A Two Apron Day

     Happy New Year!  We had such a fun New Year’s Eve!  Around 6:30 or so, I finished up the Cheese Fondue and put the little smoked sausages on to heat.  I hadn’t intended for Dani to do any of the work, but she started pulling out pretty pink glass ware to serve from.  When I told her to sit down and rest, her response was, “but this is the fun part!”.  Well, alrighty then!



     We enjoyed our New Year’s Eve Fun Feast and ate ourselves silly.  We started our annual viewing of the The Lord of the Rings Trilogy  and, amazingly, made it all the way through Fellowship of the Ring by about 11:30.  I headed for bed after wishing everyone a Happy New Year at midnight.  Copper and the boys stayed up for another hour playing a game on the computer. 







     I enjoyed seeing the remains of our Fun Feast this morning.  All the lovely pink serving dishes, clean and dry in the drying rack. 






     The pretty copper chaffing dish, likewise clean on the counter, waiting for the second serving dish to come out of the dishwasher.  It took just a few minutes this morning to put away all the pretty dishes.  We ate our feast off of my mother-in-love’s white milk glass luncheon set.  The cups, setting in their little alcove on the plates, were perfect to hold the fondue!  Some of the pink glassware we served from last night is relatively new, and some of it is very old.  No matter.  Though we don’t use these things everyday, they do come out throughout the year to be used by my family.  Cupcakes with Corin and the grandbabies out by the pool.  A salad served in a pink bowl to pretty up an everyday family dinner table.  Chocolates, gifted to us in a Christmas basket, set out on a vintage pink leaf for New Year’s Eve.  Special things are only special when they are shared with the people that are most special to you. 

     We all worked together this morning on the day’s chores.  We flew through the daily tasks and then got started on the weekly tasks for Thursday.  Thursday is the day that all of the bathrooms receive a good, deep cleaning.  We used a divide and conquer approach today, with Dani and Aaron each cleaning the bathroom they use, while I cleaned the master bathroom.  My wonderful, vacationing husband scrubbed the master shower and then mopped the floor afterward.  Just the same, by the time I was done cleaning in there, my apron was soaked and splattered with cleanser.  Into the hamper it went.

     My husband had promised me a few hours of quiet time today to reorganize my school room and to reorder a few things for the resumption of homeschooling on Monday.  After cleaning up from lunch, I got started in the school room.  My boys buzzed around and there were interruptions for various things.  I was still able to get a few things accomplished.  At 3:00, my husband announced that he and the three children were all headed to town.  The next couple of hours were quiet and very productive! 

     The soup for tonight’s dinner cooked all night last night, then was put into the fridge this morning to cool.  Around 4:00 I donned apron number two and pulled the big ham bone out of the cooled soup.  I cut up the big chunks of ham, and pulled out the bits of fat and such that I didn’t want in my soup.   I put the crock back into the base and set my crock pot to high to get the soup good and piping hot again for dinner.  I cleaned up my mess, hand washed a few dishes that were in the sink and went back to work in the school room.  By the time my family came in the back door, the soup smelled wonderful!  I sliced a loaf of our everyday bread and we enjoyed a simple supper of soup, bread and butter.  It was perfect after last night’s Fun Feast.  

     Alas, working on the soup this afternoon, washing up afterwards and putting the finishing touches on dinner, finished off Apron Number Two for the day.  Ah, but that’s what aprons are for!  I am happy to say that my clothes were kept clean throughout what turned out to be a very messy day for me!  I love pretty aprons.  I love to wear them.  I love to have them hanging on the hook in my kitchen waiting to be put on.  Most of all, though, I love that they spare my clothing.

     It was a two apron day – a busy and productive day!  Be sure and stop by tomorrow.  I’ll be announcing a drawing to start off the new year!  Until then……..

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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