Please Pray This Evening – UPDATED

     FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE:  We are thankful folk!  Corin was evaluated and, other than the gall stone, everything seems to be fine.  She was sent home with instructions for what to do and some follow up appointments.  On an even better note – the ultrasound to check the baby showed a very active baby!!  

     Thank you for your prayers.  I’m sure Corin would appreciate your continued prayers on her behalf as this condition is pursued.

     More from Corin here


     If you are up late this evening, and if you are so inclined, our family would appreciate your prayers.   

     My son-in-law took my daughter, Corin, to the ER this evening.  She’s been experiencing some abdominal pain for the last day or two, but it became severe late this afternoon.  An ultrasound has already found a gall stone, and the doctors are performing more tests to be sure there are no other problems.

     Please pray for relief from the pain, a complete diagnosis, and treatment options that will not cause complications with her pregnancy.

     Thank you, all.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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