Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

     We play music in our home, almost every waking moment.  It’s quite an eclectic jumble of music, too.  You’re just as likely to hear classical, as you are to hear tunes from the 40’s.  Worship and praise music might be playing, or perhaps soft piano dinner music.  We might be listening to folk music for whatever country we are currently studying.  Right now, that would be Russia.  This coming Friday our home will be filled with the sounds of patriotic music.  You just never know.  I know that we have a lovely piano rendition of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.  Well let me tell you, our smoke filled skies here are nothing like that dreamy, romantic song!  Our eyes are dry and irritated.  So are our throats.  But praise God, a lovely breeze over the weekend has begun to clear out our little valley, at least for awhile.  This morning I woke up to blue skies and fresh air!  It almost made the early morning trip out to the well to turn off the flood irrigation pleasant.  Almost. 

     There was something about dodging a flock of turkeys, including a protective tom, all the while watching for any foraging skunks that kept me from getting too caught up in the beauty of the morning.  I love the turkeys, but that tom was big!!  And we are overrun with skunks this year.  My husband and I took a late night stroll last Sunday evening to turn on the flood irrigation and we had two skunks cross our path.  I am thankful that none of us, nor our dog or cat, have been sprayed; but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious!  Ugh, I shudder at the thought! 


     All that running of the flood irrigation has borne fruit…, make that green grass!  Oh, I prayed that it would not be too late in the season to green up our pasture, and the Lord did indeed answer my prayer!  Lovely shoots of tender, green grass are now growing nicely in about 1/3 of the pasture where our sheep graze.  Most years the spring rains gave us plenty of pasture for our sheep to graze, lasting until fall.  This year, however, there is not much out there for them to eat.  The cost of hay here is high and going higher.  Running our well pump all night long every Sunday to grow a bit more grass for the sheep will be more cost effective than buying so much extra hay.  I’m praying that the grass will continue to grow until it is about knee high and then we can quit watering and let it dry and that that will get us through the fall. 


     I was so pleased to be able to hang clean laundry out on the line again this morning!  The smoke has been so bad that anything hung outside would have been filled with the smell of smoke.  Not so today!  I was out hanging the first load before Aaron fed the critters this morning.  We have one ewe, Aaron calls her Shirley, that bleated quite bossily to me while I worked.  She was hungry and wanted to be sure that I knew about it.  I assured her that the boy would be out soon to toss them some hay and to open up the gate to the pasture.  She complained anyway.   


     The Lord has continued to provide overtime shifts for my husband on his Wednesdays off.  He was able to work 13 hours last Wednesday, though he caught some sort of short-term virus in the process.  He was better by the weekend.  Two weeks ago he finished painting the part of our house that surrounds the new front porch.  Today he has taken our front door down and is sanding and painting it.  I’m so excited! 


      The former owners of this house had ill-behaved dogs.  We know this because several of the doors and door frames were clawed deeply from their scratching on them.  A couple of my lower kitchen cabinet doors have been chewed.  Lovely, I know.  The front door, which was stained a pretty color inside and out, was scratched as well.  The original hardware on the door was “antique” brass.  My husband will be painting the interior side of the door in a semigloss Antique White, and the exterior a lovely Emerald Green.  We have new brass hardware and a brass kickplate to complete the door. 


     The afternoon remained fairly cool in the shade and there was a nice breeze as well.  Of course, that breeze did give my husband some grief by blowing little tid bits out of the tree and onto his work!  It was worth the bit of extra work, I think, to be able to work in such a comfortable spot.  The windows are masked off with Frog painter’s tape.  My dad painted professionally and he always used that blue painter’s tape.  We’ve always used the blue painter’s tape, too.  However, when I painted my pantry, Dani and I saw the green painter’s tape at the store.  It was just pennies more than the blue stuff and the claims on the package were so great we decided to give it a try.  Let me tell you, this stuff far exceeds the blue tape.  I’m a sloppy painter and I had no leaks at all with the green tape.  My husband is sold on it now, too. 


     Our garden is coming right along.  The hot weather might not suit me, but the plants in our garden love it!  We have been enjoying grape tomatoes, zucchini and yellow crookneck squash for a couple of weeks now.  We’ve had a few cucumbers and a few lemon cucumbers as well.  It won’t be long before we are overrun with cukes and squash!!  It’s so yummy, not to mention quick and easy, to stir fry some cut up chicken (which has marinated a bit in teriyaki sauce) in a bit of olive oil with fresh garlic and onion, and then add sliced zucchini, crookneck squash, and carrots.  The cherry, slicing and Roma tomatoes are coming along nicely, too, as are the spaghetti squash and pumpkins.  What corn we have is also growing nicely. 

