Quiet Saturday

     Just before 6:30 this morning I told my two oldest (at home) children good bye, bidding them to have a nice day, and closed the garage door behind them.  They were on their way for a 90 minute drive, on highways and freeways unfamiliar to Dani, to help a family from church move.  The two back seats from our van, which were taken out yesterday before the mega-shop, were left out so that they could fit more belongings into our van during the move.  William got up to say good-bye, too, but he was sent back to bed.  It was too early for him to be up, especially since he was up late last night for his customary Friday night video.  He went back to sleep until 7:30. 


      My home was so quiet today with just Will and I here.  We enjoyed a very fall-like morning, with black rain clouds over head until noon.  Even one of my much loved weeping willow trees is beginning to drop a few yellow leaves.  I am very much enjoying the cooler weather. 










     One of my azaleas is a bit confused as to the season. 









     Saturdays are very busy days in my home as we wind down from the week past and prepare for the Lord’s Day and week to come.  Today was no exception, though it flowed much differently with the two older ones gone.  I hopped from one job to the next, knowing I wouldn’t be in Dani’s way in kitchen (which she keeps in continual motion on Saturday), nor would any of my watering or irrigating interfere with Aaron’s mowing (which was all done yesterday in anticipation of his being gone today).  I kept the laundry recycling and running, cleaned up the kitchen, picked up and tidied all through my house, and did a bit of watering outside.  We had lively music from the 1940’s blaring playing on the streeo, and the upbeat tempos kept me moving quickly from job to job. 

     Will and I sat down for lunch around 12:30, enjoying grilled cheese sandwiches, hard boiled eggs and bananas.  By then three loads of laundry had been washed, dried and put away, and the fourth and fifth loads were in the washer and dryer respectively.  We had some dark, dark clouds all morning so I decided using the clothesline would be a bit risky.  There was also a loaf of whole wheat sandwich bread, and three layers of chocolate cake cooling on the racks on the counter while we ate.



     Dani and I had a profitable outing yesterday for our every-other-week mega shop.  We started out by driving a few miles in the wrong direction to visit a new-to-us thrift store.  We’ve only been there twice now, but both visits have been great.  I found this lovely, older apron, that looks to have never been worn, for $3.00.  It is already washed and hung in my kitchen to be worn on Monday!







     I love this print!  Does anyone know if it has a specific name?  It looks Dutch to me, but what do I know?








     I also scoured their children’s 3/$1 book shelves and chose three books.  The Grover book was a favorite of my girls’ when they were little, and we wore our copy out!  This one is a little rough, but still has many, many good “reads” in it!  Crow Boy is a title I’ve thought about buying several times.  At just thirty-three cents, yesterday was the day to buy!  I’ve not had a chance to read the Columbus book yet.




IMG_7050      My heart sang out, though, when I found this Romertopf clay pot coooker, sitting on the floor and priced at $3.50.  I’ve wanted one of these for a couple of years now.  Last time I was in the store, they had a mismatched pot and lid; but this is a matched set!  Now, I have to tell you, I had a clay pot cooker once upon a time.  My mom bought it for me.  I remember having some wonderful chicken and roast beef dinners from that pot, but it eventually got pushed to the back of a cabinet and forgotten.  Those were the days of full time employment and lots of convenience-type cooking.  I don’t know now if I gave it away, sold it at a garage sale, or if it broke.  It’s been years and years since I had it.  I am so pleased to have found one again for such a great price.  I’m looking forward to all sorts of wonderful dishes cooked in my new cooker. 

      I looked for a basic clay pot instruction/cookbook today and ordered this cookbook.  The “Nitty Gritty” cookbooks have never let me down.  This cookbook not only has recipes, but it also has the information I need to convert regular recipes, cooking times, etc. to the clay pot.  The cookbook should arrive in plenty of time for me to read through it and plan some meals, just in time for the cooler fall weather that makes oven cooking so wonderful.

     We were all day in town gathering food and supplies for the next two weeks.  We always have such a grand time!  You can see a picture or two of us at lunch, as well as the spectacular sunset we saw as we were driving home at our other blog.   Just Dani and I posted this weekend.  Corin is still feeling pretty crummy, and she has surgery scheduled for October 10. Oh, this mama is praying for her girl!!  

     I spent my afternoon today tending to a few of my normal Saturday things, as well as finishing up the baking that Dani generally does.  My little lettuce seedlings were thinned.  Oh, how I hated pulling all those pretty little extra plants out of each cell, but their lives were not in vain!  They were immediately put into the compost bucket and will add nutrients to our garden next spring or summer.  All of my houseplants were watered and fed, and I turned all of my outdoor potted plants a quarter of a turn to keep them growing evenly.  Fresh sheets were put on the beds.  I made one of Copper’s favorite coffee cakes for our Sunday morning breakfast.  Throughout the day I did a bit of tidying of things here and there, just the little things – straightening a throw rug, shaking out and replacing doilies, changing a few things around here and there.   

IMG_7068      Late this afternoon, I made up a batch of chocolate buttercream frosting for the cake and put a few beauitful, white sprinkles on the top.  We’ll share the cake with others at our fellowship picnic lunch tomorrow.  It was such fun to work in my kitchen today.  I enjoy the baking and cooking.  I enjoy keeping the kitchen clean, washing up utensils and bowls and measuring cups and spoons as I go.  Keeping the counters wiped up and clean makes the preparation all the more pleasant.        

