So Much…..


     Our days are still quite warm, but our mornings…….Oh!  I hesitate to even say it!  Our mornings are beginning to feel just a bit like fall.  As I opened windows this morning, more out of habit than real necessity, I was surprised by the cool air that poured in.  I sat with my Bible in the parlor, windows open wide, and pulled an afghan over my lap.  As I read, the sun climbed up over the horizon behind our house and the temperature dropped even a bit more.  It was delightful!  The only sound to be heard was our kitty meowing at the window, reporting that some critter had emptied her food dish in the overnight hours.

     The Lord kept me awake quite early this morning, even though it was Saturday.  There seemed to be so much to pray for.  There are friends I’ve come to love, though we’ve never met, who have left their Texas homes and are staying and praying in hotels as the storm assails their area.  Others, again that I’ve never met, made the decision to stay in their homes, together as a family, and ride out the storm there.  And praying, too, for my oldest child, my daughter Corin, as she struggles with the pain of gall stones.


     Corin and her family joined us last night as we celebrated Danielle’s birthday together, and it broke this mama’s heart to see the pain Corin was in. 












     Our family get togethers are characterized by laughter.  Lots of laughter. 






     Last night, Corin was in so much pain that the laughter caused her to weep with the pain.  At one point in time she was crying with pain, but still laughing.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with her, so I did both.  My eyes searched out my husband’s face, and saw there the hurt he was experiencing watching his daughter’s pain.  Our children grow up and start families of their own, but they are still our children.  Our babies.  Those of you with only little ones are probably tired of hearing we older gals say that the years pass so quickly.  Ah, but they do, dear ones, they do!   

     I greatly enjoyed having my grandchildren with us last night.  Little ones to hold on my lap, or to sit next to me on the couch.  Hearing a sweet young voice saying, “Hey, Grandma…” and then telling me some especially hysterical to him story.  And I laugh because he does, joining him in his delight.  Watching Copper, with two grandsons on his lap, tickling and jostling and creating quite a ruckus and loving every minute of it.  And no, I didn’t take a single picture!  I was too busy enjoying the time and the camera didn’t even cross my mind!

     The last days have been blessedly full.  There’s been plenty to keep us busy.  The normal, day to day, activities of course – meals, cleaning, homeschooling, and the never ending watering and irrigating.  I wanted so badly to have my granddaughters’ matching outfits finished to give to them last night, but I fell just a bit short.  The little matching panties to go with the baby’s dress are almost done, and then I have a matching head band to make for the three year old.  I stitched until the last possible moment before dinner last night, but didn’t quite make it.  Hopefully I’ll find a few minutes here and there this next week to finish them up.


      I’ve a couple of areas that I would like to plant this fall, but I’m not sure I can quite swing either.  We’ll see.  In the interim, though, I can work with what I have.  Dani divided my horribly overgrown Aloe plant last year, but it desperately needed dividing again this year.  I now have three, good-sized Aloe plants, and two of those already have babies!  I moved the three pots into the back yard and used them to help screen a rather unattractive area near our pool filter.  As they grow and mature next spring, they’ll fill in and create a pretty spot there.

     In our part of the country, fall is the ideal time for landscape gardening.  Trees and other perinneals planted in our warm fall weather, have the opportunity to develop a good root structure before becoming dormant for the winter.  That good root growth gives them a jump start when spring arrives.  It’s a gentle reminder for me, year in and year out, that my children need to grow in the same way.  Strong roots when they are young will yield good fruit, abundant fruit, when they are grown.      



     The area under my big Sycamore in the back yard is one of the areas I would like to work on this fall. 












     I have in mind a rather whimsical, little garden here.  I found this funny little humming bird when we were at the coast for our anniversary.  He seems right at home here.  Lord willing, I’ll get at least part of this area done before winter.








     I picked up some Petunias at the garden center on our last mega-shop Friday.  I pulled the old soil out of the vintage wheelbarrow from Great Grandma’s house, took the spent soil to the compost, and re-filled it with potting soil.  I thought the few Petunias would look lost in there, but they worked out nicely and are already growing and filling in.  It gives me a bit more color in this otherwise empty bed.







     I’m a bit late, but I also started some fall lettuce seeds this week, too.  I had the 28 cell pack left over from the nursery, and Aaron filled it with soil for me.  I planted 16 cells with Romaine lettuce and the remaining 12 cells with a package of mixed lettuce seeds.  Our spring lettuce did not do well and we did not end up with very many plants.  I’m hoping that we’ll have a better fall yield by starting them in the cell packs. 




     It was great fun yesterday to bake a cake for Dani’s birthday. Great fun!!  I rarely have the opportunity of baking treats anymore.  I made a three layer chocolate cake with a recipe from my thirty year old Betty Crocker cookbook.  It was so good!  The cake was filled and frosted with Chocolate Buttercream.  I used Dani’s buttercream recipe, which I had never made before.  It’s so good that I thought there must be a secret ingredient.  I found, though, that her recipe is identical to my own.  The difference is that her recipe calls for sifting the powdered sugar after measuring it out and then beating it well.  It was light, fluffy and delicious. 


     I washed up the glass party dishes after Corin and her family headed home and left them to dry in the drainer overnight.  Washing up, as my family got ready for bed and the house began to quiet down, was a lovely, peaceful way to end the day.  I washed up my mom’s glass cake stand and remembered all of my own birthdays as a little girl.  My mom always made her special German Chocolate Cake for my birthday, and the cake always had the same little china girl, wearing a blue flocked dress, with a poodle on a leash (the poodle was flocked with blue as well).  The cake knife, engraved with our names and wedding date, is used for every birthday and special event in our home.  These things bring such sweet memories of days gone by and promises of more birthdays and celebrations to come.