     We continue to pick about a quart of blueberries every few days.  We’ve picked about half of them I’d guess.  Our orchard trees are full of fruit and I know that I must go out there soon to thin the fruit.  The next fruit to ripen, I think, will be the plums.  We need to get some bird netting over the tree soon, though, or we’ll lose them all! 


        I didn’t plan to take a blogging break.  I do follow my own advice, though, which means I hold my plans loosely.  The Lord had other things for me these last couple of weeks.  I was struggling with my back during that time, which slowed me down quite a bit.  That slow down brought about some good changes, though.  The down town developed new times for reading and studying His Word and soaking it in.  Oh, what a longed-for treasure that is for me!  I am clinging to these newly developed times throughout my days and not losing them now that my routine is returning to normal.  My back is better, though it is still bothering me.  I do best, though, when I keep moving, so that’s what I do!


     I’ve also rediscovered the joy of keeping my scrapbook journal.  I’m not sure why I ever stopped, but I did.  Keeping a diary was never my forte as a young girl, but I love keeping a scrapbook journal.  I record not only the events of my day, Scripture verses or quotes but also bits of inspiration via pictures clipped from magazines. 

     Oh, it’s so much fun to look back over past weeks and months, too!  It’s also important that I do look back to be sure I’ve followed through on all of the things I’d hoped to in the past.  Beauty and creativity need to be a daily thing in our lives, ladies.  We are surrounded by beauty!  It is vital that we look for beauty in the Lord’s creation as well as in His many blessings to us, and that we use our God given creative bent (we are made in the image of the Creator) daily.  I am definitely NOT an artist, but my little scrapbook journal is just one way that I can use the creativity that God has given me on a daily basis.


     Our day ended today very sweetly.  You see, we were expecting a very important dinner guest at our table.  Monday is Dani’s night to cook and she took extra care in choosing dishes that she thought might please our special guest.  Of course, she’s not too fussy.  She pretty much will eat anything and everything you put before her.  We were blessed to spend a few hours with our wee youngest grandbaby.  Corin and Rob surprised the other three kiddos with a special evening out that our little Pixie Girl was not quite old enough for.  We enjoyed her sweet smile and baby talk and peek-a-booing. 



     Babies are special, each and every one of ’em!  And while I enjoyed spending time with our grandbaby tonight, my heart is still full and I am praying fervently for baby Joe.  Updates and specific prayer needs can be found on Kendra’s blog.  To get the whole picture, you might want to check out Fletch’s blog as well.


God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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7 comments to Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

  • :sunny:Ahhhh. How refreshing to read a full post from Coppers Wife!!! I love your scrapbooking journal. I journal alot too, but not with the scrapbooking included. Do you use a regular notebook and a glue stick??? Details!

    So happy your smoke is clearing. Your laundry cart is wonderful!! I am sure the freshly painted doors feel great! I understand the scratches in the wood and chewed on cabinets…I wish it were misbehaved dogs that did it here!!!:wink:

    Praying for Baby Joe, and also for your back to stop giving you trouble. Back pain can be awful!

    Blessings to you my friend,


  • Cheryl – It’s so good to hear from you again! I’ve been hearing so much about the fires in your area on the news and I pray for you often when those announcements would come on. Here in Indiana we’ve been slammed with lots of rain and stormy weather. Many have lost homes and businesses due to extreme flooding! It’s amazing to me the contrast in climate in our united states.
    I enjoyed reading this update!


  • Glad to “see” you again! I figured you were near the smoke! Glad that you finally had some relief!! I too have done the scrapbook journal and have gotten away from it. Mostly because I am such a perfectionist about such things and I got behind and then it was overwhelming. I just need to jump back in where I am and do it. I really enjoy it. I have never done well with a diary. Glad to hear that your back is doing better. I come from a family that all suffers at one time or another with back problems, some of which have required surgery. It really can get you down. Praying for little baby Joe! Some of those pictures just break my heart!! Your garden stuff sounds good! We have lots of clay in our soil and it was so wet here that we were just unable to get anything in this year:jealous: My mom brought me some lettuce the other day from hers though and it was very good. There is nothing like fresh produce. I found a great deal yesterday on some strawberries and that is what I am off to do today. Have a great day Cheryl!

  • So glad to have you back! Loved the picture of you hanging out laundry;)

  • So glad to have you back! Loved the picture of you hanging out laundry;)

  • Ahhh… green grass. That’s what it would look like. So glad the Lord blessed your efforts. : )

    Love the scrap journal idea. What a wonderful creative outlet.

    Blessings to you and yours!

  • Good to hear from you!  You are always missed 🙂  You’ll be taking a picture of your new door once it’s back in place, right?  Can’t wait to see it!  Have a great rest of the week!!  I sound really excited today, don’t I?  Well, I am!  For no reason!  It just happens!  Bye!