September 12? It’s Dani-girl’s Birthday!




     Blog designer.














     Cookie baker extraordinaire, and beloved aunt to two little girls.













     Swimming pal, and the favorite aunt of two little boys.  (Okay, she’s their ONLY aunt, but she’s still their favorite!)












     My right hand girl!














     She might be my left hand, too!












      Self-taught seamstress.











     Hanging around and keeping Dad company is a favorite pass time.








Saturday Stuff 001


     And always, ALWAYS, blessing us with her sense of humor. 









Sir Isaac Newton 003  



     She’s a wonderful sister!

     And today she’s celebrating her 25th birthday!!!





Happy Birthday, Dani-girl!

     Head on over to Dani’s blog, check out what she’s been up to, and leave her a happy birthday comment there. 




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