Work A Little, Rest A Little


     My mantra for the day was work a bit, rest a bit, work a bit, rest a bit.  It had to be that way.  The flare up of my condition continues, but I will not yield to the temptation of giving up!  Nope!  I can do all things through Him who strengthens me! (Ph. 4:13)  However, we do have some big plans coming up soon (oh, yes, I’ll share when the time comes!), and I don’t want to be so weary and worn that I cannot enjoy those plans.  So, work a bit, rest a bit is just the thing!  His strength is sufficient.

     William had just one book left to finish up for school before our two week break.  He’s enjoyed reading Stories of the Pilgrims, so the task of finishing up was a pleasant one. Encouraged by the fact that once that book was finished he would have nothing more assigned to him until May 26, he put his mind to the task of finishing up earlier, rather than later. 


     He asked if he could read outside this morning.  I said, “Yes.”.  I almost always do.  I watched him, though, to see where he would land.  Across the front yard…………climbing the gate into the sheep pasture……..









  across the pasture………









    Ah!  Of course!!  This big ol’ Eucalyptus tree has been a favorite reading perch and play spot for both of my boys for years.  He came in for lunch, and then returned to the tree to read some more.  By 2:30 he was in the house, with the finished book in his hand.  Well done, Will! 

     Aaron has been diligently working on finishing up his reading, too.  Of course, his books are more difficult and longer.  Fortunately, though, he is enjoying the last of his books, The Cat of Bubastes, so the work is pleasurable for him, too.  He may not finish, and that’s okay.  He has a chapter to read for a men’s book study he attends with his dad and several men from our church before tomorrow evening.  He has also promised to help a family from church move on Saturday, which means he will have to take care of all of his outdoor chores at home on Friday.  He can finish up the Henty book at a leisurely pace over our break.

     Dani was gone all day helping the lady of the soon-to-move household pack.  We have known this sweet family for years now, having met in a church we all attended many years ago.  We are delighted to once again be worshipping with them!  Aaron and their son have become good friends, and Dani and I both just thoroughly enjoy the friendship of the Mrs. 

     After finishing up my daily chores, I went to work on the weekly chores for both Wednesday and Thursday.  I wanted those all behind me by day’s end.  A few loads of laundry were done, some line dried, and some dried in the dryer.  Though I love line-dried towels, my husband does not; and none of the guys like “cardboard” blue jeans!!  Economy is a good thing, and I do appreciate that I can save on our electric bill by using the clothes line.  However, my family’s preferences are also part of the “economy” of my homemaking, so the towels and jeans go into the dryer!


     After I finished dusting the living room (normally a weekly job done on Thursday), I decided I’d like to change things around just a bit.  Aaron took the small stack of firewood next to the woodstove back out to the wood shed, and then he cleaned out the wood stove for me.  He used a small brush and dustpan, and then took the hand-held Dust Buster off the vacuum handle (Oh, how I love that little rechargeable vacuum!) to clean up the mess left on the hearth.  I moved a few things around to change the display on my mantle just a bit.  I moved a few things there a few weeks ago, but never quite knew what I wanted to finish it.


     I washed up the chimney to my mom’s red oil lamp, and then towel dried it to avoid water spots.  I also noticed that the tea light holders in the candleabra on my coffee table were looking dirty.  I emptied the spent tea lights from the holders and then rinsed each with hot tap water.  While the glass was still quite warm, almost hot, I used a paper towel to wipe out any spilled wax.  The hot water softens the wax just enough that this was easy to do.  I do not use paper towels often, but this is one job that they are perfect for.  Once all five were wax free, I washed and dried them as well.  While I was at it, I washed up the black frame for the glasses, too.  The candlelight will sparkle trhough the clean glass now! 







     I like the look of things on the mantle now.  The yellow ware bowls are family heirlooms, as is the red oil lamp.  The picture on the left is of my mom’s family before she married, and is the only family picture I have of my maternal grandparents and their two children all together.  The picture at the other end is of my dad, who served in the Army Air Corps during WWII.  He was too old for combat duty, so he served stateside and held the rank of Staff Sergeant.  My, he was handsome in his uniform!  The tobacco tin is filled with a wonderfully scented potpourri, and was a gift from our dear Meg (Copper’s Dad’s wife).  My Uncle Sam was a recent gift from my good friends (Corin’s in-laws).  (Please forgive the blurry picture.)

