A Monday Holiday

     Monday is one of my husband’s normal days off.  Mondays, in our home, are very strange days.  Because he works every Saturday, my husband usually uses his Mondays to accomplish those chores that other husbands do on Saturday.  Today, Labor Day, we spent in more of a holiday mode, and it was delightful!

     It helped, of course, that we awoke to a very brisk, cool breeze.  I’d almost call it windy, but breezy sounds so much nicer, don’t you think?  The day was cool and lovely and definitely something to be thankful for after the intense heat of last week. 


     It was cool, but really not cool enough to be wearing my new shawl.  I finished the fringes on it last night.  After making my smaller, woolen shawl last winter, I knew I wanted something larger, much larger, and something acrylic that could be laundered and dried with no worries.  I love my purple woolen shawl, and I will continue to use it around my shoulders in the house; but the new acrylic will be my “go to” shawl for traipsing around outside this fall and winter. 






     I used this free pattern and knit the shawl up on US size 11 (8.0mm) Clover bamboo circular needles.   The shawl worked up very quickly and was easy and fun to knit in a simple, but lovely knit three-purl three rib.  I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn in the Corinthian color way, and I’m crazy about the vibrant jewel tones.  I varied the pattern by casting on 72 (rather than the 63 called for), and I used an extra skein of yarn.  The body of the shawl contains four full skeins, and I used about half of a fifth skein for the fringe.  My finished shawl is about 26″ x 90″, including the fringe.  It is plenty big to wrap around my “full figured” body and still cross over the front and hang down nicely.  I can pull it up over my head and still have plenty to wrap around me, if I choose. 







     Emptying the dishwasher in the morning is Will’s job.  So is clearing the table.  However, Will and his dad moseyed out to the sheep pasture after breakfast to take on a little fort construction.  This was indeed a special day for Will! 








     The walls that Aaron helped him build Friday and Saturday, were put into place this morning with Dad’s help. 











     I could, of course, have reminded William that he had chores in the house.  I didn’t.  I chose instead to bless my son by doing these things for him.  I celebrated the fact that William was having a very special time with his daddy, building a long-awaited fort. 









     I thanked the Lord for His provision of special times in the midst of our lives for allowing hearts to knit to one another – brother to brother hammering and sawing, and father to son erecting fort walls in the midst of a summer-dry field. 

     Dani had the camera at the fort snapping these pictures for me, but I would have loved to have had a picture of her out there, sitting on a pool towel watching the guys work and snapping shots of them as they did.  A photograph of the photographer, so to speak.  Instead, the snapshot will exist only in my brain.  Trust me, it was a great shot!


     I busied myself during the morning and early afternoon with my normal daily tasks, but I spent the afternoon quietly, working a bit here and there on several different things.  I kept the laundry recycling and moving through the machines, folding and putting away each load as it was finished.  I had a bit of ironing to do, as well.










     Okay, I had quite a bit of ironing to do!!!  No matter.  My ironing board is located in the mudroom/sewing nook at the end of our school room.  That wonderful breeze I mentioned earlier was coming from the north, and the sliding door there is north facing.  The breeze kept me cool as I worked on and finished a good deal of ironing.









     As I ironed, Dani decided that she would like to practice driving with our utility trailer. 









     There are times when we need hay and my husband is at work, or when a family from church is moving and she is the one most available to help.  Driving with the trailer is really not that complicated.  Backing it up, however, takes a bit of practice.  Will jumped into the back of the trailer and encouraged and cheered her on as she practiced backing down the curve of our driveway and then straightened up to back up to the paved part of the drive way. 





     She is getting the hang of it!  Yes, our van is dirty.  They are harvesting grapes all around us and the dust is everywhere.  That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!  I would like to know, though, who the clever person was at church yesterday that wrote “sushi” in the dust of our back window.  Sushi?  Really?  Not “wash me” or “your car is dirty”, but “sushi”? 







     My husband napped through it all.








     Dani rewarded her little cheer leader by playing a game of Risk with him.  They played quietly in the kitchen while I ironed and worked on some other things.








     Aaron enjoyed a bit of time with a computer game this afternoon.  Headphones are required because I do not care for the noise of the computer games.  At all.  Drives me nuts!  Notice the white kitchen timer in front of the monitor?  Computer time is limited in our home, and it is a requirement that a timer be set.  Aaron, however, can’t stand to know how much (or how little) time he has left when he is playing, so he always faces the timer away.





     My husband continued to nap.  For almost three hours that man slept!  Goodness me, I don’t know how he can do it.  Truth be told, it’s more amazing when he is found sitting down and NOT sleeping!  I prayed for and about that man today.  A lot.  And I want to tell you why.

