Blessedly Busy

     We are well, but incredibly busy.  Blessedly so!  Are you blessed with the work the Lord gives you to do?  Do you grumble and complain as you go through your days, or do you offers prayers of thanksgiving for the tasks that your hand finds to do?  Oh, I do hope it is the latter!

     My Dani-girl is away, helping in the home of my dear friend, Lisa, who had major surgery this morning.  Praise God the surgery went well, but I would ask your prayers on her behalf as she recovers at the hospital away from her family!  Dani will be gone all week, and I miss her; but I’m happy in knowing that she, too, is blessedly busy.

     With Dani gone, though, the number of tasks on my daily “to do” list increases, as I pick up all those many, many things that she does for me every day.   In addition, William is starting a new science curriculum this week, which I am happy to say requires a bit more of my time.  What fun we’ll have learning about God’s incredible creation together. (More info in the homeschooling section of the side bar if you’re interested.)  Aaron has pulled ahead of my advance planning in his World History studies, so I have much to do to there as well – pulling books from our shelves to supplement his basic text, and ordering a few more that will add to our Heritage Library. 

     I’m nursing painful shoulders, hips and feet, too, which makes the going a bit slower than I’d like.  Even there, I am still thankful that I am able to, for the most part, do everything I need to.  The Lord is merciful!  My husband has given me a hand with a couple of heavy things today, and I’ve a couple of sons here that can help me, too, should I need them.  It keeps me humble, knowing that my own strength is not sufficient, but I can do all things in Him who strengthens me.  Slowing down gives me more time to seek His will to be sure that what I have planned is what He would have me doing. 

          “Let me not be at my own disposal,
           but rejoice that I am under the care of one
           who is too wise to err,
           too kind to injure,
           too tender to crush.”  (from my reading today in
The Valley of Vision)  

      As always, holding my own plans loosely and yielding to the changes He sends my way.  It’s a calm, peaceful and reassuring way to go!  So far today that has meant not starting the clearing of the big garden that I had planned, not finding a better spot for my little writing desk, and not bringing the tea cart into the living room as I had planned.  It has meant reading “one more chapter” to Will from our Freddy book, having a relaxed time to help Aaron with something he struggles with, and having the time to experiment with the clay pot cooker I found at the thrift store a week or so ago.

     After putting the clay pot into the oven, I took off my apron, kicked off my shoes and sat reading on the front porch, enjoying the late afternoon.  It was a bit warm out, but the porch is shady by 3:30 this time of year, and a gentle breeze kept me comfortable.  The wonderful smell of the roast and potatoes cooking wafted through my open windows and it was pleasant to sit, with my feet up, knowing that the work of preparing our meal for this evening was already done.  The silly cat managed to wiggle her way onto my lap, so my Bible was shifted onto the seat next to me as I continued on, reading His Word.  Drinking it in.  Delighting in it and Him.

     It was a productive day; though, perhaps, not quite the type of productivity I had in mind last night when I thought about today.  Spending extra time in His Word is a lovely sort of productivity, enriching the soul.  Extra time spent reading aloud to my youngest child, or helping my oldest son, my third born, is wonderfully productive, especially when the events of the day slowed my pace so that I was patient with them when I might otherwise have been hurried and impatient to be on to the next thing. 

     My mind is already planning my day tomorrow, but I’ll not overplan.  I’ll allow time for the new science study with Will, and to offer patient help to Aaron.  I’ll be sure, too, to hold even the plans I do have loosely….quite loosely, ready and willing to yield them up should the need arise.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27




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