Home Sweet Home

     We are home again, safe and sound, though very tired and road weary.  We had a wonderful time and made lots of family memories.  Corin and my grandbabies did a wonderful job of taking care of our animals and garden and such in our absence.  We are so grateful for her willingness to help us out this way.  It’s really a HUGE job, especially with four little ones in tow.  Without her help, our trip would not have been possible.  Thank you, Sweetie!!  It was really not possible for us to use the person that our neighbors always use to care for their watering and animal care because we took that person with us!

     Corin alluded to the fact (on her blog) that our trip ended on a bit of a bumpy note, and that is true.  You know us, we always end up laughing at our own calamities and we are already laughing heartily at this one!  I’ll share more with a bit of a wrap up in a day or two once we’ve regrouped and rested up a bit.  I do appreciate your prayers for our family as we travelled. 

     For now, though, we are home and glad to be here!  Tomorrow we will be busy doing a lot of catching up, laundry, etc., as well as preparing for the Lord’s Day.  I cannot wait to shower in my own shower and then fall into my own bed.  Bliss!!!!!!!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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