     In the past, and the much too recent past if I am completely truthful, watching my husband napping the afternoon away would have really, really bugged me.  Especially if there were things, necessary things, that I thought he should be tending to.  Even more if there were things that he’d told me he would do that weren’t getting done.  Are you hearing me, dear ones?  Things that *I* thought he should be doing for *me*.  Things that he said he’d do for *me*.   Me, me, me, I, I, I.  Ugh!  How ugly is that?  Sinful, too. 

     In the last few years, I have learned to confess that sinful attitude and then to pray for my husband on days like this.  After all, the man is up quite early on work days and then works a twelve hour shift, with another hour or so tacked on for his commute to and from work.  Overtime shifts are a common occurrence.  He currently bears the responsibility of housing, feeding and clothing five people, and educating two.  He serves our church family as a deacon.  He is responsible before God for the spiritual lives of the five of us under his roof.  I could go on, but you get the picture.  The man deserves a nap! 

     I’d like to say that I now just begin praying for him without having to repent of that sinful, selfish attitude first.  I’d like to say that, but I cannot.  It’s always the Holy Spirit convicting me of the sin that pricks my heart first.  Fortunately, He’s pricked so much that my heart is tender there in that part that concerns my husband, so I’m usually aware of the situation early on before I behave sinfully toward my husband.  I praise God for that!  Repenting of the sin before God, asking forgiveness and then accepting that forgiveness and moving on keeps my home happier (no contentious dripping faucets here).  A prayerful heart is a content heart.  A prayerful heart yearns to be more like Jesus.

     We are to be every day yearning and longing and striving to be more like Christ.  As I read from My Utmost for His Highest today, this sprang right off the page and into my heart:

     “Never tolerate through sympathy with yourself or with others any practice that is not in keeping with a holy God.  Holiness means unsullied walking with the feet, unsullied talking with the tongue, unsullied thinking with the mind – every detail of the life under the scrutiny of God.  Holiness is not only what God gives me, but what I manifest that God has given me.”

     Unsullied thinking with the mind – ouch.  Unsullied talking with the tongue – double ouch!  Lord, help me to thus walk, talk and think each day.  Help me to manifest your holiness as I tend to my family and my home. 

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27 

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24 comments to A Monday Holiday

  • Welcome back, Cheryl. I’ve missed your posts, you always get to the heart of the matter in a no-nonsense sort of way and this post is no exception. The new shawl is beautiful, and so is your blog’s new look.


  • Wow you had a busy day, and thank- you for reminding me not to resent my dh’s naps as he also works hard.

  • Your shawl is gorgeous. I love the colors! I also loved the “peek” of the front door since it has been painted!

    Your wisdom just oozes off the page! That verse about the dripping water…we just dealt with that one!!

  • Oh Cheryl, the shawl is just beautiful!  I have some homespun yarn that I’ve been hanging on to, trying to decide what to do with it and I think you just gave me an idea!!  What truth you speak about our dear hard working husbands.  I too need to think of my DH first before myself, what a good reminder!

  • I love the shawl! I have been needing one and wanting to find the right pattern. I think I will try this one. 

  • I love the shawl! I have been needing one and wanting to find the right pattern. I think I will try this one. 

  • The shawl is beautiful!

    Cheryl – I think of you often, especially when I’m using the lovely knitted dishcloths you sent me last year! Though somewhat faded through all the washings, they are a wonderful reminder of a special blogging friend that I’ve made and I am so glad you’re back to updating your blog – I never tire of reading your updates!

    My husband naps, too. In his Lane recliner, on weekend afternoons and I always know where I can find him. He blesses me because he works hard (commutes out of town these days for his job throughout the week) and I know the rest is exactly what he needs.

  • Dear Cheryl,  Your shawl is lovely!  I have knit this one but I didn’t think the pearling would show with that yarn.  So I didn’t pearl, just knit.  But now that I have seen yours and that it does show, I think I will make another!!

    I too have struggled to let my husband rest.  God reminded me one day (and many days after!) that I was created to be my husband’s helper and not the other way around. OOPS!  So, now I do try not to become embittered when the poor man rests and to let him have his rest and let him do things around the house on his schedule and not mine.  Sometimes I am more successful than others, but I am trying!  It is nice to know I am not alone.

    Have a wonderful day!  Karen T.

  • I’m just now getting caught up with my blogs…so happy to see you back!

  • Hi Cheryl,

    The shaw is beautiful. I wish Dave would nap. He gets up between 4-5 am 7 days a weeks and runs till 10:00pm. He says he can’t take naps. Miss Candi and I sure enjoy our naps. 🙂 It is good to see you back.



  • I loved your post.  I really, really like your shawl, too!  I crochet and have made myself 2 prayer shawls this past spring and I can’t wait to wear them as it cools down.  I, too, made my patterns bigger so I could really wrap them around me. 

