I’m Still Alive

     I’m still alive.  My days are blessedly full, and I’m working at about half speed while nursing a bad back.  We’ve been quiet at that other place, too. 

     I miss you all and hope to be back here soon.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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9 comments to I’m Still Alive

  • Oh I am glad to hear that you are still alive:wink:  Sorry to hear about your back, I will add you to my prayer list!

  • ((Cheryl)) ~ Praying your back is soon healed.

  • Cheryl, I’m SO sorry about your back.  May I humbly recommend a suppliment of cayenne powder?  You can buy the powder and put it into cpasules, or just buy the capsules.  Of course, be sure to take it with food, so it doesn’t burn your stomach.  Cayenne rushes blood to any injured part of the body, thus causing healing to begin there more quickly.  I believe that is what helped my back to start feeling better.  I’ll be praying for healing from Above, as well.  That is the best place to start, I guess!:laugh:


  • Cheryl, I’ll be praying for your back.  I have a bad back too.  (((HUGS)))  In Christ, Karen T.

  • Sorry that you back is bothering you. Between me and my DH, we are calamities looking for a place to happen, so I thought I had been missing your posts. I was about to ask Corin and Dani if I had been unsubbed since I had not seen anything for a while LOL.

    I want some of that ice cream that ya’ll were freezing in that White Mountain cranker!

  • WHew! I was getting worried there for a bit. Glad to know that you’re still alive!:wink: So sorry to hear that you’re having back problems. I pray that you are feeling better really soon. Many blessings,


  • Miss you!! Praying your back is feeling better soon!

  • I have missed you these past few months. I wanted to let you know how much of a blessing to me really. I love the organization tips. I am going through the hall way and going through stuff. Any tips for keeping like spices and flour ect. I would appreciate it and where to find the containers too. God Bless

  • Cheryl,

    I am so behind in reading and commenting. Praying your back is better and you are back to full speed soon.