Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertime

     It’s definitely summer.  We are in the midst of a heat wave.  Temperatures topped out here at 106 yesterday, down from Tuesday’s 108.  Today we’re expecting about 104…’s a cooling trend!  Our valley is also filled with smoke.  It is filtering in from the wildfires raging all around us, dropping down into the valley […]

I’m Dancin’ A Jig

     My heart is so full of joy and thanksgiving.  I’m dancin’ a jig and praising the Lord today!  Join me, won’t you?  Check it out



HERE (and hear our church family singing, too!)


Some Kind of Busy Saturday

     Saturdays are blessedly full days here.  Today we are blessed to overflowing with work!  We’re remembering to keep our priorities in order, I think, and are moving along.  We’re up against some time deadlines, though, which means time is of the essence.  So long as we meet our deadlines and have our things ready for […]

Swimfest, Scrapbooks and Something New


     This is the first year in……….well in a very long time, that I have not decorated my home, inside and out, for the Fourth of July.  I just had that realization last night.  Things have just been busy and any extra time I’ve had for such things has been directed toward […]

When The Cast Is Away

     When the cat is away, the mice will play, or so the old saying goes.  I have several little projects I’ve been wanting to get to around my home.  Just shifting of things from here to there, wanting to give a few small areas a new look.  No major room re-do’s, just small things.  […]

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

     We play music in our home, almost every waking moment.  It’s quite an eclectic jumble of music, too.  You’re just as likely to hear classical, as you are to hear tunes from the 40’s.  Worship and praise music might be playing, or perhaps soft piano dinner music.  We might be listening to folk music for […]