Broody Hens

     A few of my hens have gotten broody.  The Lord gave them that tendency so that they’d keep their eggs warm until hatching.  However, we do not keep a rooster.  We’ve had the odd rooster come to our home in batches of chicks, but they’ve all had rather short life spans.  Consequently, our chickens’ broodiness is all for naught.  No matter how long they sit on their eggs, or how cleverly they try to hide their nests from us, those eggs will never hatch.


     Our whole purpose in keeping a small flock of hens, of course, is to collect fresh, free range, antibiotic free eggs.  Those broody hens have been thwarting our purposes!  Some have taken to hiding their eggs amongst the hay in the goat feeder.  A broody hen can be quite bossy and noisy.  She might even fluff all of her feathers out, making her appear much larger than she actually is, and peck at any intruders.  Needless to say, this does not make a sweet goat looking for breakfast very happy.

IMG_5578        We do allow our chickens to roam just about everywhere on our land.  They’ve learned to not venture into the areas where Dixie, our lab, might be, and they always head back to the hen house at night so that they are, more or less, protected from nocturnal predators.  For the last week, however, we’ve been keeping the chickens closed up in their own yard until mid-afternoon, encouraging them to lay their eggs in the hen house nesting boxes where they belong, rather than in the goat barn, goat feeder, sheep shelter, etc.  It’s been working quite well, and William has been able to collect more eggs this week.  We’ll continue this process for a few weeks until they have made it a habit to lay their eggs where they are supposed to.


     Their door to the world outside of the chicken yard consists of a small hole cut in the fence between the chicken yard and goat pen.  From there they can roam freely through open gates and under fences through trenches to get just about anywhere they want to go.







     They know that this little hole, covered with a rough wooden door of sorts, is their portal to the world, and so this is where they congregate.  Waiting.   Hoping.  Knowing that sooner or later someone will wander out and open the door for them.







     The doorway is not very big.  A hen must duck to get through it, and her body will just barely fit through the opening.  They don’t seem to mind. 








     And yet, they will attempt to push through two at a time, squawking and hollering and fussing at one another like….like….well, like a couple of old mad hens!  Eventually, they will all manage to make their way through that little hole to the great world beyond the confines of the chicken yard. 






     I was a bit broody today, too.  Nesting a bit in my kitchen.  Just fiddling around, changing things up a bit.  We all enjoy making little changes from time to time, no?  I moved my microwave off the back counter and onto my stainless steel cart.  My relationship with microwave ovens is truly a love/hate relationship!  I lived without a microwave for years, but then we brought my mother-in-love’s home after she passed away.  Her microwave is a really nice one, with all sorts of nice settings and lots of power, and I’ve grown to enjoy having it in my kitchen.  But I do not have a good spot for it.  In my ideal kitchen, I’d have a stove that was against a wall, and not in the middle of the kitchen, and the microwave would be installed over the range.  I like that arrangment very much, and had it , in fact, in our home in the city.  So, today, in my desire to clear off more of my back counter, the microwave moved to the cart.


     The other, large items that were on that counter were my vacuum sealer and my mother-in-love’s cookie jar.  The vacuum sealer was put onto the shelf with the jars I use it with, and sweet Lola’s cookie jar was placed in my pantry where we can enjoy seeing it, and easily reach it when we’re ready to fill it with cookies.




     Oh!  I found a couple of vintage looking signs, exactly what I was hoping for, in the dollar section of Target of all places.  They weren’t a dollar, though…..still, at $2.50 each, I am quite happy with them.  I’ll keep my eyes open for one or two more to finish off the wall around the pantry opening.





     I took the large, oak turntable my father-in-law made off the cart (where the microwave now is) and replaced the smaller turntable in my beverage center.  It’s nice and big and everything fits on it nicely.  I was even able to put my tea for one set, gifted and painted for me by Dani, onto a lovely doily for the front of it. 




     I do want to pick up a small, glass olive oil bottle so that I can keep it out on the small turntable that is now next to my stove.  I buy a big bottle of olive oil at Costco, but it would be nice to have a smaller bottle to leave closer to the baking center/food preparation area.  I will also pick up a small honey bottle of some sort, too, to join the olive oil on the turntable with the salt and pepper grinders.  The olive oil and honey are the two items that I most frequently need to head to the pantry to retrieve.  In the meantime, the crystal apothecary jar, filled with Indiana Jones M & M’s for my guys, has a place of honor.








     When he hung my new, fun clock in the kitchen last week,









     my husband moved my pretty blue and white plates to the wall over the back counter.  I’d had some cute cloth hangings there, but they were tired and ready for the trash. 