     Clothes were ironed and hung, ready for dressing for church in the morning.  Our lunch items are ready for the ice chest in the morning.  Our church basket was packed with Bibles, notebooks, pencils, etc.   My husband asked me to pick up some communion cups for church while I was in town yesterday, so I was careful to put those boxes with our church basket so we wouldn’t forget them.  The boys’ after-church play clothes are packed and ready to go, too.  One last preparation was to put a note by the back door reminding me to take eggs for a couple of families at church. 

     I love preparing for the Lord’s Day on Saturday!  There is no last minute panic about what to wear, or does this tie go, or where is my Bible on Sunday morning.  We aren’t rushing around preparing food to take with us because it’s already ready to go.  A bit of extra work on Saturday, really does contribute to a more restful Sabbath.  Remember that Israel, in the wilderness, collected an extra day’s portion of manna the day before the Sabbath.  I am merely doing the same thing.  Our hearts, of course, need to be prepared for the Lords’ Day, too.  Believe it or not, the advance preparation on Saturday helps with that, as well!

     Have a blessed Lord’s Day tomorrow!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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12 comments to Quiet Saturday

  • How exciting to find a clay cooker!  I have NEVER had a bad meal out of mine.  (The only thing I have to remember is to add more salt than I would for another cooking method.)  I think it must be foolproof! 

    I am so encouraged by your preparation for Sunday.  It helps me to do better in my preparations.  Thank you.

  • You found a ROMERTOPF?????  Oh wow!  If you ever find another, would you please, please, please pick it up for me???

  • Hi Cheryl,

    I too enjoy preparing for the Sabbath on Saturday. I am looking forward to the house being repaired so I can get back to my routine. I will put Corin in our prayer book at church this morning.

    Have a blessed day.


  • I love my clay cooker! Purchased from Pampered Chef years ago and it makes the most succulent and perfect tasting roast chicken.

    I’d love to know which thrift shop you found that apron, Cheryl. I wonder if it’s one I visit from time to time, other than the one you bought the dress I donated. Isn’t it fun how we met? Over a bought dress I donated and recognized on your blog. Love it.

    Yesterday was a busy day for me as well. I was however, able to fit in a 1 hour nap later in the afternoon before getting on my stubby little feet to prepare supper. I don’t typically take naps and oh my was this luxurious!

    The downside to naps is I go to bed late then wake early. Such was the case last night. 11pm bed and 3am rise. Tried to sleep again but after willing myself to slumber next to the rumbling bear beside me, I got up which is why I’m checking out your blog at half past 4am. sigh.  That’s okay really. Lizzie wakes in about 20 minutes to ready herself and scoot down to the church to help set up – all part of Practical Christian Ministry – a required course for all students at the Bible college. It’s not work to her though. It’s a pleasure. She’s working behind the scenes, doing her part to prepare others to hear God’s word in a worshipful setting. <><

    I trust the move went well, that your two eldest at home helped with. Tis precious to have serve in His leading, isn’t it? The Lord has put Dani on my heart recently and I’m praying as the Lord leads – He knows the reasons to bring her to mind. Bless Him!

    Bless you this day, Cheryl.


  • So that is a clay cooker!!! I have seen those, but never owned one. Let us know how it goes…I could order one from Pampered Chef if it is worth it.

    Your Saturday sounds very productive. The apron is wonderful. It looks Dutch to me too. I think the pattern of that fabric was very popular in the 40’s…in studying quilt fabrics those Dutch prints came about here in America in the early 40’s. By the 50’s they were going out of style. Red was the most common, and royal blue was a close second. Gold tones and green were also used, but not as popular. It was a find…that is for sure!

    Have a blessed Lord’s Day…the cake will be a hit!!!!

  • Well, I have to tell you, when I got to the book, I let out a hoot – “oh my goodness”!!! I used to have The Monster at the End of This Book and it was my absolute favorite book as a child!!! What a memory! Thank you!!!

  • I am not sure how you could call that a “QUIET” Saturday!  LOL  You buzzed around the house so busy.  It is a delight to read about how productive you were.  Right now my head is spinning planning the things that I could do next Saturday to make our day smoother on Sunday.  Thanks for continuing to be such an inspiration to me.



  • Oh and I forgot to comment on the adorable apron!!  I have a huge collection of vintage aprons and I LOVE that one.  There is something very comforting about a pretty apron.  Add a little 40’s music with that apron and I am on top of the world. 

  • I enjoyed this post and I think that I  have a new view of Saturdays.  We are always rushing on Sunday mornings trying to find the right tie/dress.  Get the wrinkles out of something and find each person’s Bible.  I will try preparing on Saturday next week to make things go a bit smoother.

  • What a great find in that apron!!!  Wow!!  I would have been sooooooo excited!  I’m an apron nut!  Thanks for sharing your Saturday with us, it’s always so refreshing to read and encouraging too!

  • Just wanted to pop in and say that it’s great having you posting again…..your posts are so inspiring and a joy to read….Have a great week~ Karen

  • Don’t know if you would be interested but Emeril has a clapy pot honey lemon chicken that is fabulous. It’s on the food network website. I made mine in the roaster and it came out wonderfully I can only imagine the clay pot would be great!

    I love the Grover book!!