A Day Well Spent

     The weather here today was glorious, almost perfect.  As the early afternoon sun rose high in the sky it began to get almost too warm; but no sooner than that thought crossed my mind, some clouds rolled in and the breeze, cool and fresh from the delta, cooled things down again.  Now, at nearly sunset, sweaters outside feel good.  This is unusual for us, so late in May.  Temperatures flirting with the century mark are more the norm.  I am grateful for this cool, late spring weather.  It’s a tender mercy.

IMG_5369      My day was well spent.  We were back to a full day of homeschool here and of resuming our normal routine.  It was tough, for everyone, after two fun vacation weeks.  It was time, though.  We homeschool year round and our spring vacation could not last forever.  The majority of my day was spent with my boys in the school room, at my command post at one end of the couch..  It was time well spent.  We worked, a lot, on remembering how we are to work (as unto the Lord) and what our countenance shoud be (cheerful).  The same couple of Bible verses were repeated often from this mom to her boys; but by and by, things clicked and our day progressed fruitfully.


     William was thrilled that the time had finally arrived for him to learn cursive!  He was so happy to write his name, for the very first time in cursive.  He’s working very hard to learn to hold his pencil properly, something that has been quite difficult for him up to this point.  However, since learning cursive is a new skill anyway, it seemed the perfect time to really make the effort for a more or less proper pencil position.  He did very well!




     Aaron was finding it difficult to work amid the normal conversation and work of our home, and he retreated to a small, private place for some of his reading.  Dixie was not at all pleased with the arrangements, but I can’t say as I blame her.  I spent several minutes rubbing the kinks out of Aaron’s back after he finally emerged from his igloo. 

     My husband tended to some church errands this morning and then drove about, fruitlessly, trying to find foam tire inserts for my old bike.  We have terrible, treacherous thorns along our roadways out here.  It is impossible to ride more than once or twice without getting a flat tire.  It’s no fun to push a bike with a flat tire home two or three miles, either.  Foam tires are a wonderful thing!  However, they are hard to come by in the large, chunky size my bike requires.  Dani prefers my old, no frills bike to her mountain bike for riding, and I would dearly love to begin biking again.  It looks like we’ll have to order the foam tires on line.



     Though he didn’t return from his running around until afternoon, he spent the rest of the day cleaning carpets.  He cleaned the carpets in all three bedrooms, the parlor and our front hall way.  They are looking so much better!  I’m so thankful for a husband who is willing to spend a day off doing this for me!   Especially since we have now entered a time when he is looking for overtime shifts on his Wednesdays off.  I am so torn when he has to give up that sweet fourth day off, but I am blessed by his willingness to work so hard to provide for us and grateful for the times that the overtime shifts are available.  



     Dani, after working all morning cleaning windows, cut out a top from a new pattern. I was sorry that we didn’t have any transfer paper for her to use.  This top has a lot of detail in it, and there are several markings that need to be transferred from the pattern onto the fabric.  Too many, and in too great of detail, to use tailor’s chalk.  We will have to wait until the next trip to town to pick some up.

     This is such a busy season here for us.  Our blackberries and youngberries are ripening quickly.  Dani and I picked half a dozen baskets Monday morning.  Those, combined with a few picked last week and frozen, gave us seven half pint jars of berry jam and one delicious, overflowing, fresh berry pie!  Copper, Dani and I picked seven more baskets of berries tonight.  I am hoping for seven more jars of jam and a cooked berry pie for the freezer.  We will have more ripe berries by tomorrow evening or Thursday morning. 

     There are quite a few zucchini coming on in the big garden, and the early crop blueberries are beginning to show signs of ripening, too.  We will be busy freezing, drying and canning, Lord willing, from now right on through summer and into the fall.  We are blessed! 