    You really convicted my heart with the post about your hubby.  I am working through the same kinds of things, too.  Thank you for being transparent and sharing that. 

    God bless you ~ Julie

  • what a beautiful shawl!


  • what a beautiful shawl!


  • First I wanted to tell you that your shawl is beautiful.  The colors are so rich and lovely.  I crocheted years ago and haven’t done it in a long time. You’ve given me the idea to take up my hook once again!

    Thank you for sharing from your heart about having a negative attitude toward your husband.  I am guilty of that as well at times.  I want to have a clean heart before the Lord and I will pray that God will continue to convict me and pray for an open heart to change.



  • Far too often than I care to readily admit, I have a ‘tude’ towards my husband. The Lord allowed for a certain time in our lives to work in our marriage relationship and my heart changed…180 degrees. At times though, the old ways bleed in and make our sweet waters murky with sin. Back to the Lord I turn, cleansing and restoring. The conviction of the Holy Spirit prunes and shapes and is all so necessary. Not always enjoyable…but necessary.

    Your shawl is absolutely beautiful, Cheryl! After seeing yours I just may make one for myself. Hopefully I’ll be able to begin after my Christmas projects are complete. Choosing a color, or set of colors, is what’s most difficult for me. They’re all so pretty!

    I love Will’s fort. I especially love that your husband took time to help him build it, that Dani took time to record it in pictures and that you took time to do Will’s indoor necessaries. Time. You all took time.

    Oh goody, Dani can drive with a trailer attached! I’m impressed. Way. Impressed. I’ve tried pulling our big ole trailer and was woefully terrible at it. I was so nervous!

    A 3 hour nap? wow. That’s kind of like a 3 hour tour in my book. Did he dream of an island…and Gilligan? Naps. I like to take one of those. How does one do that?

    I must get some more things done here at home, then paperwork for the school, phone calls and preparing supper later.

    Bless you dearly.


  • The shawl colours are lovely.

    Great to see Dani practising with the trailer.A great skill that not many girls get.
    May your dearly beloved rest easily in his nap times.My dh often needs to have a Granny Nap too It is a very deserved part of life that our hard working husbands need.

  • Thanks for posting this lovely and encouraging post.  I appreciated what you said about your husband, and all the lovely photos.  That shawl is beautiful–I clicked on the link and found it was a pattern I downloaded myself recently.  I am currently working on knitting my first project–a blanket–and I don’t think I will be done for a while, but I would love to make that shawl.


  • Love the pink croc’s in the shawl picture!!! You go girl! They are so you!

    I never thought about a shawl until I saw yours-I think I may like one too.Loved all of the pictures! Thanks for being “real” with us concerning how you used to feel when Copper napped. I have also felt that way too, like I’m sure many other women have.

    I’m so glad your back;)

  • Love the pink croc’s in the shawl picture!!! You go girl! They are so you!

    I never thought about a shawl until I saw yours-I think I may like one too.Loved all of the pictures! Thanks for being “real” with us concerning how you used to feel when Copper napped. I have also felt that way too, like I’m sure many other women have.

    I’m so glad your back;)

  • It’s nice to see you blogging again. I hope your summer was well. I have to comment about the timer for the computer. We do the same thing. Have a great day!!

  • I love the look of your new blog!! i have been checking in every now and again to see if you have posted. I love your new shawl, I may have to attempt it.

  • Good to see you back. (yay!)

     The shawl is lovely.

     I really needed the reminder today that feeling sorry for oneself is sinful. I have “poor me” days and I need that reminder. My hubby works long days and when he comes home he likes time to relax and unwind. Sometimes I get a little jealous because he can “sit” and I can’t (making dinner, etc) Thanks for the post.

    Good for Dani that she is learning to back up the trailer. Its a useful skill she might need later in life as well. I had to learn it to help my hubby with our trailer.

    Be blessed!

  • @mamabeanof4 –   “”Love the pink croc’s in the shawl picture!!! You go girl! They are so you!””      I LOVE my crocs, fake crocs though they are!

    @dmvezina – @Michelle C –  @frugalmel –   Thanks gals!  It’s nice to be back.  I’m hoping to be back to posting a bit more frequently soon.

  • My hubby often has to work on Saturday also, so we know all too well about the “other” day off being a day of work, work that so many do on Saturdays. 

    I’m so glad you all had such a wonderful Labor Day though.  The pictures of Will and his Daddy were great!  What fun boys have!  I am learning to sometimes bless my children, in spending time with myself or their Dad, instead of reminding them of the chores that are waiting. 

    I just absolutely LOVE that shawl you made yourself.  It is BEAUTIFUL!  The colors are lovely.  What a great idea you had, in making it so big, so that you can use it as a wrap for your head as well.  I would not have thought of that and it makes perfect sense.