On The Table This Week At Copper’s House

     I’m missing planning menus that have new recipes and a bit more involved cooking.  This week, though, is not the week for that sort of cooking.  This week is for making the most of our time outside of the kitchen and for cleaning out the fridge and perishable pantry items.  Think this week’s menu is boring?  Wait until you see next week’s menu! 

     I’d like to take a moment to answer a couple of recent questions that are related to menu planning.  I do not plan my menus before I shop.  Instead, I maintain a pantry that is well stocked with the staples that we use commonly.  I also keep my freezer filled with the meats I’ve been able to purchase on special, frozen veggies bought on sale (or from our garden), and with main dishes, breads, muffins, cookies, etc., made in our home.  When I go to the store every other week I buy only those items that we are either running low on, or that are on a very good special sale.  I am careful to not buy more than we can use before expiration dates.  I can check the meat counter for marked down meats or for special sales on cuts of meat that we use. 

     I make up our menus one week at a time.  My first step is to look at the calendar for any special events during the coming week.  Will we be away from home for any of our meals?  Are there any appointments in town near the noon hour that might cause us to grab a quick bite while we’re in town rather than coming home?  Does my husband have any evening meetings?  Once that has been determined, I check my fridge for produce or other items that should be used in the next week.  This week, for example, since we have some cream cheese that is getting close to expiration, I put Chicken Alfredo on the menu.  I also have some Hoagie rolls in the freezer that should be used soon, so I’ll make Hoagie sized cheeseburgers to use those as well.

     Then I simply sit down and begin jotting down meal ideas.  Some weeks, I can do this without any prompts.  On other occasions I need to look through my recipe box for ideas.  Most weeks, and what I’ll be back to doing very soon, I try to work in a new recipe or two.  The new recipe might be anything – a main dish, a salad, a dessert, a new breakfast dish, a new bread – whatever!  Since my pantry and freezer are well stocked, I can pretty much count on having any necessary ingredients on hand.  If I’m not sure, I’ll check before adding it to the menu for the week.  If I don’t have the needed ingredients, I will not put that particular dish on the menu.  However, I might make note of needed ingredients for my next Mega Shop trip and make it then.

     The Mega Shop.  I call it this because this every-other-Friday trip is not limited to food shopping.  This is the day that we try to do all of our necessary shopping.  I list all of the necessary stops and I try my best to make the circuit with no backtracking.  I’m ususally fairly successful with this.  The two back seats are removed from the van, the reusable shopping bags and two big ice chests are loaded in, and off Dani and I go.  It is not unusual for me to come home with sacks of animal feed, plants, trees, the occasional item from the dry cleaner, household items, clothing, etc. in addition to our food purchases.  This week I had a half whiskey barrel in the back of the van (to transplant some of my herbs), which we then filled up with two new outdoor sprayers, and a couple of soaker hoses.  Dani spotted some wonderful cotton Hawaiian shirts on clearance for $3.00 each, so I came home with several of those for William, along with jeans, shorts and t-shirts for both boys for the summer.  A coupla pairs of shoes.  A purse.  Toiletries.  Dog food.  A bird feeder.  A cucumber and an eggplant plant.  Light bulbs.  Three signs for our church.  Groceries.  

     It makes for a long day sometimes, but it’s so nice to only have to do it once every two weeks.  No running to the store for one ingredient.  We live twenty minutes from town, and thirty minutes from the grocery store we use.  It’s just not wise, money-wise or time-wise, to do it any other way right now.  This works well for us, but if you live in town with a nearby store, shopping more frequently might be the best idea.  Do what works for you!  

     Here’s our menu for the week.

     Breakfast:  Dad’s Fabulous, Famous, Delectable & Tasty Monday Morning Waffles
     Lunch:  Grilled Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches, Chips
     Dinner:  Chicken Alfredo, Green Salad

     Breakfast:  Big Breakfast Tuesday!!  Maple Sausage Patties, Fried Eggs, Toast
     Lunch:  Nachos (topped with ground beef, refried beans, cheese, sour cream, and salsa)
     Dinner:  BIG Cheese Burgers on Hoagie Rolls with Grilled Onions, Garlic Oven Fries, Green Salad

     Breakfast:  Cereal
     Lunch:  Sandwiches, Fruit
     Dinner:  Tacos, Spanish Rice, Green Salad

     Breakfast:  Rolled 5 Grain Cereal (Hot)
     Lunch:  Bacon & Cheese Quesadillas, Green Salad
     Dinner:  Mediterranean Meat Pie (from my freezer stash), Steamed Broccoli 

     Breakfast:  Pancakes
     Lunch:  Left Over Meat Pie and/or PBJ Sandwiches
     Dinner:  Cheese Tortellini with Meat Sauce, Green Salad

     Breakfast:  Cereal (Twice in one week?  Wow!!)
     Lunch:  Chef Dani’s Choice
     Dinner:  I’m Just Not Sure

     Breakfast:  Chocolate Swirl Coffee Cake
     Lunch:  Something Quick & Easy
     Dinner:  Wild Dinner (My son William’s term for our typical Sunday evening meal of left overs, pop corn, snacks…..every man for himself!)

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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7 comments to On The Table This Week At Copper’s House

  • I was getting ready to say “None of Dani’s baked goods this week?” Then I saw Chocolate Swirl Coffee Cake…Now all is right with the world

    Be praying for our state (NC) Tuesday. It is our Primary.


  • I so understand mega- shopping, we are trying here to get ours down to 1x a month. The kids know that if they need something it needs to go on the mega shop list or your not getting it for another month.

  • Your blog is such an encouragement. I think it motivates many women to get organized. Life is so much easier that way.

    Blessings to your day.


  • Thanks for sharing your meal plan with us. I know you are busy. When you share this way, it motivates me to be a better steward of my home and money.


  • I was wondering if you would share your recipe for Spanish rice, and over time if you would share how you freeze veggies from your garden. Once we sell and move, we plan to garden and want to fill our freezer. Just not sure how to freeze fresh veggies. Right now we pickle and make jam.

  • Cheryl, I was wondering what exactly do you have or think should be in a stocked pantry?? Do you have a post on pantries somewhere on your site?? My pantry is nice sized but other than a few boxes of cereal and some dog treats I don’t really know how to properly supply it…Also I too would be interested in learning how you freeze fresh veggies, asparagus is my husbands favorite and when it gets cheap I would love to buy a whole bunch and freeze it but don’t know how…

    I just love your blog….:heartbeat:

    Blessings, Joann

  • Great looking menu as usual!!