Short Snippets of My Saturday

     One of my goals in changing our household routine was to make Saturday less of a crazy day.  I’ve not quite accomplished that goal yet, but this week was certainly not a good test run.  With Dani gone, my normal Saturday tasks were supplemented with most of Dani’s Saturday tasks.  Some things, of course, […]

I Love What I Do!

     It was not my intention to be away for so long.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again because it is true in my life, my days are blessedly full!  The Lord has blessed me with work enough to fill my days, and I embrace the work He gives me […]

A Mama’s Heart

     A mama’s heart is a funny thing.  It can pray and grieve and delight and love and love some more all the while mama goes about her daily business.  Laundry gets done, meals are prepared, children are homeschooled and discipled, tended and loved, and yet mama’s heart remembers to pray.  She prays for the daughter […]




     There are changes afoot here.  The weather is, at long last, beginning to settle into something more resembling fall than summer.  There are hints of fall everywhere, though our temperatures just a day or two ago were still very close to 90°.  Today was breezy and cool and we […]