     Saturdays have their own special rhythm.  Yard work.  The weekly cleaning of the animal pens and water buckets.  Preparing for the Lord’s day.  Though there is more work to be done on Saturdays than there is on the weekdays, with no formal homeschooling taking place, I can enjoy a more leisurely pace.  Laundry finishes up in the washer and is taken outside to hang on the line while the next load is washing.  Small household tasks can be accomplished between laundry cycles.  Once Aaron has finished the mowing outside, we can enjoy the quiet of the day, as well.  No commuter traffic on our road.  No school buses ferrying children to and from throughout the day.  No delivery trucks, save the mail lady’s, are on the road. 

     Today, though, Dani and I had an adventure.  Dani will be a bridesmaid next month when one of her oldest and dearest friends marries.  The dress is beautiful, but as is usually the case, does not fit well.  We visited a wonderful alterations lady in the city closest to us.  This woman is a Russian immigrant and a Christian and has a very busy, thriving business.  It was so much fun listening to her voice and her running commentary as she pinned and tucked and pinched and pinned some more.  Other customers would come in with just a pair of pants to be hemmed or some patches to be sewn on, and she would have Dani step aside, quickly pen up their hems, and come right back to Dani.  This woman was amazing!  She will have the dress altered, hemmed and pressed by Wednesday evening!  Dani and I have enjoyed recounting our time with this sweet woman all day.  What a wonderful story she must have to tell!

     I know this has been quite disjointed.  There is just so much going on.  So many blessings.  So much to be in prayer for.  So much to be thankful for!!

     I was not well last week and missed our Sunday worship service.  I am very much looking forward to being back in church tomorrow.  I’ll be there unless Corin needs me with her for anything tomorrow.  Have a blessed Lord’s day tomorrow.   

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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12 comments to So Much…..

  • Just as fall is creeping into your doors, springs is arriving through mine

  • Cheryl,

    Corin has been on my mind and in my prayers.  I hope the doctor had some direction to give her for her gall stones.  I have a friend who suffered greatly from gall stones.  The doctor had her on a strict diet and that did ease the pain considerably.  I know some people opt for surgery to have the gall bladder removed but my friend chose to go the change of diet route.

    Your day and party for Dani sounds wonderful.  What a joy to see our children grow day by day.

    Have a blessed Sunday.


  • Ahhhh. Coffee this morning was so wonderful as I had my first cup right here with you!

    I, too, continue to pray for Corin. It does not matter how “grown up” they are. They are still your babies. I am 47 and my mother still gets that look in her eyes if I am suffering in any way!

    Both my kids have awful colds so I will be going to Church alone this morning. I am praying they are done with them by the time Emerson comes home from the hospital!


  • I missed last Sunday, too, and it was nice to be back this morning.  We’re still praying for Corin.  You’ll let us know if she goes in for surgery?  So we can PRAY, you know!

    Cheryl, Dani is such a blessing to me.  I know that sounds funny, since I’ve never met ya’ll; but she brings my heart great joy!  I hope she had a wonderful birthday, and that God blesses her richly during this upcoming year.

    Have a great week!  So glad you are feeling better!


  • Gall stones are a terrible thing to go through,I will tell you my story with them and this is what helped me..I can’t promise anything but what it did for me,I bought turmeric in capsule form It is for inflammation after 3 days of taking one a day I was totally healed of pain in the gallbladder. I do not know if it will work for her but my herbal dr prescribed it for me:) any health food store sells it,Also on onset of pain place a hot pad at sight that will make the gall flow faster and red beets also are good for it.I am just passing what helped me If you want do some research on Turmeric there is a lot of info on it..And it is very cheap to buy,I get mine at wal-mart.Teresa

  • Mama Cheryl, I am so glad that ya’ll had a good time for Dani’s birthday.  I sure love that girl and well as dear Corin.  I am so sorry that she is suffering.  I know it broke you and DH’s heart to see her hurting so.

    Give them both a hug and kiss from me since I am too far to do it myself.

  • I am always so blessed to see a new post by you.  While I have never met you or your daughter, Dani, I love to hear about your days.  (I “know” Corin via a Christian moms group we used to belong to together).  Anyway, all that to say that every time I read something you write, I can feel the Lord just oozing out of you.  I am reminded that in the small tasks that we do throughout our days really are a blessing to our families and to our Lord.  And how doing them joyfully makes a huge difference.  So thanks for all you do:)

  • What full days you have! I do hope you feel better soon. Continued prayers out to Corin and the family.

  • Oh, I’ll be praying for your daughter!  Gallbladder pain is just the WORST!  I dealt with it for 30 years before finally getting my gall bladder out.  Best thing I ever did! 

    I love all your pictures.  The hummingbird sculpture is so cute!  I’m loving the Fall crispness here, too!

    God bless you ~ Julie

  • Hey Cheryl, remember me, Tori in Croatia…
    I don’t know how I lost your blog address but I just found it again this morning.

    What a beautiful post and so well written. I can see a writer in that post, do you right much?
    What a full weekend. Oh I feel so much for your daughter and that gall stone, I’ve had my gall bladder removed and I know what pain it can cause, hope she gets it taken care of soon.

    That cake looked so good and fattening!

    What a blessing to have a family that enjoys each other so much, laughter is one of the sweetest gifts God gave us for for no other reason than to make us feel good, He sure is thoughtful.

    Well I just wanted to stop in and say hello, I’m going to add you to my reads this time so I won’t loose you again,
    God bless!!

  • @a0629 – Tori!!!  Of course I remember you!!!  So good to see you again! 

  • This morning felt like fall and it was just wonderful.  I am praying for Corin.  I remember the pain of gallstones from a few years ago.