Self-Seasoned Turkey


      Aaron is out this morning devising some rigid wire covers for my newly planted garden.  In the last few years the local wild turkey have been quite prolific.  About five years ago the first small flock appeared.  We were enchanted and delighted.  Those few turkey have now increased to dozens!!  We […]

First Evers

     We’ve had a wonderful week so far.  After working 37 1/2 hours of overtime last week, my husband took all of his days off this week, and we couldn’t have been more delighted to have him home and with us!  The overtime was a blessing, of course, but it was good to have him […]

Minding Your Own Business

     The morning broke here foggy and gray, but by late morning the skies were blue and cloudless.  The fire in the woodstove was allowed to burn out and we began opening a few windows and the back door to allow some good, clean, fresh air into the house.  I do love my cozy, close, […]

A Steady Pace

     My husband is working again today, the second consecutive day of overtime shifts.  Praise God!  I miss my husband.  Lots!  Yet we are so grateful to God for providing this much-needed extra work.  He is so faithful to provide for us.

     Our days are finally beginning to normalize after all the changes we’ve […]

Living By The Season

     I am so enjoying our fall weather.  Our days are cool, with temperatures in the mid-60’s, and sunny.  It is pleasant to be outdoors in the afternoon sunshine, and oh, so wondeful to be indoors in the early morning and evenings with a fire burning in the wood stove!  The walnut wood we are burning […]

Finding The Rhythm

     We are, bit by bit, day by day, beginning to find the rhythm to our re-worked days.  I think, for a time, I expected for us to pick up our old rhythm, despite the changes made.  Ah, but the rhythm the Lord is giving us is so much sweeter and fits us so much […]