Blessedly Busy

     We are well, but incredibly busy.  Blessedly so!  Are you blessed with the work the Lord gives you to do?  Do you grumble and complain as you go through your days, or do you offers prayers of thanksgiving for the tasks that your hand finds to do?  Oh, I do hope it is the […]

Home, God’s Design


     I’ve recently updated a few things in my side bar – books I’m currently reading from my book basket, books I’ve finished reading and some of my boys’ homeschool stuff.  I hope you’ll take the time to check in there, from time to time, and let me know what sorts of books we might […]


     We are, each and every one of us, faced with a multitude of decisions each and every day.  Most of our daily decisions involve small things – what to wear, what to fix for lunch, or which road to take to town.  There are, though, in any given day, far more important decisions […]

Quiet Saturday

Just before 6:30 this morning I told my two oldest (at home) children good bye, bidding them to have a nice day, and closed the garage door behind them. They were on their way for a 90 minute drive, on highways and freeways unfamiliar to Dani, to help a family from church move. The […]

Sweet September Day

     I had such a lovely, sweet September day!  The weather was picture perfect.  The boys and I enjoyed a delicious, big breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon bits and cheese, whole wheat toast, and cubed potatoes quick fried in a bit of butter (made from left over baked potatoes).  My grandbabies were here for […]

It’s Enough


     My husband is working today.  It is his second, 12 hour overtime shift of the week.  He also had a couple of hours of overtime at the shooting range.  By the time he gets home tonight, he will have worked 26 hours over the course of his three normal days off.  […]

Glory In The Ordinary


     Not all days are exceptional.  Most days pass with just the very ordinary events of daily life taking place.  Do you glory only in the extraordinary days, or do you rejoice and glory in the ordinary, too?  Oh, I do hope it’s the latter.  Being thankful for the ordinary, even the […]

So Much…..


     Our days are still quite warm, but our mornings…….Oh!  I hesitate to even say it!  Our mornings are beginning to feel just a bit like fall.  As I opened windows this morning, more out of habit than real necessity, I was surprised by the cool air that poured in.  I sat […]

September 12? It’s Dani-girl’s Birthday!




     Blog designer.













     Cookie baker extraordinaire, and beloved aunt to two little girls.












     Swimming pal, and the favorite aunt of two little […]

Please Pray This Evening – UPDATED

     FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE:  We are thankful folk!  Corin was evaluated and, other than the gall stone, everything seems to be fine.  She was sent home with instructions for what to do and some follow up appointments.  On an even better note – the ultrasound to check the baby showed a very active baby!!  

     Thank you for your prayers.  […]