Sweet September Day

     I had such a lovely, sweet September day!  The weather was picture perfect.  The boys and I enjoyed a delicious, big breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon bits and cheese, whole wheat toast, and cubed potatoes quick fried in a bit of butter (made from left over baked potatoes).  My grandbabies were here for a visit, too.  Danielle was gone all day helping a family from church.  Even though I missed having her home, I am thankful that she was able to bless others for the day. 

IMG_7015       My boys quickly worked through their homeschool assignments today.  By the time my grandbabies arrived, they were both done with school and ready to have some fun.  Corin and her husband visited with us for just a bit, and then left for an appointment in the city.  I’m not sure who enjoys our Thursday visits the most!  Will is beside himself all morning until they get here.  Dixie (our silly dog) loves those children so much that she just cannot be still until they’ve been here for awhile.  And I can’t get enough hugs and kisses and eating up of their little faces!!  Oh, they are dear to me!




     Will and the six year old quickly began their favorite game of store.  Thus the “show me the money” pose in the top picture!  My three year old granddaughter was happily working on a stack of  Lauri puzzles at the school room table, and the five year old was doing what he always does first at Grandma’s house – a puzzle.  Will and this precious-to-me boy share a veritable alphabet soup of syndromes, disorders and especialities.  They also share a remarkable patience and skill at building puzzles.  Both of them.  Since they were quite young.  Amazing! 



     Aaron kept an eye on things in the schoolroom, while I sat in the kitchen with the wee youngest.  She brought french fries with her, left over from lunch, and spent twenty minutes moving them into the box and out of the box.  She was quite pleased with herself. 









     I kept my hands busy, too.  I did a bit of finish work on the little girls matching dresses.  Hooks and eyes, floral appliques, etc.  I was so happy to finish these and be able to send them home with the little girls this afternoon.







     I knew I couldn’t set the baby on the grass, but she wasn’t too sure about the picnic table either.  Uncle Aaron stood just off camera in case she headed for a fall.  Her dress and hat are from McCall’s #2053.  I made the matching panties, too.  The dress has a fully lined bodice and was easy to sew.  I added white rick rack trim to the neck, sleeves and hem, and closed the back with four pretty, pink buttons rather than the three the pattern called for.  The hat gave me some grief, but it turned out so cute that I think it was worth it. 




     The bigger dress came from New Look #6850 and did not have a fully lined bodice, though that could very easily be done with the pattern.   I was blessed, though, that through the gift of the serger I was given awhile back, I was able to finish off the seams nicely, not only on the bodice of this dress but the skirts on both dresses.  This dress closes with a zipper at the back.  I pulled out a basic pull-on shorts pattern to make a pair of matching shorts to wear under her dress, and stitched up a quick, elastic head band to match.  Rick rack at the neck, sleeves and hem were added to match her little sister’s dress.  Oh, I love the long length on her!  So feminine and lovely!





     Corin and Rob had already called to say they were on their way back, and I had promised the children all a piece of pie.  My darling three year old granddaughter had had enough of Grandma’s photo shoot.  She was wondering where her pie was!

     The boys were outside with us, playing swords.  As we headed in I called out to the boys and told them to wash up.  I quickly changed the little girls back into their play clothes and served up the pie.  The children were finished and I was just finishing washing up the plates and forks as Corin and Rob drove up. 





IMG_7031       Corin, Rob and I visited for a bit while the children played games inside or jumped on the trampoline outside.  Squeals of laughter, shouts at play and even a few grumblings could be heard, but it all sounded like music to my ears.  I love having these children visit!  They have a way of making the burdens of life seem lighter.

     But the burdens don’t have to be heavy, do they?  Scripture tell us to cast our cares at His feet.  I’m not sure why we think we need to bear them all alone.  Prayer is the tool we need to drop our concerns and burdens at His feet.  We can also bring the concerns of others there, too.  Families with children who are ill.  My own dear Corin hurting and ill with the Rock of Gibralter in her gall bladder, while our much-loved fifth grandchild grows safely hidden within.  It brings such blessed peace to let go of the things that would worry and trouble us, minute by minute, by telling them to the Lord and allowing Him to do His will with them, and with us. 


     There is prayer, too, of thanksgiving and praise.  Worshipping Him in our silent prayers as well as in our uplifted songs of praise.  Praise Him with gladness!  Shout joyfully unto the Lord!  I have so very, very much to be thankful for.  We all do.  Think not? 

