Some Kind of Busy Saturday

     Saturdays are blessedly full days here.  Today we are blessed to overflowing with work!  We’re remembering to keep our priorities in order, I think, and are moving along.  We’re up against some time deadlines, though, which means time is of the essence.  So long as we meet our deadlines and have our things ready for the Lord’s Day by bedtime, we’ll be doing good.  The rest?  Well, the rest will wait for another day, or it won’t.  Though I’m mindful of being a good steward of our home and homestead, it is more important that we meet our promised obligations and are ready, heart and mind, for the Lord’s Day tomorrow.  If we lose a few strawberries or vegetables in the garden, then so be it.   

     There are a few pictures from our Independence Day celebrations for you to see at that quiet place.  I know we’re quiet there, but I want to say here that my solitary photo this week was meant as a bit of sweet nostalgia for myself and my family.  My mother-in-love’s cookie jar, filled with Mother’s iced animal cookies (which was her standard cookie jar cookie), sitting in front of her Oklahoma plate.  Oh, I miss that woman, but I’m happy to have so many of her lovely things to not only remind me of her, but to bring beauty and fun to my home.


     Remember to keep praying for Mighty Joe.  Remember, too, to praise God for the work He has done in this wee little man’s life so far!  We don’t want to give in to complacency now.  Let’s continue to pray for Joe’s complete healing and pray him right on back home where he belongs!

     Have a blessed Lord’s day tomorrow!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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