     I’m enjoying the fresh, new look on the back counter of my kitchen for summer. 

     The north winds blew all night, though not quite as strong as during the day yesterday.  We awoke to gusty winds again today, but by evening the wind was more of a cool, gentle breeze.  We are expecting our temperatures to climb for the remainder of the week, topping 100°  Friday and Saturday.  Ah, yes, summer, or nearly so, in the central valley of California.

     My husband pulled in the drive way just before 8:00 this evening, after working twelve hours of OVERTIME!!! today.  Just before noon I was able to make the reservation for our anniversary trip in August!  I’m grateful to the Lord for providing the overtime, just at the time my husband said that a day of overtime was what was needed; and I am also grateful for a husband who is willing to work twelve hours on a day that he should have had off.  Lord willing, our much anticipated 30th anniversary trip will take place in just a couple more months!  Yee haw!

     Tonight, though, we will relax quietly at home, with a cool drink and a piece of yesterday’s blueberry cobbler. 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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17 comments to Broody Hens

  • So very pretty!  It’s almost as much fun to see someone else’s change-ups as it is to do my own!   Hurrah for the overtime – 30 years is certainly worth a celebration trip!!! :coolman:

  • I love all the changes and the new signs really perk up the area around the pantry!

  • I love all the changes and the new signs really perk up the area around the pantry!

  • Whoo hoo!  Glad that prayer was answered.:)

  • I know that broody feeling myself. A clear counter is always a good thing!!!! Love your signs!!:sunny:

  • Cheryl,

    I would dearly love to have chickens some day. My husband is thinking about it.



  • I loved your chicken photos–they made me chuckle! We had lots of chickens on our farm when I was growing up, and they are very entertaining.

    The latest touches you’ve added to your home are very pretty. I especially like the “little things”, like the Indiana Jones M & M’s in the glass jar. Those are the things that really make a house a lovely home I think.

    May your day be blessed…

    ~Becky in Vermont

  • Wonderful ideas. You’re keeping me motivated to finish my kitchen, I’ve been on a roll cleaning it this week.

    We almost always leave our chickens in until noon. Otherwise we find eggs all over the property – in flower pots, the horse trailer, under pallettes and more. You never know how old those eggs are. Chickens are so funny.

    Oh yes, looking back a post, that’s one of my favorite movies as well.

    Love ya friend. Blessings, Jean

  • I’m feeling a bit broody myself today….I LOVE it when you change things around and show us!  I get some wonderful ideas from you.  I’d like to have my microwave over my stove someday too.  My MIL has that.  Right now I have more counter space then I can fill up, so I just have the microwave sitting on the counter next to my stove.  It works out well for now…I’m so excited about your anniversary trip.  We’re celebrating 13 in 2 weeks!

  • @madparmors –   “Right now I have more counter space then I can fill up, ”   Wow!!  Fortunate girl!!!  I can’t even imagine that much counter space!! 

  • You have made some wonderful changes in your kitchen, Cheryl! I enjoyed seeing your special things and your new signs are so cute!

  • Your kitchen looks wonderful…..the kids and I also worked in our kitchen today as well…’s very small and cramped….we have our washer and dryer in there also……we were actually able to re-arrange and make the kitchen look a bit larger…I am so happy w/the new look……

    How wonderful of your hubby to get that overtime……My hubby has been blessed w/ many hours of overtime over the past couple months….we are so very thankful for it…..

    Enjoy your evening~Karen

  • It all looks so beautiful!  I think it might give me the motivation I need this evening to make my counters look all sparkly and pretty too.

    Those chickens remind me of myself sometimes.  How many times am I determined to go somewhere even though it might not be the best place for me?  And I squawk and fuss when it doesn’t turn out the way that I want.  (My hair might look a little bit like that sometimes too but we are so not going there. 🙂 )

    blessings, karen

  • Hi Cheryl,

    Love the changes. I had been a little broody today too. My microwave is over my stove as a vent hood. I love it. How is Will doing?

    Thank you for your prayers. Now we need to get through the funeral on Monday.I know God will caryy us through it.



  • Hi Cheryl! I love the changes! Those signs are so cute- and what a deal! I found a glass olive oil dispenser at Walmart recently so I could do the same thing you are talking about- leave the bulk Costco bottles out of sight. : ) Blessings to you and your family! Love, Rebecca

  • i love that mom’s kitchen sign!!     you have a great eye for detail!

  • i love that mom’s kitchen sign!!     you have a great eye for detail!