     We take so very much for granted, and we can be a people of very little faith.  For example, I could complain that my home is not what I thought it would be after living here for ten years.  I could, and I sometimes do; but I shouldn’t, and I don’t most days.  Instead I look at what I do have.  No it’s not looking at the world through rose colored glasses.  It’s looking at the world with a heart of thanksgiving!  I have a home in the country, which was longed for and prayed for over the course of many, many years.  I am able to stay at home full-time to care for my home and my family and homeschool my children.  These are far greater blessings to me than a perfect home.


     A thankful heart garners contentment.  Contentment does not mean that your heart no longer wishes for certain things, so long as you aren’t pining away after them.  I can wish for a new chair for my husband, new blinds for my entry and fresh paint for my hallways and the boys’ room, but I am still content with things the way they are and I thank the Lord for even the things I wish were otherwise. 

      I would much rather my countenance look like the the smiling girl in this picture, then the pouting girl wanting her pie!  The difference for her was the knowledge of knowing that her loving Grandma would, indeed, give her the promised piece of pie.  The difference for me is the knowledge that my loving God will, indeed, one day give me a mansion built on streets of gold.       

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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18 comments to Sweet September Day

  • What sweet pictures!  All of them!

    The girls look beautiful in their new dresses!

  • Cheryl,

    The day you described sounds wonderful.  One of these days, I will be blessed with grandchildren. 🙂  I am content and waiting patiently for the Lord’s timing.

    Your granddaughters’ dresses are adorable. 

    I hope Corin is feeling better.


  • The dresses are gorgeous…that hat looks quite difficult to create. What beauties the grand-girls are! I love that the boys have their “things” they like to do right away at Grandma’s house. I loved my time with TJ, though it was hectic…I woke this morning to him not here and felt a little emptiness. I am blessed that he will come for dinner tonight though!

    I saw Will’s “My Body” in the top picture…it looks great!!! Tell him that we have not been as successful….we just started and though we have a brain, that is about all we have….

    I agree about having an attitude of thanksgiving. I could be really unhappy right now at the state of my home, but I choose to focus on the blessing of what created that state….3 days with my Grandson!!

  • The matching dresses are just adorable!!

  • What a lovely day! Ü
    The dresses that you sewed for your darling granddaughters reminded me of all the dresses that my mom sewed for my daughter when she was younger…
    I miss my mom & hate that she lives on the east coast and so far away and hasn’t gotten to spend more than a week or two at a time with my children but we are always grateful for the time we do get to spend together because it makes it all the sweeter!
    Wishing you a blessed day!

  • What a lovely day! Ü
    The dresses that you sewed for your darling granddaughters reminded me of all the dresses that my mom sewed for my daughter when she was younger…
    I miss my mom & hate that she lives on the east coast and so far away and hasn’t gotten to spend more than a week or two at a time with my children but we are always grateful for the time we do get to spend together because it makes it all the sweeter!
    Wishing you a blessed day!

  • I recently read a quote, ” If you don’t have what you want, be thankful for the things you don’t have that you don’t want.”  What a thing to ponder.

  • “I want **sniff** pie!”  Heehee!

    Thank you so much for their BEAUTIFUL dresses!

  • Cheryl, those dresses are darling!!!! I just love that you have a special day set aside to spend with your grandchildren! What precious memories they will have!!

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I hope your Corin is feeling better, I am praying for her. Those dresses are divine, I am going to check back and make those this winter so they are ready for my two princesses this summer (it may take me all winter :). I love your posts, they point me to Jesus and remind me of his protection and grace and about being GRATEFUL!

    Dani is helping another family, what I wouldn’t give to live near you guys. Our neighborhood has no Titus 2 Women (yet, I am working on it) and what I wouldn’t give for an extra hand from a Godly Girl like your Dani. You have done a GREAT job with your kids.

    Many Blessings 🙂


  • Great analogy and beautiful dresses! I think your home is very inviting and cozy. What more could we ask!

  • I really love hearing about your days with the grandkids.  What memories you are building for them!!  What a huge blessing.

    The dresses are adorable, you are very talented.  My sewing machine aren’t on speaking terms~she doesn’t like me!  LOL

  • Hi Cheryl,

    Thank you for your sweet comments. I too have been so content even the mist of Hurricane Ike. There are so many people worst off than we are. God has been so good to us.

    I love the dresses. You are are wonderful sewer.

    Have a blessed day.



  • that dress is gorgeous! i wish i could sew!! 

  • that dress is gorgeous! i wish i could sew!! 

  • Oh Cheryl,

    Those dresses are darling!  What a wonderful job you did!  : )

    Love to you!

  • Another lovely post.  And wow. Thanks for sharing those last 2 pictures! Really spoke to my heart.

  • Precious outfits, and the hat is the finishing touch!