     There are quite a few things that I’m hoping to share with you soon.  Things that I have been pondering and decisions I am making.  Answering some questions that have been asked in the comments and in messages.  Lord willing, the time for these will come soon.  I’m so anxious to share them!  In the meantime, I will remain here, tending to my heart, caring for my husband and children, homeschooling and looking well to the ways of my household.  As always,

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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10 comments to A Day Well Spent

  • Woohoo for William!  Both the cursive, AND learning to hold his pencil the right way!  I never have mastered the latter!

    That picture of Aaron makes my back hurt, just looking at it! 😮

    Sounds like a fun, busy, fun day!  And you didn’t even mention anything about the gopher!

  • Poor Dixie…having to give up her igloo to Aaron I bet you did have to rub out kinks. Your boys amaze me the contortions they end up in while doing their home schooling!

    My heart is heavy because my DH’s ex has decided to send the girls to public school instead of homeschooling because “homeschooling is too much work.” I would homeschool them but she would never go for that because they would have to stay with us during the week, and go there on the weekends. We are lucky if we get to see them once a month for a day or two now because they are ‘too busy with activities’ to come see their father.

    Your berries are really starting to roll in now. I have never heard of Young berries before your posts.

    Here, it is pretty much strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries that I know of. I am not a big berry fan because I hate seeds, but I love the flavor of blackberries and raspberries. I would make jellies or cordials. My Mama Nina used to make blackberry wine ‘for tummy aches.’ A good Baptist would never drink, especially a Sunday School teacher of her age I made some once (SO much work), and put it in an old wine bottle and stuck it back. I found it about 15 years later, and offered sips to some kinfolk at Christmastime…they said it was strong enough to walk on it’s own. I STILL have some of that original bottle…I bet it is 200 proof now ROFL

    My fav for tummy troubles is a Ginger Tincture Cordial I make. I used crystallized ginger and vodka…about 1/4 cup of ginger to a cup of vodka and let it sit at least a month. It will warm your soul with a sip and it will make a tummy better.

    What a dear DH you have..always doing things at home to make your burden lighter. I need to borrow him and your carpet cleaner for our home

    Dani really does need tracing paper for all that detail. I have some here I wish she had so she could finish that top.


  • Looks like happy busy-ness. I have finally updated again.  I appreciate your reminder to look well to the ways of my household.

  • :sunny:What a wonderful post. Aaron cracks me up!:lol:

    Cursive is a big deal, especially for boys, I think. Way to go, Will!!:goodjob:

    I can’t wait to hear all those things going on in your head. I am sure they will be valuable to me. Hurry.:love:

  • I just wanted to come out of “lurkdom” and say that your posts are such a blessing to me.  Every time I read a post, I am reminded that hard work won’t kill me 😆  Busy-ness is a good thing, especially when you are doing it for your husband and your precious children!:love:

  • My daughter home schools my two precious grands.  She does take a summer :sunny: break as they are both in summer sports.  She is one busy gal!

    Blackberries…you must live somewhere in the South, as I live in Ohio now after being born and raised in KY.  We do definitely do not have blackberries up here yet.

    The first thing I would do is make a cobbler :love:

  • I thought for sure that was Will in the igloo-but AARON!!! Oh! My goodness! Too funny.:)

    Making jam makes me want to do it here in the east-but it’s about 3 weeks too early. I did plant a few strawberry plants of my own today, so I hope they will make a nice bed of strawberries in the years to come! How exciting to dream!

  • I thought for sure that was Will in the igloo-but AARON!!! Oh! My goodness! Too funny.:)

    Making jam makes me want to do it here in the east-but it’s about 3 weeks too early. I did plant a few strawberry plants of my own today, so I hope they will make a nice bed of strawberries in the years to come! How exciting to dream!

  • Hi, Cheryl…As always, I enjoy coming here to read your wonderful posts. Reading here is a time of refreshment for me, as well as a good motivator.

    How nice that you are already picking and enjoying berries down your way! It’s just barely getting warm enough here in Vermont to get out the rototiller and start getting ready to plant our gardens. Strawberries are still a couple of weeks away I think.

    I look forward to those things that you are going to share soon.


  • Aaron is too funny – poor Dixie having to share! LOL