All Day Long

      The entire day.  All of it.  The full 24 hours.  I was HOME!!!  Oh, it was delightful beyond measure!  It has been about ten days since I’ve been home for an entire day.  I was busy preparing for our vacation, and then we were gone.  We were home Friday, but enjoyed some wonderful time with Copper’s brother and his family Saturday evening, and then church on Sunday.  Yesterday my husband and I took care of the mega shop a few days late.  I thought I’d be out and about again today as Aaron had both orthodontist and eye appointments.  However, my husband needed to make a trip to the sheriff’s department firing range for his quarterly qualifying, so he took Aaron with him and they made a day of it.  I was so grateful to my husband for the opportunity to stay at home all day long!!!

     I mentioned that we hit a bit of bump toward the end of our vacation in Disneyland.  We had a fabulous time, and, really, we are even laughing about that bump now.   It wasn’t too funny at the time, though.  Our last day at Disneyland was Thursday.  By Wednesday night, we had ridden all of the rides and seen all of the shows at least once.  Aaron woke up Thursday morning with a virus and was sick to his stomach.  Fortunately it was just a 24 hour thing, but he was so miserable the whole day.  He went to the park with us, and we did our best to keep him comfortable.  Cool lemon-lime soda to sip slowly.  Plenty of water to sip slowly.  He and I spent an hour and a half in a lovely shaded spot in New Orleans Square while Copper took Dani and Will for seconds on some of the rides.  He stretched out on the brick bench, with his head in my lap, and dozed a bit while I enjoyed people watching and watching the steam paddle wheel boat cruise by.  There was wonderful Dixieland jazz music from time to time and it really was a lovely, relaxing time.

     The weather was quite hot in Anaheim that day, but as long as Aaron kept cool he felt okay.  Not great, but okay.  He even managed to take a calm ride or two (Pirates of the Carribean and The Jungle Cruise), but as we walked around a bit the heat and the nausea overtook him.  As we were waiting for the steam train that travels all the way around the park, he was violently ill……right over the railing above the Autopia (where the little gas powered cars are that folks can drive).  Poor kid!!!  However, that has been our laughing point ever since.  We’ve all imagined what he must have looked like to those driving by in their cars.  His favorite line, “You won’t see THIS on the visit Disneyland brochures!”


     A park employee offered to call medical help for us, but we declined.  Instead, we made our way slowly to the First Aid station.  Yes, the same First Aid station that I visited on Monday.  The nurses were very kind and quite compassionate, and he settled onto a cot and napped and rested.  I stayed with him for a couple of hours, and then Copper and I switched for an hour or so.  By then it was evening and he was feeling some better.  He even visited a couple of shops with us before we left for the park for the last time.  This picture, though…… almost makes me want to cry.  He was just so miserable!



     I don’t want to leave our trip on that sour note, though, so here are a few pictures of some of our favorite things.  The Tower of Terror at California Adventure is a hoot!!!  What an incredibly fun, incredibly terrifying ride!!  We all loved it!  This is us posing before riding it for the second time!










     I managed to snap a few pictures of my boys with one character or another throughout our trip, but a park employee was gracious enough to take a picture of our entire family with Chip.  Or is that Dale?  No, no, it’s Chip.  Well, maybe it’s Dale.









     Dani and I caught a second ride on the Matterhorn early Thursday morning. 







     The weather has been quite hot since we’ve been back home, but today is much cooler.  There’s a wonderful breeze coming in from off the delta keeping things comfortable.  I washed the whites first and hung them on the line to dry in the bright sunshine.  Next I washed the lighter colors.  By the time they were ready to hang out, one side of my clothes line was in the shade.  I always hang our colored clothing and table cloths inside out to protect them from fading, but it’s nice to have them drying in a light breeze in the shade, too.  No starch required on those line dried shirts!  (I don’t use starch normally, but the nice feel of the line dried shirts certainly tempts me to use a light starch when the shirts are not line dried.)  I remember my mom’s pink plastic bowl of blue starch water sitting on top of the dryer at home when I was a kid. 

     We’ve had to do some replanting in our big garden.  I shared a picture a couple of weeks ago of the entire tomato plant that disappeared into a gopher hole, and we’ve now lost a pepper plant and a cucumber plant as well.  My husband has been quite vigilant at trying to rid us of this pest.  Today was the first day that we’ve not seen any evidence of his being around.  We’ve never been plagued by gophers this badly before.  We’ve also had some seed failure this year.  This is a first for us to experience that as well.  We’ve always had great success with seed germination.  My husband, Dani and I replanted corn and green beans this afternoon, as well as three varieties of flowers for cutting and I am praying that these will all germinate and grow normally. 