      I checked on the garden this morning as I was hooking up some irrigation lines, and I was thrilled to see that some of our giant sunflowers are sprouting!  We planted them in a very inhospitable place, right on the outskirts of our garden, but knew they would be okay there if the seeds sprouted.  I don’t remember how many we planted, exactly, probably 12 – 15, and at least four of them have sprouted. 


     We also have a few black (or Boysen) berries ripening.  We don’t have too many of these.  Most of our berries, and the berry we prefer, are Youngberries.  The original Youngberry canes came from my parents yard to our home in the city and ultimately to our home here in the country.  They will ripen just a bit later than the earlier variety.  My girls call the Youngberries “Granddad Berries” in memory of my dad.  Boy, we have so many family memories and stories surrounding the Youngberries.  My boys, of course, will know the stories only from our telling of them; but my girls remember them first hand.  These are stories that make us laugh and that make us cry, but they are part of my family’s story, and so they are told, year after year.


     After taking one of my bits of rest and then putting the last of the laundry into the dryer this afternoon,  I put on my big straw hat and headed out to cut some flowers for the house.  Dani drove in the gate just as I was headed out the back door.  We chatted about her day as I clipped roses for the house.  It seems my timing wasn’t the best.  Many of the flowers were past their prime and most of the others are still tiny buds.  I was able to bring a few in.  My flower arranging skill is lacking, but I do enjoy having them in the house so I perservere.  A milk glass vase filled with a few Joseph’s Coat roses, some curly leaf willow and wild plum leaves for greenery found its way to the bit of vacant space on my mantle.










     My very fragrant lavender rose in another milk glass vase (the milk glass was all my mother-in-love’s) for the bedroom.  The scent that I use in our bedroom (and that my husband also enjoys) is Fresh Cut Roses, so these flowers will enhance that fragrance.




     And just one flower and several buds from my peppermint twist rose in this old, children’s prayer mug.  How old does something have to be to be called vintage?  I’ve had this mug since I was about six….forty five years or so.  Hmmm……..wikipedia says that, where clothing is concerned, anything from the 1920’s – 1975 is considered “vintage”.  Okay, so, how about this – I placed the Peppermint Twist roses in a vintage child’s prayer mug, and adorned the whole with sprigs of wild plum.”  It’s all in the wording, eh?








     With dinner behind us, and the evening chores complete, the kids played two square in the driveway until Dad came home.  They have marked the court with sidewalk chalk, and have labeled the squares.  Will is standing in the “Uno Primo” square, while Dani tries to battle her way out of the “El Stinko” square.  Aaron awaited his turn on the sidelines.






     Before my husband came in the door I remembered to light the scented candle in our living room, as well as the tea lights on the coffee table.  I forgot to put new cd’s into the player with relaxing, instrumental music for the evening, though.  I’m off to do that now. 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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8 comments to Work A Little, Rest A Little

  • Your mantle is beautiful. I love the print you have hanging above it. I need to change my mantle decor. I never do.

    Praying you are relieved of those symptoms soon.:sunny:

  • Cheryl, your roses are lovely! I’ve never seen that Joseph’s Coat variety. It is beautiful!! :sunny:

  • My grandmother lost several of her family photos of which she only had one copy. Might I suggest you make copies of your photos if you haven’t already done so as it is heartbreaking to know that future generations of our family won’t have those preserved memories of people they will not meet this side of heaven.

    ~Alesha (Kennesaw, Ga)

  • :wave:  Not much time to respond, so I’ll just say “thank you” again for a wonderful post.  :spinning:

  • Great job today!! You did a beautiful job decorating the living room.

  • I’m so glad that your boys enjoy reading.  That will enrich their lives SO much! 

    My hubby never did enjoy reading very much, (except the Bible!), but as the Lord started preparing us for parenthood, he started to read.  I guess he suddenly had a whole new world open up before him that he felt unprepared for, so he just dug right in and become a prolific reader.  In fact, the majority of his birthday money was spent at various book stores!:goodjob:

    The roses are beautiful.  Thanks for sharing!

    Alesha – in Florida

  • Just looking at your beautiful photos refreshed me after a long and exhausting week. 🙂

  • Just looking at your beautiful photos refreshed me after a long and exhausting week. 🙂