We are, each and every one of us, faced with a multitude of decisions each and every day.  Most of our daily decisions involve small things – what to wear, what to fix for lunch, or which road to take to town.  There are, though, in any given day, far more important decisions that must be made.  These vary from day to day, but they have more long-range implications.  I’m not talking about the major decisions of life here, just the choices and decisions we make on an ongoing basis.

     I had such a decision to make today – a choice between muscling through the day no matter the consequences, or choosing to abandon my plans and seek a better road for my family.  That sounds a bit melodramatic.  Perhaps not.   


     As I think back over the last few years, I realize that we always hit a pretty good bump in the road sometime in the fall.  That rough spot seems to arrive, without fail, in late September or early October.  I wish I understood better all of the factors that cause William to struggle.  I wish I had been mindful of the fact that we were quite near our annual fall struggle.  Perhaps I could have made Will’s road a bit smoother.  If I’d been aware, I might have prepared Aaron for the fact that we were headed for a rough patch so that he would have been able to handle Will’s struggles better.  Ah, but I was, as usual, slow on the uptake and had not realized that this was not new territory for us, but a familiar, yet difficult, path. 

     Today, though, as things were heating up for Will, I chose to let go of my plans (always held loosely) for a surprise, fun outing.  It was a good decision.  We made a quick stop for lunch, ordering from McDonald’s dollar menu, and then we headed a couple of cities away for a trip to the zoo!




     The weather was picture perfect for a stroll through the park-like setting, and there were never more than a handful of people visiting the same exhibit that we were visiting.  We had close encounters with a couple of chimpanzees, three two-year old male tiger “cubs”, a beautiful snow leapord, and a female lion.  The chimpanzees, snow leapord and the tigers were right at the glass of their enclosures.  The tiger  “cubs” were huge and dwarfed their mother. Oh, but they were so beautiful!

     At the chimpanzee exhibit, a kindly, older woman, who was very knowledgeable, showed William how to put the back of his hand against the glass in front of the chimp.   The chimp answered by putting her hand up to the glass opposite his in the same manner. Sweet!  

     The female lion was not so sweet.  She was beautiful, but she looked up from her shady resting spot near her mate and saw Will.  She began walking toward him, then crouched down and looked like she intended to spring!   She didn’t, but it was awesome to watch her “hunt” my son!  The enclosure made it impossible for her to reach him, so it wasn’t really scary, but it was kind of weird.


     We had a lovely time of it!  We enjoyed learning about and spending some time observing some of the wondrous creatures that God made to inhabit His world.  The incredible giraffe, so serene and graceful, whose lovely patterned hide contains the most unusual shaped spots – some almost perfect squares, other looking more like paint splatters. So interesting to observe.  I was struck by how huge and surprisingly beautiful an African Anteater is.  And who knew how big a Hyena really is?  Not me!





zoo2      I have not been to this zoo since Aaron was in a stroller.  I enjoyed it very much, and I think all of my kids did, too.  We walked and strolled, and revisited favorite exhibits twice, some even three times.  We came home tired, after our blessedly full day!  The only downside to the day was the fact that our camera battery died within the first hour!  This sleeping Red Panda is the only animal we have a picture of!





     My boys are adorable.  I love these picture cut out things and always like that my kids want to pose in them.  What a couple of sillies they look in this one!  Ah, but they are MY sillies, and I love them.

     Tomorrow, of course, we will have to plow through our day even if it’s difficult. That’s okay.  If past experience is any indication, our fun family day will have given us enough of a break that we can meet future challenges with a fresh perspective and a bit more strength.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to just grab hold of a day like today and run with it!  The Lord provided us with blessed refreshment. 

     Decisions.  This election season brings big decisions that must be made, too.  Candidates for local, state and federal offices must be chosen.  Propositions and measures fill our ballots.  One doesn’t need to travel far while visiting blogs to know that this is also a year for electing a new president.