     Speaking of garden robbers, my husband had Aaron cover our cherry tree a few weeks ago so that the birds wouldn’t get the cherries.  Unfortunately, Aaron covered the tree a bit too tightly, so the birds have still been able to land on the netting and eat the cherries they can reach that way.  We’ve lost about 1/3 of our cherries to birds, but the others are tucked too far into the tree under the netting for them to get.  They will be ready to pick in the next day or two.  There will be enough for us all to have a few. 




     While the guys were in town today, Dani brought out the reflective bird scare tape and started tying it up in the berry patch and on the stakes in the vineyard.  I helped her finish up.  We’ll add some to the trees in the orchard in the coming weeks as the fruit begins to mature.










     There was enough of a breeze today that the tape whipped about and crackled and sounded just like flames (which is what it is supposed to do). 






     My strawberries are doing wonderfully!  They are setting fruit like crazy!  I love being able to watch them flower and grow and produce.  God’s creation is fantastic!









     We will start picking our blackberries and youngberries this week, as well.  The first few dark, sweet berries have already been tasted here and there.





     My husband opened up the pool yesterday.  The water level was brought back up to the top, and the filter cleaned and started.  Last year Dani took over keeping watch over the chemical levels in the water for us.  She does a good job with it and, after a couple of years of talking to the guys at the pool supply store, has a pretty good handle on what it takes to get the pool ready at the beginning of the season and to keep it clean and sparkling all summer long. 





     I am so grateful for her willingness to take on this daily responsibility!









       Will takes great pleasure in skimming the bugs out of the water. 








     The light breeze early in the day, turned into a fairly strong wind by late afternoon.  The boys even pulled out the kites and had some great success flying them out in the pasture. 








     My day was quite full, but it was so great to be home that I enjoyed every minute of it.  Even dragging hoses here and there to get the watering and irrigating all done!  Laundry, dishes, watering, cooking, irrigating, a bit of weeding here and there, all of my dailies, working in the orchard, vineyard and garden and even some reading.  

     We are still in a bit of vacation mode, but my husband must return to work tomorrow.  The kids and I will tackle a few projects and do a few different sorts of things this week before diving back into homeschool next week. 

     For now, though, I am happy to be back at home and back to the life the Lord has given me here.  Vacations are fun, but real life and its pleasures are truly the best!  More “real life” tomorrow. 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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7 comments to All Day Long

  • So sorry that Aaron got so ill

    Your cherries look SO yummy!

    I need Dani to help me with my pool. We are having a terrible time. Apparently the former owners did not ‘close’ the pool properly or at all for that matter. Since we were new to in-ground pool ownership, I called a professional to open it. Every pipe had burst, including the pipes in the gas heater. The water was black green

    I called them to open my pool on April 15th. I still cannot use it. It is better but the whatever level that is supposed to be 150 is still at over 1,000!!! I hope he gets it straight before this weekend!

  • @Divine_Diva_in_NC –  Oh, so sorry to hear about your pool!!!!  Ours is just an above-ground pool, so worst case scenario we could just empty it and start over.  Ours is usually in good shape, but our winter cover had a few small holes in it, that tore to larger holes in the winter winds, and allowed yuckies to enter our pool.  Be patient….you don’t want the pool man to rush things and end up with way too many chemicals in your water! 

  • I know, but it is just frustrating because swimming is THE BEST thing in the world for my disability. The pressure from the water makes them feel so much better. Papa bought me this house because of the pool and I have not even been able to use it

    But you are right, I don’t want to get in the water until it is right.

    I was expecting it to have lily pads in it with all the algae. There were HUGE bullfrogs up there LOL I love hearing the bullfrogs croaking at night, and thinking of all the insects they eat too. I need to get my bat houses up. Some people freak out about bats, but I don’t mind them at all, I know how many insects, especially mosquitoes they eat every night! I love seeing them swoop in the night sky’s moonlight. I think they are beautiful in their own special way

    “All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all.”

  • I enjoyed a day home on Monday. I was actually “home alone”. I enjoyed the quiet time. Our older son who was in a car accident in January is usually here and the tv is usually on. I just like the quiet. It is nice from time to time.

  • What a wonderful day at home!! Your fruit look great!! Will you have enough cherries for a pie. It looks like the berries will be plentiful!

    Poor Aaron. I prayed for him!! He does look miserable in the pic. Thank goodness he was better before the car ride home! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

  • So sorry you got sick Aaron! : (

    Great to hear about your day! Sounds wonderful~ and your garden looks wonderful too. Hope you’ll be able to give me some tips of where to start around here. : )

    LOVE that picture of you waving from the log ride. Very sweet to see cheerful Cheryl in Disneyland.


  • It’s been so much fun following your vacation to Disneyland! I am sorry Aaron got sick, though. It sounds like he handled it like a trooper.

    And isn’t it always a joy to get back home! I’m glad you were able to get a full day at home. Your desire for it speaks volumes of the tender heart you have for hearth and home.

    Your almond recipes down below look *very* yummy. I’ll admit I’m a wild woman – I eat almonds raw!! ;o)