s bountiful provision for our family!  He is so loving and so good and provides for us so well!   Here are just a few examples of His provision…..He has provided for us

      By leading Dani and I out to a side area of the nursery and putting a flat of 100 strawberry plants, priced extremely well, in our path.  Lord willing, this initial investment will keep us in strawberries for years to come! 

     By allowing my husband’s mandatory training class to let out 90 minutes early, which had my husband in the drive way just as we were contemplating where we should try to plant our new strawberry field.  (Okay, it’s really more of a patch, but I grew up listening to “strawberry fields forever”…so a strawberry field it is!)   As I was finishing mowing the area we thought would be right, my husband pointed out an even better area to us!  He discovered this before we’d broken ground.  His coming home when he did allowed him the time to till us a new area, help me to compost it (he did the majority of this, of course), and Dani and I had it planted before we sat down to supper! 

     By having two seedlings instead of just one in some of the 2″ starter plants we picked up for the garden.  Yes, I do buy some plants already started.  Not only is this a money saver (We only need one zucchini plant, aferall.  One 2″ zucchini plant is $.75, a package of way too many seeds is $1.69.), but it’s a time saver as well because we don’t have to wait for the seeds to germinate.     

     By directing us as we planted our garden so that everything would fit in the well tilled, fertile soil that we have tended and fed and composted and composted and composted for ten years.  Even the flower seeds we bought for cutting flowers for the house fit!!  There is room left for some additional plantings of corn and beans, too!    

     By sending a wonderful friend from church to bring us a meal “just because” that not only fed us one night, but two!  The meal came the day we did all the planting.  She apologized because she was running late and we would have to eat late (it needed to cook for about 90 minutes); but you know what???   He provided there, too, because we were able to get all 100 strawberry plants in the ground before we came in to a yummy smelling, wonderfully delicious hot meal! 

     By giving us delight in our work.  Planting that big garden was a lot of work.  Aaron and Dani raked up the soil into our own version of raised beds, and Will and I planted seeds and seedlings.  It was hard, dirty work, but it was delightful working together; and, at day’s end, it was wonderful to look back at what we were able to accomplish in one afternoon and early evening.  

     By giving my husband a few hours of overtime this week.

     His provision is bountiful and sweet and good!  We are blessed beyond measure!!!  Delight yourself in the Lord….(Ps.37:4)!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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