     You will not find any sort of presidential campaign dialogue here, though.  Please know, I do take a keen interest in this year’s election.  I also hold strong opinions concerning my presidential candidate of choice.  As I’ve observed all of the debate and discussion happening on other blogs, I’ve prayerfully considered what I would share here and what part I would take in commenting on other’s blogs.  Though I feel quite strongly about certain issues and certain candidates, I will not be discussing any of that here.   In fact, though my comments elsewhere on the matter have been few and far between, I will refrain from even commenting elsewhere on the election from here on out.

     Things here will remain as they are, for better or for worse.  Copperswife will be a place for sharing as I’ve always done.  The only “political” thought I will share with you is the following quote:

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” ~ John Quincy Adams  

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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  • Love the sunglasses on Aaron, too funny!  They’re a couple of  cheezy, cheese-balls!

  • Those are the days that make great memories to look back on when the work is hard. A break always helps place new light on things. I Pray that all goes well.

  • My kids always seem to remember those “last minute” fun change of plans days among the best memories they have.  They will still bring up certain days and events when we’re together.  I’m sure your boys feel the same and hopefully will make the rest of the week go easier.



  • What a wonderful day!!! You are a wise Mama!!!

  • Oh what fun!!  I wish we had a zoo close by!!

  • Cheryl, next year you will be prepared for the “fall fallout” in your school planner, so don’t sweat it that you missed the indications this year!    Also, you are a wise Mama to know that an outing will make things better for Will, not worse. 

    (I’ve taught several kiddos who, on rough days, were absolutely uncontrollable out in public.  In fact, ONE time, I actually had to choose to leave a child behind at school on a field trip – horribly hard decision to make!  The parents, however, were unable (unwilling) to go along, and the child was having an out-of-control day – dangerously so, even.  I still wonder if I could have handled it differently so that he could have gone on the trip.  Hindsight is always 20/20, eh?)

    I’m so glad you were able to rescue your day, and both your boys look delighted in the pics, so I’m thinking their relationship was salvaged as well.

    Good job, Mom!

  • What a wonderful time you and your littles had! I long to go to the zoo, and may just do that as an outing very soon!

  • What a wonderful time you and your littles had! I long to go to the zoo, and may just do that as an outing very soon!

  • ((((hugs))))  My youngest sees Will and Dixie occationally when I’m reading your blog and wants to come for a visit to play with “that little boy and that dog”.  Both of our youngest are boys and they’re both 9.  Consider all the fun they’d have!  Of course I think we’d have just as much fun watching them.    Is there any chance we could “meet in the middle”? 

  • Lovely post.  Glad you were able to “stop and smell the roses”….or “stop and commune with the chimps” as the case may be, LOL.  I love the zoo.  Maybe a trip is in our near future….

  • Cheryl, I so appreciate your honesty and being “real”…
    You are such a blessing and encouragement and inspiration to me!
    Wishing you a most wonderful and blessed day! Ü

  • Cheryl, I so appreciate your honesty and being “real”…
    You are such a blessing and encouragement and inspiration to me!
    Wishing you a most wonderful and blessed day! Ü

  • This just reminds me that this very planned and organized mom needs to have days where we forget about the official plans and have some fun! 

    I am glad you had a great time at the zoo!  I am waiting for it to get a bit cooler before we head to our zoo.

  • Hi Cheryl,

    You are so loving and wise. An outting always help when I am going through a rough patch so I understand. Today Dave took me to the fabric store. That 1 hour away from the confusion here helped me so much be able to come back and get on with taking care of my family.

    Give Will an extra hug for me.

    Have a blessed day.


  • Sounds like a wise decision to me. I’m glad you were able to enjoy your day at the zoo. I love visiting the zoo. Every time we move/travel we try to visit a local zoo.

    Have a blessed weekend

  • Sweet!  Sounds like a wonderful day!  : )

  • Cheryl, I didn’t even know you were back to blogging! I just happen to be reading Brenda’s post today and she mentioned your post!  The boys look like the had tons of fun!


  • I have posted lots on the election on my personal blog.  I am so saddened how the majority of believers are buying into the lesser of two evils and I just cannot be silent…

    Glad you had a great day at the zoo!